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  2. acute

    Easter Quote of the Day:

    "Al beeste, that kitt and taken awey the ballokes is, ye shulen not offre to the Lord."

    --- Leviticus xxii, 24

  3. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Labour and Tories panicking over Farage and his Brexit party, It seems they both want to avoid the European elections were both parties will face annihilation. not so keen this parliament on facing the will of the people. trial by ballot box. Tom Watson saying today the Labour Party must back a second referendum on Brexit in order to defeat Nigel Farage' Its not #Brexit any more its now #changepoliticsforgood The sheer fear in Westminster. I've never joined a political party. but as of yesterday i have. i have joined the Brexit Party and made a donation to the fight, putting my name forward to canvass/put leaflets through doors. - this is the best way to fight back. on the streets marching achieves nothing as Remoaners will testify - No, Westminster, the ballot box is what they now fear. politicians seen its full power at the referendum. when through the ballot box the people mandated they serve and obey the will of the people. We need to keep that ballot box serving the people and mandating the POLITICIANS. its over for vast majority of them in that place and they know it. #changepoliticsforgood is coming. We've won the biggest fight the referendum whereby we took on not just a political party but took on the full weight of the state, all the weight the state could muster and we still overcome it all and won. we've done it once and we can keep on doing it for as long as it takes, the genie is out of the bottle, our cause grows stronger with each passing day and every betrayal by Westminster. We the people do it by #changepoliticsforgood
  4. XenoFish

    Happy Pagan Holiday

  5. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread III

    Tumor or high blood pressure.
  6. Worldwide Walls

    Sea ports too.
  7. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    No point in asking you anything, whoosh.
  8. Random Staircase in giant garden.

    The only thing that comes to mind regarding the bold is a long abandoned structure. Old houses and such.
  9. The Pantomime of Debunkery

    That's all we have are stories. People exaggerate intentionally or unintentionally. They may hype it up to be more than it really was. Things can be misunderstood. A lot of the stories presented here have that "It was late o'clock at night and I saw a...." Then you have people who just feed off this kinda of stuff. Giving the supposed event a % as to how paranormal it is without any actual supporting evidence. Just like ufo's we have ghost video spammers who only want youtube hits or they are basically using this forum as a sales platform. But don't you dare criticize the "evidence". Because that would make you narrow minded and other various insults.
  10. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread III

    @Aquila King, hope your migraine has subsided and you have a lovely Easter.
  11. What's for dinner?

    We had Easter dinner at my in-laws' yesterday. On the menu was: Lasagna, beef and noodles with mashed potatoes, veggie pizza, rolls, fresh veggies and dip, raspberry cheesecake, fudge pie and brownies. Today at my mom's house we are having: spiral sliced ham, candied yams, fruit salad, deviled eggs, spinach pie, strawberry cheesecake, rolls and whatever anyone else brings.
  12. Rogue's Gallery III

  13. YOU ARE BANNED (Part 7)

    I'm banning you back because of all the fun you will be having without us.
  14. YOU ARE BANNED (Part 7)

    Going away for the summer so I am banning all of you until I get back.Happy Easter!
  15. I don't believe you

    When you think of the innumerable couples who'd love to bring a child into the world, and are not able to, and then the rate of abortions of convenience, it is a truly woeful story. Adoption is almost non-existent within Western societies.
  16. Recently released footage has brought in to focus the plight of animals left homeless by deforestation. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/327124/orangutan-attacks-digger-as-it-destroys-forest
  17. I don't believe you

    I am regularly "wrong with you" wolfie !
  18. Today
  19. I don't believe you

    You are wrong with me when it comes to that statement.
  20. Rogue's Gallery III

    How beautiful!!
  21. I don't believe you

    Maybe(indeed certainly) but it is also a more personal selfishness. Having a child is an intensely personal and sometimes problematic event which affects many women. it is harder to be selfless and morally strong, when its your own life being affected. Easier to argue that is not really a human being or that it is a part of your body and thus yours to do with as you see fit On the other hand, for many reasons ( medical economic or psychological) some women truly need abortions and should not be denied them. it is up to society in the long term to better structure itself, so that other options are available and abortions are rarely required. For example why should a woman have a lifetime responsibility to care for a child she never wanted to have? But this should not mean the child should not be born, rather that it should be loved and cared for by a person, or people, who do want it ie that we abandon the idea that natural parentage gives an inalienable right to the life of another human being, and realise that a child is an individual element of the human race, and the responsibility of all of us, not just its parents
  22. Meghan, Harry, and the next royal baby due

    @stevewinn You quoted me before I edited my post. I'm not puzzled by it.
  23. Meghan, Harry, and the next royal baby due

    its pretty easy to understand, - be puzzled no more, - Meghan's mum Doria is black, both Doria's parents are black. that lineage is of black race. unless for some reason were to ignore that. Its not about 50/50 = black. its about acknowledging the lineage of Meghans family. Meghan & Harrys baby's grandmother is black race. this makes the Royal Baby the first to have black heritage in his/hers lineage.
  24. Of course! Thanks I forgot about that. I see goochelen is said to be derived from joke, jokken (used in OLB as JOK) – this is possible. (I am surprised huichelen is not also claimed to come from Latin jocus.) But for goochelen to come from GOLA is not entirely unlikely, as the middle part (goochel-) could have developed in the various languages. The trickerish nature is also one that the Fryas assoiciated with the Gaullians (Gools), just as they did the Finns with fine-ness, themselves with free-dom etc. GOLA: to deceive, trick; also Gallia (Old-Frisian) gøjle – Danish gjøgle – Norse gyckla – Swedish gaukeln – German goochelen – Dutch goël – Afrikaans Compare KUL (07 Dec. 2013) which rings koeël in Afrikaans with the others: Afrikaans words tend to soften in the middle where a ‘ch’ or ‘g’ sound usually is in Dutch and German. Most of these can probably be described as the degeneration of the language, but some seem to coincide with the way they were pronounced in the OLB writing, which would make them relics. For example: SÉJEN: seën in Afrikaans, segen in Dutch & German LÉJEN: leuen in Afr., lie in English, leugen & lügen in Dutch & German RÉIN: reën in Afr., rain in English, regen in Dutch & German Also a word that might share a root with KUL is Dutch verb kullen (: to trick or hoodwink)
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