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  2. Either him or his brother. So there's a history of this anatomically unlikely creature in this area? I agree that's it then. A hoax inspired by local legends. So well done to whoever did this and nice touch with the guts. Or this animal is real, and we...actually I'll stop there.
  3. As brutal and unfeeling as it may seem, I don't think we should force our values on other cultures just like we don't want Sharia law in our country - you know the uproar that even the thought of that has caused. I maintain that people in an oppressive society have the power to change things but, in most cases, don't have the guts. If they don't like it - change it - the US did it in 1776 and a lot of folks died but we have a lot more freedom because of it. If the Muslim women don't want genital mutilation, let them change it - it's none of our business - it's their culture and it's up to them to make changes in their own society. Yes,people will die, but sometimes that's what it takes.
  4. Well ... eradicating them by burning them wont help ... ~
  5. I must admit they're not top of the list for me either. Don't get me wrong, they're fascinating I'm sure, it's just that there are so many other more amazing animals out there.
  6. I read about that. For me, that just angered me. They expressed the need to address school violence, and they received...... violence. I would have thought that type of punishment disappeared years ago.
  7. The OP is brand spanking new, with an article not seen on here before to my knowledge. What's the problem?
  8. There is absolutely no reason not to bring new evidence or topic of discussion to the table but absolutely every reason not to go over the same stuff posted in multiple threads already. Do you have anything to add that hasn't previously been discussed?
  9. Got my van cleaned out, taking it to the dealership tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn to drop it off, then getting a smaller rental car until they get it done, about 4 days. Got the laundry done, now need to fold it and put it away. Going to the grocery is last, may just offer to take the kids out to supper while we are out and about.
  10. No you're right, but I was just going by what Dan Ashe said. I assumed he'd been shown the picture for him to have made these comments.
  11. I’m expanding that then to mean there would be suffocation without injury to the neck such as bruises showing strangulation
  12. Don't recall a parallel investigation into the CIA being announced. Either way -- less of an unrelated coincidence, more of an opinion article written by someone unable to discern the possibility that Brennan briefed the gang of eight on the Steele Dossier on the basis of Steele's prior reputation alone. If he can even prove Brennan briefed them on it, in the first place. Certainly is.
  13. Do you think there are some cultures that should be confronted? Was it wrong for Christian missionaries to convert the headhunters of New Guinea, who were honored by their fellow tribesmen for beheading even their own friends? Is it wrong to tell someone in the prevailing faith of the Boko Haram culture that kidnapping schoolgirls and confining them to rape rooms is bad behavior, or would it be an insult to their religion? Was it wrong of Martin Luther to confront the theocratic Roman Catholic Church of the Middle Ages? If anyone replies that we need a 'common sense' agreement on basic laws, then it should be noted that in other parts of the world female genital mutilation makes sense (lest women become inflamed with lust). So what then? Do we begin arguing over whose 'common sense' is best? Along side multiculturalism, should we also embrace 'multi-common-sense-ism'? Can humankind evolve into a kinder, gentler, global society, or will the most aggressive ideology simply force itself on the rest of the world?
  14. I think the difference would have been Zena would have a separate and greater cause of action (due money) if this was her mother and Jonah or Dina for that matter was held responsible for her death.
  15. With regard to the article in this link: the expert claimed that Rebecca could have been decapitated by her fall over the balcony, which sounded overly dramatic, but I have just learned yesterday that there is something called internal decapitation which means the neck is completely broken and the spinal cord too, but the skin and muscle etc aren't so the head does not come apart from the body. Also, the width of the balcony from the French window to the railings is a little over 2' so I think it's unlikely that as Rebecca dropped she would bang her head against the wall. This was suggested as a reason for the four abrasions on her head, one of which is quite big.
  16. They traveled pretty far and wide just to burn heretics other than little white witches and sorceresses ... ~
  17. I live in Jacksonville. I've been on that little local news outlet before (when I was a kid, for some lame story about my art). They definitely cater to the softer audience. St. Simon's Island is about an hour away from me. I saw a decomposing shark on that beach before, a long time ago. It is definitely possible. The one I saw wasn't nearly as decomposed, but the shoe fits. If this isn't a hoax, a decomposing shark would be my first educated guess.
  18. Kronosaurus, like all other prehistoric marine reptiles (pliosaurs, plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurus, mosasaurs, etc.), would have had four functional limbs at all stages of its life.
  19. Funny you should say that. I nearly put she(?) in an earlier statement as I thought the similar.
  20. It doesn't prove such a thing at all.
  21. I am sure it does...actually
  22. Here's another Tony Ferguson video onboard HMS Victory (which, don't forget, is still a commissioned Royal Navy ship):
  23. Perhaps the IG report will tie together much of what is, for you, a gigantic series of unrelated co-incidences in a fashion you will accept. But I doubt it. Then again, it is the courts' opinion that matter here.
  24. I did say I was rubbish with Dino's or non Dino's ? Would a young Kronosaurus have four flippers and yes I like your idea of the "Altamaha-ha".. What is your opinion on this??
  25. If it is a bloke, he's wearing a dress and high heels.
  26. This is with regard to the writing on the bedroom door. Why do say 'it was something only the killer would know'? I think it is impossible to know who did the writing. It could have been Jonah's daughters or, at a pinch, Xena ...... or someone who hasn't even been mentioned yet!
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