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  2. That could have been Emit Brown (Doc) next invention and made a sequel out of that.
  3. It depends on the person and what they need to experience in a certain lifetime. Some feel they need to follow something or someone such as a Jesus or a Krishna. Others do not like to feel that they are dependent on someone else for their salvation or for finding the truth. How can you find the truth, if it is the other person who finds the truth rather than you? Some could say that by worshipping a master or some God, they are not actually finding truth themselves, or becoming more spiritually developed. Who says you need a guide? Isn't God everywhere? Isn't Divinity everywhere in the creation? There are just different paths to follow in peoples experiences and really it depends on the individual on if they need someone to follow or not.
  4. What I was saying is if she was in different parts of the world it wouldn't be Jesus she would be thanking it would be Krishna if she was in India and Allah if she was in the Middle East. Depending on what you believe in is what you will use to explain for good things that happen. It doesn't mean that a Jesus actually exists its what you believe to be the case.
  5. Agreed, but the lawyers will file anyway just to give more headaches to Mueller and further chip away.
  6. Need "Term Limits."
  7. Then what or who do you think is wise to follow?
  8. At most it would take away the symptoms but not the underlining problem.
  9. Truth. I don't see much wisdom in seeing God as a male figure who is supposed to be followed. To me that is just another version of the Aramaic religions of the world.
  10. It depend, if the placebo effect also works for the act of god thing... you can have some physical healing, lol
  11. I think he's saying that if she was from any other religion, she'd be thanking that God/holy man/whatever.
  12. That's awesome ! Is it from you?
  13. Will be interesting when the FISA memo is officially released... I heard that the President must sign a release, full or partial.
  14. If I remember right, when the movie, Dances With Wolves was in theaters. It showed the Pawnee attacking the Sioux village. But a spokesman for the Pawnee tribe said it was the Sioux that made it difficult for the Pawnee since the Sioux was a larger tribe.
  15. Then what is it you're seeking?
  16. I don't think she could say that in India or parts of the Middle East, because Christian proselytizing is prohibited.
  17. Again I don't follow a religion whether you call it true or not. I have no need to follow anything or anybody and especially something that claims to be the Almighty God.
  18. Keeping the barrel of a charged gun toward you is never a good idea...
  19. Seems the shutdown is ending for the time being: US shutdown to end as Senate strikes deal "The US government partial shutdown is set to end after Senate Republicans and Democrats voted to approve a temporary funding bill. Senator Chuck Schumer said Democrats would support the bill if Republicans addressed a programme that shields young immigrants from deportation. Democrats refused to vote for the bill unless they secured protections for recipients of the Obama-era programme. Mr Schumer said the three-day shutdown was expected to end in a few hours."
  20. They will probably doing a lot of censuring ...
  21. How many NFL sponsors have made special ads?
  22. God's Universe, with all its dimensions, is "His", and he has a specific outcome. Hold on tight, everyone, it's one heck of a ride.
  23. Well, lets not get ahead of ourselves. The texts where NOT evidence, surely ? They where just discussions between two FBI agents. We don't know what they contained, and therefore we cannot say "they where evidence". All federal agents - all humans - are biased. It is only an issue if that bias influences how they carry out an investigation. If it turns out that hundreds of phones where affected by this 'error', and the audit trail proves this, then all well and good. It is embarresing to the FBI, but it is not proof of ANYTHING. If it turns out that ONLY these two phones where affected, then the FBI has been caught lying. That is an issue in and of itself, but it ALSO begs the question: WHY where these text messages deliberately deleted by the FBI ? What was in them ? Then.. and ONLY then... is the can of works opened.
  24. Because the goal of the program of true religion is self-control. When this is achieved, the purpose for seeking for God reaches within for the meaning of the fact that because we're God's children, we have a certain kind of growing up to do. To become more and more like him. This is a responsibility to take up daily. "If any man would come after me, let him disregard himself, take up his responsibilities daily, and follow me."
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