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  2. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    each at their own pace moving along the path so soft are pine needles
  3. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Today FM have reported she is resigning. Is that confirmed or not, can not find any news online.
  4. Cern and time line jumping

    I think some are just messing with you to see how many times you will repeat yourself. If they don't get it, just let it be.
  5. Cern and time line jumping

    I did. There's nothing particularly extraordinary about those experiences. I have them, too, but they're not evidence of timestream jumping or anything else but normal life and a normal human brain. I've lost my car keys (misplaced them) any number of times. It doesn't mean that I jumped the time stream. I can't remember the name of the street where we lived (or the address where we lived) 30 years ago. My husband can. This doesn't mean that I've hopped across reality.
  6. Cern and time line jumping

    As I keep repeating in this thread, all serious believers in the Mandela Effect are well aware of common memory errors but we hold that in a few rare cases something more mysterious seems to be at work. Did you read my personal experience earlier in this thread. I and so many others have experiences that we honestly believe have no satisfactory 'normal' explanation.
  7. Cern and time line jumping

    So you are saying that you have perfect memory recall, even long term, and you are never mistaken or hold a false belief?
  8. Cern and time line jumping

    Personal experience.
  9. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    momentum growing that she'll resign tonight. (we'll see) anyway. based on poll, possible number of seats won. TBP .... 30 ..... (+30) LAB .... 8 ..... ( -9 ) LDEM .. 14..... ( +13 ) GRN ..... 7 ..... ( +4 ) CON ..... 1 ..... ( -16 ) UKIP ..... 0 ..... (-22) Brexit Party - 37% Lib Dem - 19% Lab - 13% Green - 12% Con - 7% Change UK - 4% UKIP - 3%
  10. Cern and time line jumping

    Certainly any serious believer in the Mandela Effect is aware of 'suggestibility' but hold that in a few cases something more mysterious seems to be occurring. Did you read my personal experience earlier in this thread? I am not alone either in the type of experience I had. I know of no conventional theory that satisfactorily explains the experiences of so many.
  11. The question is: could we? Not by mass murder. The Nazis tried that and it didn't work. The only game in town seems to be education of women and birth control. If that doesn't work, deteriorating living conditions will put a lid on the population anyway. Disease has always been the controlling factor on human populations. Somewhere out there is a disease getting ready to attack. Some variant of flu seems to be the most-likely candidate. Sooner or later, one of these minor outbreaks is going to escape before it can be controlled. Doug
  12. Music box playing by itself??

    I don't know if there is a logical explanation, unless it is wound too tight and something bumps it or a vibration starts it off. I have had something similar happen to me twice, right after someone I knew died. Maybe the music box needs to be repaired.
  13. US government covered up UFO incidents

    Ground level speeds are not the same as upper atmosphere speeds. Upper atmosphere wind direction is often different than ground level directions. Also, no one is saying they were shooting at a balloon the entire time. Just that it was a possible reason people began to fire in the first place. There is little to no evidence that anyone something other than shoot at empty skies. The assumption of a target to shoot at is a bad assumption.
  14. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    If TDS is real it's just in direct response to years upon years of CDS and ODS.
  15. Cern and time line jumping

    Once again, all sensible believers in the Mandela Effect are well aware of common memory errors and don't deny their existence. We are arguing that there are a few cases where something more mysterious seems to be going on. Did you read my personal event earlier in this thread? I feel certain that my experience is something that can not be explained as a memory error. And I am not alone!
  16. Psychic attack! Need help!

    You aren't helping. There are ways to do what you say is impossible, but it is not necessary and I think in this case that is not what is happening. Even so, why insist that someone is wrong when they are asking for help? It is a sign of weakness to do that.
  17. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    I think you might find there is about to be a change of rules this evening followed by a vote of no confidence in her leadership.
  18. Psychic attack! Need help!

    It is your house, kick him and his cameras out! He is manipulating you.
  19. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    And this is barely the beginning. I predict mass media hysteria as the first indictments are reported. "Constitutional crises" plural and a general refrain of "the sky is falling!"
  20. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Indeed, one of the more serious issues regarding "proxy terrorists" is that they act in "secret cells" making it hard to define exactly who the host country is. But the cells are getting their money and weapons from somewhere, and Iran is a known supplier of weapons and money's to proxy Islamic terrorist groups.
  21. and then


    We'll see your Don Jr. subpoena and raise you a Hunter Biden crack pipe and multiple ID's left in a rental car. ;)

  22. and then

    1. acute


      I am very disappointed that I am not UM's "favorite wit".

      I demand a re-count!

    2. and then

      and then

      It's a term of endearment...  

  23. NO. That problem, and it IS a serious problem, will take care of itself soon enough. Let's face it, even if we could snap our fingers and have half of the drain on resources just disappear today, we'd just replace them ASAP. To my limited knowledge, China is the only nation in the modern era that has seriously tried to limit procreation and the unintended consequences have them in a bit of a pickle.
  24. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Wind power already is cheaper. Use levelized costs - those take into account construction costs. Wind turbines can be extended beyond 30 years with some maintenance. Like all power sources, they decrease in efficieny as they age and at the same time, maintenance costs go up. You tear them down when the maintenace costs exceed the value of the electricity they are generating. Sort of like trying to decide when to replace your car. In Oklahoma the wind stops about 10% of the time; however, it is still blowing elsewhere in the same wind farm, meaning that wind farm is generating about 99% of the time. By networking wind farms together, the risk of wind failure can be virutally eliminated. Wind farm spacing needed to achieve this is about 350 km. We already have power failures every few months, some of them lasting hours to days. Wind should be no different and no more frequent. At the present time, Nexterra is building gas plants as backup. They plan to operate these only at times low wind is forecast. Start-up for a gas turbine takes several minutes as another engine (deisel, gas, oil, etc.) is needed to start the gas turbine, bring it up to purge speed, then bring it to generating speed and assit it until it reaches full capacity. Two or three minutes at most. Fuel costs and engine wear dictate that these generators not be kept online all the time. I view the presence of backup systems as a good thing. They will hardly ever be needed, maybe never. As the companies get more experience with wind, I expect they will quit building backup plants. In Oklahoma those are cheaper simply because they use the same transmission lines as wind - don't have the extra cost. My daughter, an oil field geologist working in Oklahoma, is predicting that there is only 20 years of gas left here and only a trickle of oil. Gas backup will probably not be available when the first generation of windmills reach the ends of their lives. Maintenance consists of the turbines themselves, transmission lines (The average wind farm has four miles of trasmission lines needed to connect it to the grid; Wind Catcher has 350 miles.) and service roads - mostly dirt with some gravel in the mudholes. The turbines are expected to operate for the first 25 to 30 years almost without maintenance. After that, it all depends on where the profitability figures are. One last thought here: wind may turn out to be nothing more than an interlude. Technology is advancing rapidly and there's no telling what invention may put wind out-of-business altogether. While there are some areas, like the Oklahoma panhandle that have the best wind, wind poer can be generated almost anywhere. There is a six-turbne wind farm near Pittsburg, for example. And building wind turbines on orphan spoils would be a good way to bring jobs to Appalachia. Doug
  25. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    William Barr was a highly respected ex AG and current AG in the eyes of both parties who cleared President Trump of any wrongdoing based on the Mueller report, and who has now lost the respect of the Democratic congress for doing so. It was his job, not congresses to make that judgment. Rod Rosenstein signed to start the investigation, and he also cleared President Trump of any wrongdoing based on Bob Mueller's report. He also, has lost the respect of the Democratic congress for doing so. If either of these top two Justice Department officials had seen any sign that President Trump was a serious threat to the constitution, I am positive they would have taken action. All the above is "political."
  26. Dumbledore the Awesome

    who else saw Donald Trump

    1. acute


      He now delivers his tweets in person!

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