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  2. Hi Illyrius If the physical form was created like Adam and Eve physically there would be less need for adaptation, bit that does not mean that intelligence would be static and this is where(for the most part theoretically) we continue to grow or evolve(although this at times is not evident consistently on all populations). There are in my opinion there are aspects of illusionary delusions of intellect that are more restrictive than productive. jmccr8
  3. 3am

    Is this really a thing? If it's honestly some kind of sleeping disorder then I'd be okay with that. Would your mind mess you with if you stopping breathing in your sleep?
  4. Matt its the tractor thats got Ouija blushing. I dont know, once a carrot cruncher - always a carrot cruncher. Hey folks! Dark Derek was just out of shot. Seems hes got a job nowadays as a scarecrow.
  5. You kind of play both sides with me at times. Do you believe in real poltergeist (paranormal) activity? Can the paranormal affect the physical?
  6. The question being asked is now ' Am I Next ? ' the StarOnline link ~
  7. I dunno about those, but I've certainly been in the poltergeist waters.
  8. 3am

    The good ol` 3:30am story again.
  9. The biggest problem in the occult and even religion is being lazy. I hate laziness. I don't care what god your asking. I don't care what it is you're aiming for. You must act on it. You want a good life, you want a fat bank account, you want a wonderful lover/life partner. The spells will get the idea in your head, then you HAVE to act. You have to create the life you want. I sound like a self-help book sometimes, but that's because I know that.... 1) Life isn't fair. 2) No one owes you anything. 3) If you want better you must go for it.
  10. I would say certainly universe has a purpose. Final purpose is a great question, but i see an order but also imperfectoin inside this great design, so i am satisfied with an explanation of advancement of soul through imperfections and free will. Makes most sense to me.
  11. Even all the waters in the whole wide universe??
  12. 3am

    I'm a Christian, I gave my heart and soul to the Lord my God, I don't mess with anything bad, and I pray almost everyday that evil things, demons and such, are cast away from me and I that I'll be protected from all of it. I've never thought to ask to be protect in my sleep or as I try and sleep also So, last night was it for me, I had to look it up, after reading several stories and being very skeptical of most of them, even my own I still have to say something. Last night wasn't the only time it happened but it was more aggressive then the other times. I was trying to fall asleep but I was still partially awake when I felt my blankets being tugged on, upwards, like my blankets were moving up and down while I was under them (weird way to explain but I wasn't sure how else to put it). I'm not sure if it was cold or not but I was getting major goosebumps EVERYWHERE, which is crazy to me, I was still under my blankets. I sleep with like 3 thick blankets. Keeping my eyes closed I snuggled under them more and when I moved they stopping moving. A couple seconds later it started back up again more aggressively then it had started. I felt the bankets being tugged down this time and it felt like some cold strong wind, theres no breeze in my room, blow all my hair back and it felt like someone grabbed it and pulled. Still had goosebumps. It took a few minutes for me to open my eyes as it was almost impossibly, after a little bit I finally grew balls to look at my clock and it was 324am so I figure it started around 3am? The first time this ever happened was last year, summer I think, I had two weird dreams then. The blanket thing was, the first dream I had like this, if you call it a dream when you're in an inbetween sleep and awake stage, it was just the blanket by my face moving. It would tap my face as if someone grabbed it and was messing with me. (I mentioned this to my bestfriend cuz I was ultimately freaked by it, she came up that maybe one of my dogs came into my room was nudging his face by my blankets. I went with that, writing it off as my dog wanted attention. The thing is though I live with my parents and both dogs sleep in their (parents) room which they keep the door closed. Neither of the dogs know how to open the door. Still knowing that I went with the dog thing.) when I had forcefully opened my eyes I had looked at my phone it was a bit after 3am. The next dream is the weirdest a freakiest, if that's a word, I know I was asleep for this one, I remember waking up and it was, yet again, a bit after 3am. Before I fell asleep though that blanket thing happened. Just by my face. The nightmare, what I'm going to call it, was of something, an unseen person or being, ripping my blankets off and attempting to rape me, (not sure how I knew that that was happening but it was) at the time I only wore underwear and an oversized old shirt to bed, in the dream, as I fought the thing and cried I couldn't scream or make any noise, it was hot my room was extremely hot and uncomfortable. I don't know how but after an eternity I was finnaly able to force myself awake. I didn't sleep for the rest of that night. After I had turned a light on I had looked around my room and under my bed to see nothing I looked at my phone to see maybe it went off and that what triggered something for such a dream, no notifications. I might be paranoid and I will probably get a lot of sh** for this but I swear this is real and I'm terrified it will happen again after today. 2/24/18.
  13. It's like the time I saw people arguing over the existence of Vigo the Carpathian.
  14. Yeah, I gotta actually believe someone is having a problem before I offer my advice. You can think the waters are uncharted, but I've been in those waters.
  15. lmao. This is what doing wanga is, at its most basic :). Some of the props, though, are pretty cool
  16. I was not aware of corvids being self aware. Cheers
  17. Apparently. It's one of the more entertaining arguments, though.
  18. Do you think that these 15 bedtime stories cases (8 out of these published by a gun fetish magazine) will deliver any kind of logic? Anyway: Number of children (age 0-11) killed or injured by guns in 2016 = 673 Number of children (age 12-17) killed or injured by guns in 2016 = 3132 Number of children (age 0-11) killed or injured by guns in 2017 = 732 Number of children (age 12-17) killed or injured by guns in 2017 = 3234
  19. Yes i knew this will come up as a question. I would call that more of a rudiments of self awareness. But a good point.
  20. But there is no goal of perfection. In fact, there is no goal. Look at the eyes issue. Color vision is lost and regained.
  21. We must define self-aware . Some animals are demonstrably aware of self. All Corvids for example (Crows, Ravens, Jackdaws and so on) can identify themselves in a mirror and use their reflection to clean places they can't normally see. I can even show you a chimp with abilities far beyond human capabilities in pattern recognition and short term visual memory.
  22. I strongly disagree. I actually watched the video in my post 43. I am not clear how you know what is and is not possible. I think we are in unchartered waters with perhaps the start of some rough maps. I'll go with the multiple witnesses myself. Observation precedes understanding in the paranormal world. And where was Chaos in her SuperGirl cape to send this thing packing?
  23. Unfortunately some do, another example of why this thread is stagnating, they don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t support their belief. cormac
  24. Hi Will That is speculation that there is design involved on your part because you have no evidence other than you personal faith. jmccr8
  25. I began reading more self-help books around 2007 instead of books on magick. I found that they were basically the same. So I created a methodology to apply what I had learned. I'd write down what I wanted, make a list of "How To" achieve, use the spell (affirmation) or sigil, then persistently act. It's better than wishful thinking.
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