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  2. No you won't, we will both be dust by then.
  3. When exposed do these fakers be reported to the police? How is justice done? Do they do the "healing" for money or do people go to them out of a distrust of western medicine?
  4. That's what XenoFish said, and what is being discussed, we give it special meaning. Why so you think this has anything to do with you personally?? It does not. We don't have to hear about your personal life every post. Give it a rest would you. I doubt that single pregnant mums would agree with that. How often are babies aborted? How often does a scumbag take of at the mention of a pregnancy? We are all to familiar with such tales of hardship and woe because we choose what meaning to give love. Sometimes it just happens, we are also familiar with the love at first sight stories that result in relationships which endure lifetimes, yet if love was more than what we decide it is, that would not happen.
  5. Ya, I have heard that some people think it is a competition, I am sorry to hear it, thank you for your wisdom on this. Wrong stones, wow?
  6. I hear what you are saying about Gordon and Fells, I understand. I would like to clarify that I use discernment in my study, and I do not consider all evidence presented as true. I also did not rely solely on articles, and even my article gazing goes more in depth than these few links you are commenting on, maybe I should have mentioned more. Yes I did hear that the Las Lunes Stones were a fraud, even a Jewish rabbi claimed it fraud in a book of his... Though I do not discredit everything. The phoenicians by the way adopted the god Yahuwah from Israel by the way. There is a book called Gad the Seer, which a copy was given to a museum, and the guys who studied it said it was a pseudopigraph, which essentially means it is attributed to gad, but another author wrote it. It came out of India if I remember right, and Lost Tribe Israelites there held unto this story, which was probably transmitted Orally and written down later. Though the title is after the name of a Lost book to the Hebraic Histories, and I believe this then is what was preserved of the book itself, though of course the manuscripts are fairly new. It is in this book that explains Hiram king of Tyre came to Adon Dawed and asked to make Yahuwah his national deity... There are other sources on the matter I am sure you could find. There is also the fragments of Sanchuniathon which, the man "Sanchuniathon" was a Phoenician who documented his people's own "Religion", and some of the information from Thoth the Egyptian, who taught him all he knew. The surviving fragments of his writings are recorded by Esebius (church father), Philo of Byblos, Porphyry (Philosopher), and this Tradition is of the likeness of the cosmogony and Traditions of the hebrews, and also fairly similar to native americans in terms of the creation of life. The only great difference is the wind which is personified as the deity which churns the chaotic waters of the void was completely characteristic of the following two cultures. There may be a connection, it seems there is of course a connection with Yesrael. I ponder theories, and I wonder? If Israel left over the euphrates heading away from the Assyrian Empire, thus going west to a land where it was believed "No mankind ever dwelt", and it took a years time to get there? Could they have headed into the mediteranean? Who's boats did they use? Did they go into africa? Well Judah did, but Israel, it does not seem so...
  7. It's great what your office did to celebrate your birthday. We'll often do something similar in my office, but no one sings. That's probably for the best. Why don't you pass around some of that cheesecake.? I rarely see it low-sugar, and I love cheese cake. Big YAY to your hubby getting home!
  8. I agree, the prosecution will not win the case because they made it so limited. They won't be able to prove that Adam murdered Rebecca but that doesn't mean to say that he didn't or he and someone else didn't or someone else on their own didn't. I did listen to the testimony. The rope expert was giving a demonstration, that's all ...... it doesn't mean that what he demonstrated actually happened, neither does it prove Rebecca tied the ropes herself.
  9. Eldorado

    I reckon unless you fell off the treadmill and smashed your face, nobody cares about your gym workout.

  10. Feeling a little freaked out, this only happens during the day , a sometimes take a nap , because I have trouble falling asleep at night, so the second I open my eyes , without moving at all, my bed starts to shake , small vibrations for about 2-3 minutes straight and then it just stops. there’s no animals around, no kids, no trains, no earthquakes, and I look around and nothing else is moving, I also make sure that I’m not the one doing it, I’ve even moved the bed to a different spot and still happens regardless of where the bed is at, and there’s nothing under the bed either ! HELP!! Am I the only one experiencing this?
  11. Nuclear Wessel

    That interview went alright. I think it did, anyway. My hopes aren't high, but damn... I hope I get that job. :)

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  12. Good news, might have been a random cat. That's really nice if them, and glad hubby is home. Nap is deserved.
  13. How is that not your own special meaning for each love in your life? I honestly think you just made the point here. Others don't have that rush when they see those special to you, and many do not even have those close bonds to their own families. You have chosen to give love special meaning. It's not a bad thing, it's just how we are wired and part if the compassion side of consciousness that benefits the continuation of the species. In early hunter gatherer days, these bonds in who you shared food with, whose injuries one would tend to in order to save a life would be the difference between survival and extinction for the clan. We don't need to maintain that as a survival instinct so much these days but the instinct remains and we choose to give it special meaning. Of course many do. People get married every day and people get hurt everyday. I don't know of too many cases where people enter into marriage considering it a temporary situation. But that so called love dissolves like cotton candy in your mouth far too often. Sweet while it lasts and then just nothing. It might be one year, it might be 30. Few see it coming. The suicide rate attached to this cause must be horrendous, but its a statistic that nobody seems to pay any attention to from what I can tell. So can animals. How can you say situations like this don't show more compassion and what we would label as love than some people show their own offspring OT partner?
  14. I'm not saying I'm right. I'm just saying from all I'm seeing and hearing, this side of the story is falling together.
  15. Yup! But worse than that. Fakers who claim they can cure cancer when I send folks to a oncologist. Sweat lodges where they use the wrong stones ( which explode) or let it, or the people get too hot. I have to "run down" a case of sweat lodge abuse this week because a woman was badly burnt and our Ceremonial Chief didn't find out until the damage was done and it was brought to our attention.
  16. When one is building in the desert, waterproofing isn’t the highest of priorities.
  17. Maybe there just wasn't enough war corespondents to cover the entire theater and Kohima was one of those areas that missed out. It was a relatively short, but deadly battle.
  18. Kinda like faith healers and the like?
  19. Take more than one shot. The outcome is the same.
  20. susieice

    Melting fast!

    1. Piney



    2. susieice


      Hardly any digging! Not even to get cars out.

  21. That might explain hand grips. That doesn't explain testosterone levels.
  22. No, never read that one. But I still have "There I was flat on my back" about WWII and on air humor. I've never been to Oshkosh but, I grew up south of Lakeland Fla, and they had a mini Oshkosh with warbirds etc..
  23. Maybe he's just stopping the *real* dictatorship of the Deep State. I'm sure that most of them would have preferred Clinton too.
  24. It is not sacred oral tradition once it is written down and shared with the masses. It is just rhetoric. You are relishing this notion of revealing something amazing and new to us all here, but it is an old fraud and tired trope at that. But, you are almost seeing a major thing through chasing this delusion, so perhaps it is just your journey. Just have a care about dragging others along with that missionary zeal. Bad mojo comes of harming children. Good bye Blaye.
  25. You have to listen to the testimony Ouija Ouija. I didn't mean to upset Vincennes, but the testimony is pretty clear that Adam didn't do this. I believe what happened had a lot to do with what happened in that second floor hallway between Xena and Max. The rope expert said because he tied the mannequin, the knots were backwards. That alone would or should stick out to the jury. There's every indication that Rebecca could have done this herself. I feel terrible that she would see that as her only way out of her situation. I feel Rebecca was under tremendous pressure for money. Both from her family and possibly from her ex. Then something happened to Max. And then, she finds out Max isn't going to survive. It's hard to tell, but I think even the attorneys know there's a good chance they aren't going to win this case.
  26. Maybe throw in some celery at the other meals, just to keep everything regular. The vegan juice dude developed problems there not ever digesting solids. I follow a see food diet . Coupled with steroids and I'm as big as a house
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