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  2. Oh, okay. Thanks. Also: I have no clue what that is...
  3. I believe that's the fibula.
  4. It's the thing that runs parallel to what I think is the shin bone to our left (it's right).
  5. It's a person as they would appear after mummification.
  6. I doubt it, likely done while alive
  7. I hope that happened after his passing to fit him in the proper container so to speak.
  8. Or are you talking about the small something at the bottom of the leg?
  9. I am thinking those are both femur bones, which looks to have been broken off.
  10. We'll never know until kmt comes back and tells us. Come on buddy! Hurry it up.
  11. No kidding! Been there done that. If one is good a million is better. If I ever decide to collect anything else it's going to be something valuable like old coins or diamonds.
  12. Part of the leg I think
  13. Gen X is the first half of the baby bust period (1964-73), while the second half are called the Y. I came to notice the second half of the boom period along with Gen X are more conservative or Republican than the 1946-55 and 1982-91 people. It has to do with experiences growing up under certain conditions in government, society and culture.
  14. What is it, a big pixie?
  15. What's that other bone-like thing next to it's shin? (The left one when looking at it, but technically it's right one.)
  16. If you read the article properly you’d find that it’s not saying Capitalism “promotes” poverty. It refers to the abundance and wastage of food while others starve. If you don’t believe people are starving in this world then you must be living in a bubble. What the point DOES PROMOTE is that goods (food) should be better spread. I live in a Democracy where people vote freely. During one term you have a Govt formed by the left-wing party, then in another term the right-wing party goes to power. They obviously promote their own agendas during election time which assimilate right-wing or left-wing ideology. Obviously nothing extreme, like removing all ethnicities (ultra National right wing) or change to a totalitarian system of Govt (Marxists/Communists). Now, over the years, they agree and pass bills that adopt similar principals of both ideologies which supposedly enrich voters of all spectrums financially, socially etc.. We have Medicare but you may choose a Private fund if you wish and there is no regulation on prices but the Govt does recommend a retail price (RRR). These just to name a few that encompass both left and right principals and guess what, it’s probably a very similar situation in most Democratic countries in the world. Now listen carefully because I’ve mentioned it over and over again. I was disputing the claim made by the author that Venezuela was a Socialist nightmare, but IMO, this is simply not true because IT DOES NOT follow Socialist philosophy as per it’s manifesto and I also disputed the OP’s claim that Socialism has a poor track record because, IMO and debatable, right wing philosophy which stemmed from Monarchial rule, is a lot worse going back over a thousand years and continuing in on modern times with Fascism/Nazism and those tin pot South American dictatorships. Under Socialist ideology there would be no inequality, starvation, rich and poor etc. but unfortunately that’s Utopia in our day and age and human greed in the world rotates and always has around the power of who possesses more (gold, property……), so in modern day Democracies we get a bit of Socialism, a bit of right wing ideology and a lot of Capitalism. Does this mean I reject the society we live in? No. Could it be better? Yes. Anyway, sounds like you’re appeased with what the fat cats dish out and that’s fine, your choice. But just remember not to whine when you read about Banks making record profits, 80% tax cuts for the rich, record payouts for CEO’s etc.
  17. I don't see either arm and both legs are broken. To be honest. It kinda looks like a painting.....
  18. kmt's just sittin' back lurking atm... Kill the suspense buddy and tell us already!
  19. Yay that I was right first try, I look for smaller details in things. @kmt_sesh do I get a cookie for being 1st to be right
  20. Apparently only the super duper farting geysers were capable of quarrying stone.
  21. New Godzilla Planet Of Monsters now released through Netflix I have been waiting for this release after since having been rumored months ago. And I must say the wait was well worth it, and especially since on average it takes production for each new CGI Godzilla close to three to four years of production. It also annoyed me to think that as a kid we had hardly any Godzilla features here while in Japan they were cranking them out every few years where we didn't get to see them unless on some late night creature feature long before the advent of cable television. And remember the end of Saturday morning cartoons during the writers strike at that time? What a sad time to be a kid in this country to discover most cartoons had been replaced by news shows. But once cable television became the norm so did plenty of content for animation lovers. Thank you TOHO for this latest!
  22. It also looks like a small child.
  23. One of them even had the tenacity to question my Egyptological credentials when I pointed out that Herodotus's reference to "20 years" was irrelevant to Egyptologists determining how long it took to build the Great Pyramid. And that was coming from someone who defended von Daniken's ludicrous claim that it would have taken the Egyptians 600 years using Bronze Age technology to build the Great Pyramid! A few of them...ahem...Cladking...even claimed it would be impossible to cut through limestone using copper tools. LOL!
  24. Both legs look broken. The way it's formed it looks like a small child.
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