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  2. Can you show me God? The exact being of most spiritual discussion. Can you provide any factual evidence that isn't confirmation bias. Outside of your own imagination. If you can not, then there is no reason be believe in such childish things.
  3. Think of my philosophy as something akin to Indian (American) beliefs. Anything and everything has meaning.
  4. sound like hot air argument. vast majority of gun owners are responsible, like 99% of them. and illegal ownership you can not do a thing about realistically, go ahead tell us a realistic approach so we can get guns away from gangs, and felons, guns you do not know exist, guns they will not surrender. the guns they already have, go ahead entire usa would like to hear it. ok, lets be specific, what laws need to tightened, and what needs to be simplified, i'd love to hear it, especially on realistically doable ones. not just hot air slogans. and especially tell me how registering has any affect on.....anything, besides gvmnt knowing where to go and who to take gun from., interesting, go on, tell us what needs to be done to achieve than beyond of what we already have written as laws, i'm not so sure about that actually, i remember a while ago you said i do not need ar to protect my home,. i need more "responsible gun" so you attribute a factor that can only available to thinking creatures capable of logic, and morals. yet you applied it to piece of metal at least we agree on something, yes guns can kill, but murder is committed by a human. and yes it is used mainly for that purpose, whether hunting or defending, it's not like i ever denied it.
  5. Atamarie Brother Will.. OF COURSE YOU CAN ..!!!!! .. NAU MAI HAERE MAI .. Welcome, come one come It'd be a honour to have ya here in the Land of the Long White Cloud.. Aotea Aroha Nui Tia O Tangata Whenua... The People of the Land of Peace and Love .. You'd fit right in ..... Arohanuikiakoe.. Mo..xx
  6. I'm not so sure of that, thoughts are not the only cause of neuroplasticity. Remember, the same brain that allows us to have a thinking consciousness is also keeping your heart beating, keeping you breathing, and a whole bunch of other essential functions that have zero to do with what I'd call 'the mind'. I've never heard a theory that people are using 'thought' to use a different part of the brain for speech, I think the physical brain is doing that. From wiki on neuroplasticity: "One of the fundamental principles underlying neuroplasticity is based on the idea that individual synaptic connections are constantly being removed or recreated, largely dependent upon the activity of the neurons that bear them. The activity-dependence of synaptic plasticity is captured in the aphorism which is often used to summarize Hebbian theory: "neurons that fire together, wire together"/"neurons that fire out of sync, fail to link". If two nearby neurons often produce an impulse in close temporal proximity, their functional properties may converge. Conversely, neurons that are not regularly activated simultaneously may be less likely to functionally converge." Now I'm not a neurologist and don't understand all that, but I do see that everything being mentioned there is physical, with no mention of 'thoughts'. But this transmitter/receiver you are referring to is the physical brain correct? That there is a transmitter at all is firmly in the 'maybe' category, so I'm hoping that this isn't an example of the very best evidence/argument for the immaterial; maybe aliens are putting thoughts in our brains via electromagnetic waves too for that matter. Define specifically 'the mind' and how it's different than the brain, what functions do you think are being performed by each? What you are calling the mind could also be defined as how the configuration of the brain responsible for consciousness changes over time and what results from that. Brain damage can cause cognitive difficulties, and if the mind is just the physical brain, we have a perfectly reasonable answer then why people with brain damage can have decreased cognitive ability. But let's assume your transmitter/receiver theory and what I think you are implying with 'the mind can appear damaged' is correct. If you ask a brain damaged person what 4 x 6 equals and they can't answer, it seems under your theory that what's going on is that this computation is being offloaded to the mind for processing, but then the answer from the mind can't be communicated back to the physical brain because of physical damage (since if the brain damage also damages the mind, then you've pretty much made my case that they are the same thing). If this is the case, and since we are clearly way off into conjecture/metaphor land here, why on earth then is a mere transmitter/receiver with the immaterial so physically complex? Our brains I believe require a lot of our body's energy and are extremely complicated and interconnected; that doesn't say 'transmitter/receiver' to me, that says 'computer'. Heck, you are also positing that the mind/immaterial thoughts are responsible for neuroplasticity; you think the mind can rewire the physical brain for speech but can't fix a mere transmitter/receiver adequately to answer simple math questions?
  7. The "crimes" in that dossier were so blatant that NO media arm would touch it during the campaign because of our Libel laws. Libeling a public figure is nearly impossible to prove in court, yet NONE of them would publicize it. It will be exactly this kind of tortured "logic" that we'll be treated to when Herr Mueller's inquisition finally ends - after the mid-terms if the D's lose more ground or some indistinct point in the future, should they regain the House. Meanwhile, the disgust and anger keep building on the Right. Pyrrhic victories can be quite costly.
  8. What reason? Give any reasonable explanation as to why they isn't a God?
  9. Can you proved evidence for the existence of god? Something that can be tested.
  10. if it was a bird of prey that dropped it it would have had claw marks.
  11. Vlad the Mighty

    Hello every again then. Just got time to squeeze in a Word of the Day, and just wanted you to know that it's Efflux. Why not try one today! ^_^

  13. I'd at least give credit to someone who made the effort fake a haunting, if it was alien ghost. That left crop circle like designs all over their house. At least that's different and somewhat interesting. This whole satanic demon bs is far beyond old.
  14. Heres an interesting link. ...and... Dartmoor Pixies
  15. That's not an answer, that's an excuse. A lazy one at that.
  16. Lack of results. Confirmation bias and magical thinking can only go so far, before reason (hopefully) kicks in. Mostly it was due to pushy believers who had that hellfire and brimstone mindset, plus the sheer hypocrisy that is present in most (if not all) churches. Also god has never given me a reason to believe in it, but people sure do want to.
  17. I'm saying that if you investigate a crime being committed by the Russian government, you're going to have to talk to whistleblowers in or around there. Again -- investigating a crime isn't illegal. Pretty sure if he flips that Manafort will have more than hearsay. Money always leaves a trail. I suspect given the reporting naming the intelligence services of several countries contributing -- there's more shoes still to drop on that front.
  18. I am genuinely interested in what you mean by this, can you give a bit more detail than before? Like what spiritual things, and how would you prove them.. Thanks.
  19. My argument is for increasing responsible gun ownership and decreasing ilegal gun ownership. Tightening up and simplifying laws on the purchase sale and registration of guns. And making the background check more effective. The argument I make clearly states that I don't see the guns as responsible but the people as responsible. But you equated guns with murder because, and you are right it is sometimes used for that purpose. Some guns are exceptionally efficient at it.
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