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  2. Argon, what you mean is the confidence which comes as a result of competence which is derived from a combination of theory and practical application. Faith has little to do with it, unless it is warranted, meaning based on theory and practical application. Are you going to go to a doctor in a back alley just because he tells you he has faith in himself that he can give you open heart surgery? Of course not!
  3. I see both sides. I don't agree with either, but understand where it is coming from. The left - Guns are killing people. Lets get rid of guns. The right - I am a responsible owner. I want to keep my guns. That is the issue. I think I have seen most, that lean on the left who have posted in these threads, mention at least once that we should get rid of all guns like Australia or even more strict than that. That pushes those on the other side to say No Way. Then when it comes to a possible compromise, why would a gun owner want to compromise with someone who has said that their goal was to ban all guns. Not saying it is right, and I am all for compromise, but I can understand where it comes from.
  4. Does it begin with a question?
  5. Aaawww, Thankyou Nibs.. You are well respected and Missed here.. I dont know ya.. But welcome back .. Tests ok .. Well its not structured, ya see .. It depends on the individual really .. I'm sorry, I'm being vague .. I'm just a bit tired is all .. I will try to suss something out within next few days, for tests.. Right now ..I can not... Brains getting tired .. I will come up with a scenario within next 48 hrs.. Mo.. xx
  6. So maybe this will help - They HOPED they would find an answer. Nibs
  7. Well, not exactly guesses and what they suspected shouldn't have played any part in it. 1. They observed something that they did not understand. 2. They set up processes and tests to determine what was happening. 3. They set up processes and tests to determine why it was happening. Good scientific testing never begins with an answer or a set destination. Nibs
  8. My friend and his wife live in Casa Grande, Arizona. One of the recognized high volume human smuggling corridors runs right through his back yard (he has a really big back yard)... they live in the middle of nowhere, a good 30-45 minutes from any sort of police response. They often sit on their porch and in the distance see groups of “coyotes” with a dozen or so of their “chickens”. The term “coyote” refers to human smugglers, these are modern day slavers, lowlifes who regularly sexually assault the people they are guiding and often leave them in the desert to die if they can’t keep up. My friend goes to work every weekday and leaves his wife at home (all 4’11 and 1/2” of her). She has an AR-15... why would she “need” an AR-15? Let’s push some numbers... Let’s say 3 “coyotes” show up at her door for some tea and crumpets (more than likely she would answer the door, AR in hand, and they would say, “Excuse us senora, I think we have the wrong house.”, and that would be that)... but let’s say they were persistent and decided to come in anyway... In studies of actual gun battles, trained police officers have a hit percentage of between 15-25%: ”According to a 2008 RAND Corporation studyevaluating the New York Police Department’s firearm training, between 1998 and 2006, the average hit rate during gunfights was just 18 percent.” ... so let’s assume that his wife has trained well and will have a hit percentage of somewhere around 20% (1 in 5 bullets). The “one shot stop” you see in Hollywood is a myth and, statistically, it will take at least 2 hits per assailant to stop the threat... which is why the “Double Tap” is SOP for many special forces teams. So how many bullets does my friend’s wife need to stop the 3 coyotes? 1 out of 5 hits... need al least 2 hits each = an average of 10 shots per assailant and 3 assailants = 30... which just so happens to be the number of bullets in her magazine. Just because someone else can’t imagine a situation where they themselves would “need” an AR-15... why should my friend’s wife be defenseless (or be mandated to use a less effective means of defense) against the very real threat which she faces every day?
  9. It's probably best not to take MauriOra's word salad too seriously.
  10. At 6.30pm on 16 January 1749, according to an advertisement in London newspaper the General Advertiser, the most amazing magician would appear at the Theatre Royal. The conjuror would perform such feats as giving the name of any masked member of the audience; he would play music on an ordinary walking stick; he would turn himself into any person, dead or alive; and finally, he would climb into an ordinary-sized wine bottle. By 7pm the theatre was packed out, with crowds still trying to get in. At this point, they were told that the magician hadn’t turned up and that they could get their money back. A riot ensued when it dawned on them that they’d been made fools of. In the shadows, the Duke of Montague looked on with a certain amount of pleasure; he’d just won a bet with Lord Chesterfield that he could fill a theatre by promising the public the impossible.
  11. Something like 150k die every day. With those numbers and no specific time frame for the 3 to happen seems like a self fulfilling prophecy to me.
  12. seaturtlehorsesnake

    tomorrow's recipe? chicken!

  13. Exactly, they took guesses because they suspected something is possible or probable in another words they didnt exactly know but believed and investigated, is that correct?
  14. Personal philosophy is sound when it harmonizes science and faith.
  15. Thankyou.. I respect that you are not afraid to query why we query...hahaha.. You are good value Sherri.. I do respect ya fierceness.. Yes I do ... Mo..xx
  16. Some British dialects are barely intelligible to other Britons.
  17. The cigarette companies were knowingly perpetrating a fraud. That's not science - it's just lying. Congress should have jailed those tobacco executives for contempt of Congress. Doug
  18. The definition of faith.
  19. Or Edison. It is said that the day before he discovered a good filament for his light bulb, he could name a thousand things that wouldn't work and none that would. Faraday and Edison did not try to ascertain principles from their work, then let the results lead them to the solution. They took guesses and tried them. But that's more engineering than science. Science pursues ideas. Doug
  20. I respect that you are curious and not afraid to ask questions, to challenge things this is a great quality.
  21. Ok, here is the basic fact. (Bolded) One is based on feelings and faith, the other is based on evidence. Define sound personal philosophy or unsound. Nibs
  22. He suspected something is possible, and he investigated, others didnt have faith he will suceed, he did.
  23. That advert's horrific. Thank God we kept the pound.
  24. Yeppers, that's why I asked. Long time no see you too hon! *hugs* Nibs
  25. Thanks Sherri.. Yes I Agree .. I dont want to be ignorant ..lols.. I do want to learn more .. Yes.. More experience ,knowledge is always a good thing .. Mo..xx
  26. Actually no, he investigated. He made an observation and then tested WHY something happened. He was very familiar with the scientific process of study. I believe we are not in agreement on the definition of faith. Nibs
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