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  2. Acronym it! (Part 2)

    All Can Talk Of Revenge SONGTRESS
  3. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Sorry have to watch Beto make a fool of Dems Live on CNN. I'm sure he will say something crazy about Global warming.
  4. Do you think only believers should post or something? Why should everyone dumb down to that level?
  5. I don't believe you

    Hi Desertrat Who's mouth was my tongue in? jmccr8
  6. Rogue's Gallery III

    Luca Rose and I, May 22nd she’s fast asleep after a bottle and I’m enjoying cuddles with princess. Smiling even with allergies making eyes water and nose run plus tired.
  7. That doesn't change the basic laws which prohibit the types of travel you are speculating. It can add to them but not change them. Theres nothing to support the idea that UFOs are indeed intelligent piloted craft. The evidence would suggest that most UFOs are natural phenomena. The possibility of UFOs being piloted by human beings from the future is minuscule compared to the likelihood that UFOs are a mix of natural phenomena, misidentification and hoaxes.
  8. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Apparently she is in congress, and dances...sounds like a climate expert to me. And yeah, since she is in congress, should get blasted for her BS rants. Probably from a rich family but not rich from singing, and not much upstairs, or spoit brat.
  9. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Pelosi is holding a closed meeting tomorrow morning to discuss impeachment. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/mounting-pressure-pelosi-hold-emergency-impeachment-meeting-wednesday/story?id=63178175
  10. Climate Change is a Hoax

    No, Tortugabob, he is from another forum, and not this one, and has recently started to post again, with no mention of the recent green slaughter. I have been poking the bear, but no movement. I won't get into end is nigh discussions, as he is completely nuts, and after years of efforts by me and others, is beyond all reason, but the entertainment value is there so... True, l agree with you she is not kidding, but apparently is now... Just trying to slime her way out of spilling propaganda to her followers, and lose her cash cow, (l assume she sings, or pole dancers)? That is the problem with making s***t loads of cash in your 20's, no ****** brains, and plenty of cash! Yeah, they need to stop putting weather sensors on top of heat extractors, lol.
  11. Here's an idea. Instead of competing with other nations (ie: China) why don't we all cooperate with space exploration. A lot more would get done then...
  12. Today
  13. I forgot about that and I work with one.
  14. I don't believe you

    NOW LOOK WHAT YOU ALL HAVE DONE!!! All this Satan talk has brought down the "Snark of God"
  15. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread III

    i understand, sometimes you need that break. i've been taking one for a bit now, it's part of the reason i haven't been around that much. hope to see you back when you are ready.
  16. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread III

    Made it through day 2 of physical therapy, my right arm and shoulder feel like a noodle.
  17. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    these rays of comfort hot kittens bathed by moonray mice know and play yay
  18. I don't believe you

    A third-person reference to "Of Mice and Men." Not too absurd. Maybe a little cartoonish, but what would you expect from Bugs Bunny? Harte
  19. I don't believe you

    ok for all you nuts:)
  20. I don't believe you

    I guess most of us on the left hand path kind of wing it and pick up things from different religions that work and mix them in. Though, I am not a Wiccan anymore, I find harm none, do as you will a very good creed. Simple to the point. You do seem to be an Anton LaVey brand of evil. How is this something you know? Do you know any actual Satanist? I do, he gave me a hundred bucks to fix my van. Notice I didn't say loan, he gave it to me and wouldn't let me pay him back.
  21. I don't believe you

    South Park Satanists. Got it.
  22. I don't believe you

    Only if you think that you getting bit will help them. Harte
  23. Paranoia is fear based. I am not afraid of dicks or pricks or any of the sort.
  24. I don't believe you

    Its what Jesus tried to teach get fear behind me to over come death.
  25. I don't believe you

    Satan is God's employ of the month. Ever since humanity has existed. Without 'big red' where would god be? You can't tell a story without a villain, even when that villain works for the 'good guy'.
  26. Jupiter's Great Red Spot, conspicuous for centuries, has been growing smaller for several decades. It used to be three times the size of Earth, now it about matches the size of our planet. Recent observations show it now sheding plumes or streamers on a weekly basis. As a storm, it could very well have a limited life-time. Could we be seeing its final break-up, occurring at an accelerated pace? Please see the linked article below for further details, including images: https://spaceweatherarchive.com/2019/05/20/is-the-great-red-spot-unraveling/
  27. I don't believe you

    Do you know that Satan was pictured in the 13 century of a figure of a figure in a red suit , horns and tails ,when Satan was only a inter fear and was is it just a inter fear?
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