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  2. We saw it for 4 or 5 seconds, and I believe That this fuzzy wiggling snake thing is more of a spiritual creature than some near extinct animal
  3. I've been wanting to learn how to make some fish tacos. I have a recipe for grilled tilapia with a pineapple salsa. I think that's what I am going to use for my tacos.
  4. Atamarie Mr Joc .. Absolutely .. The Belief, that there is only this Physical , Material Dense reality, is just a Belief .. The Truth ... is It Is Not .. It is Energetic Also .. And We Humans are Part Physical, Part Energy .. Only the Physical is Acknowledged.. But Not Any More .. People Will Find Out the Truth .. Mo..xx
  5. America media is no better that's for sure. I also see this exact thing in social media debates. However I'm wiling to bet the host is making more money than all of the men behind the camera.
  6. Hey, if you leave my home hungry, it's your own fault.
  7. I burnt my clothes and scrubbed myself with Clorox. Wild Turkey Old No.8 will do things to you.......terrible things.......
  8. I picture this is how we'd leave TC's home, after shes cooked
  9. What? If he knew he was used in that, he'd be rolling over in his grave.
  10. Boy does that ring true when dealing with the general public.
  11. The Indo-Europeans brought yersinia pestis in with them.
  12. kind of....belief is just belief...truth just is
  13. Me too. Funny that I discovered his existence in a 9/11 truther video on YouTube years ago.
  14. And rebuttals that are FOS are very easy to rebut themselves which Nunes has already done. Schiff released a pile of democrat garbage that was easily couttered and the dems look even lower to all but the far left and morons who won't read either memo anyways but will still have whatever opinion heir masters order.
  15. Well, plagues are not uncommon in history. Even lots of people dying from one is not unusual, so I don't see how the Book of Four Masters is any more or less true for citing a plague. --Jaylemurph
  16. oooh, the monstersol? Or the beastzine?
  17. I miss that guy.
  18. Bizarro World. The real world feels like Bizarro World.
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