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  2. It's not a bad thing. Why would it be fake? Whenever I had to give a speech, pep talk, or sales pitch I always put a reminder in my notes to connect emotionally in addition to my talking points.
  3. How am I making assumptions here? Is Hollywood not manipulating society politically & spiritually ? You're projecting a false narrative for whatever reason not I.
  4. Yeah, that's what they meant. They didn't want the USA's right to have unarmed militias infringed on Get real.
  5. Here's what has been going on. 1. I contacted HP about the fact that Windows 10 leaves little room for anything. Their response? We designed it to be something you use just to surf the internet and watch videos. I'm not asking for it to do much more than that, but I would like to be able to use Office on it and one or two other programs. Hell I can't even use a different browser and Microsoft Edge is as ****ty as all of Microsoft's other browsers. Nor is there room for a virus protection program. 2. I tried the Winupdate Disabler that @NightScreams mentioned isn't working for me. NFC why. 3. I went ahead and tried the steps in my original link to change the BIOS in order to put Windows 7 and can't get the BIOS to change the boot order. So I'm stuck with something I hate because I cannot afford to buy yet another new laptop.
  6. papageorge1 You'll appreciate this as it pertains to how the wall writings began. 2 to 3 months after the activity restarted (which was March/April 2014) - came the inexplicable wall writing. I say wall writing singular because the first few times not much was written. Imagine coming home from work and finding this. Now the house had been attacked. Typical poltergeist tearing up stuff but keep in mind this room is upstairs. We'd been advised before, to sage the house. To spray holy water everywhere. To light white candles, light incense and sage in the morning and sage again before going to bed. A quick run through the picture, and you'll see my office chair is broken in half. My kitchen chair, the one I sit in downstairs is in the office (relocated?) facing the TV. We never were able to tell what that means. Look on my office table. The stem of the chair is resting and pointing to an open Bible. This Bible was originally in the hallway, on the bookshelf (as advised by local churches and local clergy). But this post is about wall writing and bone black. So look at the wall. There's up upside down cross. It’s been drawn on that wall and the floor. This is upside down cross campaign began June /July 2014. Five months before the Bone Black incident. Now, I didn't know this at the time, kind of hard to in the midst of the onslaught. But I begin noticing months and years later. The markings on the wall correlate with the activity escalating in the house. If you told me this upside down cross was going to lead to Bone Black substance eventually, I wouldn't believe you. When I see this picture, I can't help but think the poltergeist was sending a warning shot. Meaning cease with your religious eviction techniques. Keep in mind we've already had the house blessed. Ministers have come in. The house has been smudged, and Tina and I say prayers before going to bed. Basically, we're exercising our Christian belief system. There are cases, and theories that say Poltergeist behave and react negatively to eviction notices, especially those with religious theme and overtone. There are documented cases that show smudging, house exorcism(especially), can, in fact, make the activity worse. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that, that theory is true. It's important for people to know that - I'm talking about those who experience Geist like activity in the future. No one' saying a poltergeist is nice. Far from it. All I'm saying after reviewing all my photos and videos. To minimize the hell, might involve less knee-jerk reactions. This wall marking right here. It only took me minutes to clean up. It's ash from a sage stick. But guess what I did after I cleaned up? I smudged some more. I went out and bought more sage sticks. We increased our eviction stances, and we got more churches involved. I believe, and it’s my opinion, my theory - we ignored the shot across the bow. All I needed was a bowl of warm soapy water to remove these wall markings. Took less than 10 minutes. Thats going to change by time Fall arrives. Wait till you see the next wall writing pic.
  7. who said revolution will be small, who said military equipment wont be captured, or sabotaged, who said there will be no inside people in military. people will be fighting on their turf, for their homes and freedom, armed, with military experience. they will have nothing to lose. even if military will be on our side, which is doubtful all of it will be, DHS army wont. police wont. no gvmnt wants rebellion by armed population, so either do not p*** off population, which is not possible considering current policies, or disarm population, which is what we see happening
  8. More or less done lass. Was made easier when we unearthed an underground stream. Happy days! Now I`ll just have to up the pricing on me beer to cover the costs.
  9. I wonder what percentage of children are shot in schools in the USA per year? I would guess that you about as likely to be struck by lightning as you are to being shot if you are student at a school in the USA.
  10. That's the job of the media isn't it. Certainly the leading US media. So if your argument is right, the media are in fact turning people towards Trump? So the media are in fact doing the Russian Trolls' job for them? This argument is getting so convoluted we're going to have to bring in MC Escher to make head or tail of it.
  11. I think that's fake.
  12. Commas in the wrong spot can change everything.
  13. Iron doors with buzzers, metal detectors and a police guard is what we have in Des Moines. What would you add that would work better?
  14. Well goodness, this thread got off to a bad start. Instead of closing it, I'm going to offer some lore-tripping to help get this topic back on track. Seems to me regardless of your experience, all you are looking for is some lore help. I'm not terribly knowledgeable about ET and reptiles... but I know there is a variety of reptilian humanoids in lore older than modern media. So some links for ya to check out. First, wikipedia- it's just a list of reptilain humanoids from myth and lore, cryptid, modern media.. This link is of strange reptiles of lore- but it has an interesting entry of a water reptile, zitiron, that you might want to try branching out from in the lore hunt: This is a book that lists all sorts of critters, including reptilian kinds: folklore&f=false And interesting article about lizard people:
  15. The only time that Iwas kicked out anywhere was at a Restaurant casino. My spouse and I had an expensive dinner for our anniversary and I played the machines. I only won about $400 after dinner expenses were paid out of my winnings. I went back to the machine and started to win again when the owner grabbed me by arm and said that I wasn't welcome there. She told me that I won too much and wasn't a past by patron. Don't come me back!
  16. Eh, as a former military person, I can honestly say that armed or not the US military can squash any small revolution. The guy doing it would just be pushing a button on his predator drone and then going home for supper afterwards. If it is a majority revolution, then guns wouldn't even be needed because you would have the military on your side.
  17. psshhh....that's a stretch. What shall not be infringed upon is obviously everything in the sentence.
  18. This is exactly what I'm talking about: We change the subject, rather than demand that school children be protected, and our schools remain soft targets as the endless discussion continues.
  19. 10k death a year due to DUI, those are not accidents those victims of crime, no calls for stricter licensing rules, no calls for more restriction registering a car by those who had prior dui...... or anything, pretty clear gun control has little to do with deaths, but everything about disarming population
  20. The main aim of propaganda is to make the population unable to separate Truth from Fiction. Historically, when the population is unable to separate the two, they'll turn to the nearest authoritarian they can -- someone who claims that only he alone knows what the truth really is. Someone who claims that only he alone can fix this. There's nothing that'll destroy a democracy quicker than converting it into a monarchy.
  21. I drive by a sign every day that tells the yearly car deaths in Iowa with a silly rhyming reminder to buckle up or drive slow.
  22. so what? 40k deaths a year and barely a peep. i'm not even talking about 500k deaths of medical mistakes,
  23. I'm basically fine with executing Jay-Walkers....
  24. Cost effectiveness. Same reason why we don't do free healthcare. Sometimes it's cheaper to just let people die.
  25. lol tsa has 95% failure rate, do you really want to use it as an example?
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