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  2. Thx Q. NUFORC, readers digest, the book and website accounts.Nice selection. The NUFORC one was all I could find From my understanding Phoenix city councilwoman Frances Barwood was the only elected official to launch a public investigation in 1997. Barwood spoke with over seven hundred witnesses, including police, pilots and former military, who provided very similar descriptions. However I am unable to find the report or even her contact details to try and ask her about getting them. Can you help me with this?
  3. Here's some food for thought, but without all the horrors of the past. Not a single one of us would be here. It's a very large causal chain of events that lead up to everything we have now and all that'll we'll have in the future. (gotta be careful, that seems to optimistic)
  4. Thanks! Cats do live a long time. I have seen one live up to 18 years. I guess as they say they do have 9!!
  5. I call him a thief and murderer. He was actually on a "crusade" to capture Asian countries. Not trade with them. That's why he flew the Crusader Cross on his sails.
  6. Matthew 10:3 inserts in his fabricated list of the alleged 12 apostles one james the son of alphaeus, as if this was a different james than the son of zebedaeus at 10:2 . We shall see later that it is one and the same james, duplicated as usual for obfuscation purposes. Now again, in the original greek here , alphaeus is HALPHAIOS . Halphaios is the name of a greek river for instance, not by coincidence...
  7. Now to our Klopa at john 19:25, whom the official latin translation in nestle/aland´s edition latinizes as cleopas. Now this klopa or cleopas or klopas pops up several times in the canonical gospels, not only at john 19:25 where he is the husband or father of a mary. At luke 24:18, kleopas is the name of a disciple of jesus , to whom jesus appears after the resurrection. This is all the gospels have to say about this cleopas/klopas. Not much indeed. Now mainstream interpretation identifies this clopas the husband of mary at john 19:25 with another of these gospel characters, one ALPHAEUS , the father of the apostle james the less, and husband of mary the sister of the mother of jesus : but this is gainsaid by john himself, who writes as we saw above : < there stood by the cross of jesus his mother and his mother´s sister, mary the wife of klopas and mary magdalene. > Which implies. in the given word order, that mary the wife of klopas is jesus´mother, not his aunt !!! What does klopas/cleopas/cleophas mean ? It is another sobriquet like magdalene. It is indeed identical with alphaeus, only dissimulated a bit : the semitic root here is H - L - P : In the greek original , HALPHAIOS is the right transliteration . See, semitic word roots are consonantic rather than vocalic, that is to say what really counts are the consonants present in a root : here, H or K , L , P ( or PH ): KLP in klopas, HLPh in HALPHAIOS. Having thus established that klopas and alphaeus are indeed the same name for the same individual husband of mary, who was he ? He was hanan the hidden - because klopas/alphaeus in semitic means the same as the ENE in magdalENE : well, source, spring.
  8. I would call him more just a man of his time. He did what basically everyone did when discovering another half of the world. I see columbus celebrations more ad celebrating the merging of world's which started the events to the creation of the country
  9. Someone on talk radio said it was 55 mins long and completely ridiculous. At the end, when he wouldn't move off his position that the President is completely healthy with no cognitive issues or difficulties, they started questioning his Funny that they had no problem with him when he was Obama's physician. I guess the whole interview is on youtube.
  10. So I rarely have dreams and I really really want some especially nightmares that will wake me up in the middle of the night or something anyways I was on google and I searched up how to get dreams because at the time I was desperate and one of the solutions was to sleep on my left shoulder which I thought was completely bull**** so I figured why not try it out. I tried it out that night and I had 3 dreams in the night, and I repeated sleeping on my left for at least 4-5 nights and each night I have had several dreams. How does this work? how does the changing of sleeping position affect dreams from occurring?
  11. The OP this is addressed to hasn't been active on this site since October 24, 2014. The member this is addressed to hasn't visited this site since December 14, 2016. Seeing as this topic was started more than 3 years ago and the OP hasn't returned, I think we can safely close this thread. If the OP returns and requests it the thread can be reopened. Other than that if anyone has any experiences they'd like to share, feel free to start a new topic. *Closed*
  12. Wow. That was outstanding! Also liked the auto-inflate rescue long-tube design.
  13. acute

    IMHO, there are four too many Johnsons on our TV screens!  Boris is power-hungry and cunning, Rachel is manipulative and (I suspect) deeply unpleasant, Joe is a closet right-wing extremist, and Stanley is living in another century, but not the 20th.

    1. Eldorado


      Did you know Boris has been fired twice for lying?

      In 1988 the young Fatboy Liar was sacked from The Times for fabricating a quote in an article, and in 2004 he was “relieved of his duties” as shadow arts minister of the Tory Party for allegedly lying about an extra-marital affair.

  14. There's never a dull moment on Capitol Hill that's for sure. Idk, I can't help but wonder if this memo is all poo poo and is being used as a possible distraction because Mueller might be closing in on something big ?....I mean why don't they just release this bigger than Watergate bombshell to the public and be done with it ? Besides that, weren't the FBI already investigating things long before Steele came along, and British spies were first to spot Trump team's links with Russia back in 2015. Allies of the US , including Australia had also passed on electronic intelligence as to what they knew as well.
  15. Fila, try here: maybe a starting point
  16. Sorry to hear that my friend. My cats died because they were old and it was just their time. They had a long and happy life.
  17. The "Sons of Italy" and other Italian American organizations have been fighting tooth and nail to keep them up. Now they're vandal targets. I mean seriously, He's "Adolf Hitler" to my ethnic group.
  18. seeder

    Under everyones 2 ridges that lead to the top lip..many dont know it has a name, but...its called the Philtrum... useless info I agree...But acutes update about frustum... reminded me of this useless fact

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    2. seeder


      smart ass question:  Does anyone KNOW WHY we have the philtrum?

    3. Eldorado


      According to Acute, it's to stop moustaches falling off.

      (have you not got a pic that shows her eyes?)

    4. seeder


      Eldorado.... here is the eyes:  :lol:



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  19. Let Die Spiegel answer the question: So basically, international observers see Russia and China asserting their regional power even more confidently than before. Putin's grab of Crimea, then openly backing of Bashar regime's crimes against his own population is only the tip. But the buffoon for president can't get enough praise for Putin, contrary to his natural allies like fellow NATO member nations. And Xi can easily flatter him into whatever compromise he need. This is about the gist of how they see things in Europe. I hear the same points in Canada as well. Putin bought himself chaos, Trump doesn't need to do anything other than see conspiracies everywhere and undermine his own country's institutions, judges, press, FBI, you name it.
  20. My understanding is that the Egyptian authorities have final "say" as to what types and extent of exploration are allowed. They appear to be very strict regarding, say, exploratory drilling, which damages a unique structure of national pride. This restrictive posture leaves much of the internals of the pyramid unknown. Seems good that Egypt has apparently approved this minimally invasive drilling and robot proposal.
  21. Awwwww I am so sorry that happened to you. The same thing happened to me. We had the two best kitties ever and they were so loving. The one would always greet me at the door when I came home from work. They ended up at a year old getting sick and dying. The vet said they were born with some kind of heart disease. The one died right in my ex-wife's arms. It was very sad.
  22. To lose 50 pounds. I'm roughly 220 lbs at the moment. Meaning I've lost 10 already. But that could be due to other factors.
  23. There is a pattern of geo - diversions in the gospel lie : jesus the nazoraios is overwritten as jesus from nazareth , a town not attested to as inhabited at the time of the alleged jesus. Judas iscariot is said by a manuscript varia lectio to be from the unheard-of village of kariot !!! And our mary magdalene is said by extrabiblical mainstream lore to be from a never-identified village of magdala on the lake of galilee aka tiberias. Why such geographical lies and red herrings on the part of the gospel forgers ? Because their purpose is to overwrite jesus´ family´s militant antiroman, anticapitalist jihadism. Jesus and his family were not from nazareth, they were nazoraioi, in aramaic natsorayya, that is keepers of the torah in a fundamentalist, zionistic, nationalist/independist sense. Juda was iscariot because he was a rainmaker as we shall see, like his father hanan the hidden and his brother james. Mary had nothing to do with a fabricated magdala hamlet - she was the water-drawer from the well because she was daughter and sister of wells, that is fountains of righteousness at qumran, that is the leaders of the natsorayya community of the dead sea scrolls - the real early christians or messianists who awaited a militant messiah from the sky to help them chase the hated romans .
  24. A semi-domesticated version. In the Minoan pictures their size is NOT exaggerated. They were that big. The fact that they are spotted in some of the pictures, like this one give away the domestication part.
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