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  2. Why? I see nothing intelligent at all.
  3. You think it is a good idea for octopus to have an unobstructed retina and humans to have an obstructed view? The simple fact is that there are dozens if not hundreds of different types of "eyes" in the living world.
  4. Hi prs1! Thank you for the reading request! I'll put you on the (short) waiting list. Your reading should be ready by Monday. I'll PM it to you then.
  5. Sounds intelligently designed to me.
  6. The rules are the manner in which particles interact. You don't sink into the Earth due to gravity because the electrons in your body interact with the electrons of the ground to keep you on the surface.
  7. It's too bad some animals don't have Light Sensors in their ears.
  8. Probably there is purpose in imperfections too. That is what i would say.
  9. What a little beaut lucky old Charlie seeing that one
  10. Illyrius, consider the human eye. That's a favorite example used by those promoting a designer. They wonder how it could be anything other than the result of a design. What they do not want you to know is all of the marvelous ways animals and plants and protista detect light. Some animals have light sensors on their legs. The octopus and squid are lucky because they do not have blood vessels in front of their retinas. Did you know humans do? If you have ever seen an image of a retinal scan you know that we have blood vessels inside of our eye blocking our vision. What sort of a bumbling designer would do that? A buffoon would do that. Our hearts have errors that lead to heart attacks. Young athletes in the prime of life have died because of this built in defect.
  11. Why all this particles have rules? Out of mere chance they decided to have rules? Why would that be? If there is no plan and design shouldn't it all be just a random chaos?
  12. Populism becomes a problem when you have a party or persons adopting a popular stance purely to win an election.
  13. Since we're making lists of definitions to write down in notebooks for clueless people, here are a few more: Critical thinking: using your brain to evaluate evidence (or lack of it) Stupidity: not having the brain power for critical thinking Gullibility: believing everything you read (related to stupidity) Attention whore: someone who will say and do anything just so people will pay them attention
  14. You purposely misrepresented my post. You probably do that with all of this bizarre designer belief you are into.
  15. This thread is about evolution and a new book claiming a designer. But this one post will address this issue. The universe is composed of different particles: photons, leptons, and baryons that are subject to rules we can understand. The result of billions of years of interactions between particles yields the universe we see today. Back to the thread topic, the life we see on Earth is also subject to the same physics. Unlike the universe at large, life is dependent mainly on electron (a type of lepton) interactions, and is also subjected to gravity. The fact that the weak force provides the energy from the Sun is really not important. Evolution is a process that leads to the diversity of life on Earth.
  16. It's also interesting how when we're talking about Russian sanctions, we've gotta give peace a chance... and when we're talking about North Korea, it's ok to argue who has the bigger button.
  17. Hi Cloud7, If you are still offering,I would love one too. My Initial is "S". I am trying to change my job from the current one.I have updated my resume to the job portals. So i would like to know when i will be able to secure an offer letter. Thanking you in advance.
  18. The title is a pun and I love it.
  19. It's kind of like in Devil's Advocate. The corruption is now so vile that the stench of it is rising up to the heavens and choking the whole lot.
  20. Thanks for the idiotic non sequitur.
  21. What you are saying is that what we percieve as order, structure and organized complexity of the universe is a result of a mere chance of blind forces. Have i understood this correctly?
  22. Pretty good evidence of design.
  23. Yes. Random processes and survival. Advocates of design often want to misrepresent the randomness. They do this probably because they do not understand what random means. They also do not understand biological processes and evolution. Mere chance does not mean that random events suddenly construct a human. But random events still modify humans.
  24. Is this genetic information result of a mere chance?
  25. Organisms are laid out through genetic information. I've already pointed out the Hox genes. At least half a billion years of getting that worked out through evolutionary processes.
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