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  2. it was a weather balloon towing special secret reflectors the military was trying to use it to "hear" Russian bomb testing.
  3. Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    Probably the Indian curse Plus the fact that the most of European immigrants to America were in fact mostly uneducated, unskilled and desperate. But it's the Trumpers that claim there's some imaginary Antifa that you should be afraid of. Antifa is short for anti-fascists. People who oppose fascism. Back then, in WWII, anti-fascists were exterminated in death and concentration camps. Jasenovac was one of them. I've got ancestors listed as victims in that very camp - though they were killed elsewhere, to be precise. But they did pay for their anti-fascism with their lives. If we were making this conversation back then, it would be me in danger of ending up in Jasenovac, and those who were running it would certainly be pleased with Trumpian rhetoric and his intention to 'send home' anyone who doesn't kiss his wannabe fascist ass. It's extremely bad choice to vote for 'send them home' evil clowns, because that sending home can (and did) easily turn into 'let them die from infectious diseases and malnutrition in concentration camps'. And when they spend all the other 'enemies', they will come after you too. See Stalinism for the examples of being murdered by the same regime you supported fervently. The most hilarious part of Trump's white-poweresque attempts to rebrand fascism is that oh, isn't that an Aryan ideal you've found to pose as a führer for you Serve you right.
  4. Dumbledore the Awesome

    What was the name of that dog? In that viral video with the person calling it? 

    1. acute


      That one?

  5. Scene that wasnt in Jaws or was it?

    me too but hum, i need to look into that angle the book was very different to the film in some ways... i read that too at the time i researched it, oerhaps its how theycword it i didnt see it stated as a deleted scene just a dialog edit, i guess Spielberg didnt like hoppers orginal dialog, didnt reshoot but of course this edit of that scene fact tosses doubt that its just a false memory, thing is when i researched it it did not say what was edited out part did what you read have a smoking gun nothing i found years back said anything about more remains being shown, which i could see being edited for gore, remember the scene where mike and his buddies are in the inlet and the fellow in a rowboat is yelling at them to hurry up and get their sail up, the orginal version never made sense to me, but the original scene was deleted because of its impact ( the was 1975 ) most of the footage was lost but a fan out it together with animation its horrible for trama not gore but should have been left i feel, spoiler, the shark grabs the guy in the boat mike and his buddies had gotten knocked into the water, as the shark swims with guy in mouth the guy is out of the water from stomach up, scoops up mike carries him a way and pushes him out of danger as the shark goes under with the guy, i feel they should have left it, it gave more impact to martin going after the shark.
  6. Mission planners at NASA and ESA have determined the orbital path of the upcoming lunar Gateway. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/329200/orbital-plan-for-lunar-space-station-unveiled
  7. Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    Nah you kept your best for later............... Jasenovac concentration camp
  8. Define "hallucination", cause everyday I see some crazy ass stuff happening out there that makes me think I am some sort of an extra terrestrial
  9. Humans aren’t designed to be happy

    "Chasing the happiness dream is a very American concept, exported to the rest of the world through popular culture." Oh yes cause happinesss was invented in the USA somewhere in the 19th century, the rest of the world didn't even grasp the slightest idea of the concept.
  10. Love and Empathy

    as was i that you believe you feel more or deeper than anyone else, rather than to say others you could have just left it at yiu feel things deep and strongly. hope yiu see where im coming from tone gets lost in type, im not being mean or angry. i believe you just found someone to obsess over when schools out you find other interests, i considered me getting married had a bearing but my friend moved on not just from me but her best female friend of decades too around the same time plus her and my wife were friends, i believe she had some other issues and her friends got hit by the fall out. like i said perhaps tell your guy how you feel worse case is he thinks your a nutball stalker best case he feels the same.
  11. Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    No, I think americans think the USA as some sort of holy cow of the planet so the weirdest stuff keeps happening there with more frequency than anywhere else.
  12. Is God Real

    I think, and I'm NOT being judgmental or demeaning, but I think that some people find the use of the word god to be outdated. But they still feel a need to believe in a higher power, so they substitute the word "universe" instead, yet attribute to it all the facets and abilities that a theist does in their god concept. Spot The Difference: Law of Attraction (LOA) adherent: Ask the universe for what you need, send out the request and allow it (the universe) to answer Theist: Pray to god to deliver your wishes. Have faith, and all will be well ETA: NOT
  13. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    a pair of old shoes sacrificed to fox youngsters barefoot we walk true * I'm mad for foxes, especially the cubs of course. We have gray and red species here, so heartbreakingly beautiful. Thanks Helen for that anecdote, makes me smile so much.
  14. Today
  15. No one chooses what they believe

    Hi Walker What I am seeing in most of the articles is that they are referring to groups living in varying environments adapt due to stressors unique to that environment and that there are several individuals involved in that adaptation and not one unique individual in each group from which the adaptation is caused. jmccr8
  16. acute

    Is this the best song ever written by a 16-year-old?  This is an officially-unreleased 1970 demo of a 1963 song.


    Hate it or loathe it, it's one of my fave Daves.

  17. No one chooses what they believe

    Wow! I used the same tactic a few years back, but I combined song titles from various artists. Job well done! Have a cigar, boy! But remember, we are all just another brick in the wall, and I did not intend to meddle between the arguing parties. But someone had to sound the division bell, as it just sounded like dogs of war barking at each other. Because I'm always lost for words, I cannot expect to better, nor even match your effort. Also, since I'm one of the few here without a team, as I'm marooned and don't want to hear any more music from the committee, nor want any more sorrow for myself, I'll just bring this to a close, as things left unsaid are sometimes best. But as far as teams, the final cut will determine who goes ahead, and who is left behind at the trial. But as far as us, let us raise the wine glasses and toast to one of the greatest bands of all time, Pink Floyd, something we can agree on. I have to be honest, since you are one of the better stubborn heads around here, and tell you that I'm living on cloud nine. And from my perspective I prefer it. Therefore I'll stay here, as I can be whatever I want to be, and free to choose my own reality.
  18. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    Provided no proof and no deeper analysis other then your own personal thoughts and feelings. You can try to make it sound as important as you want but ultimately it's still just your feelings and opinion.
  19. Carlos Allende

    Philip Hammond: Yeh bye then, door, way out, etc.

  20. No one chooses what they believe

    I am reminded of the The movie, “ Idiocracy” I wonder if that makes a good example. *shrugs*
  21. Humans aren’t designed to be happy

    Does psychology borrow from Buddhism or did they arrive at the same conclusions independently? Many solutions that appear similar are invented independently in different places and times because they work. The human mind is essentially the same everywhere and so will be it's approach to solving problems. The names change. One is called religion and the other science, but they seek to produce similar results.
  22. Weird language

    What sort of help do you require?
  23. Humans aren’t designed to be happy

    Whatever makes you happy.
  24. Weird language

    You mean it being sleep talk wasn't good enough?
  25. If he is honest, he will reappear and acknowledge the utter fail. Otherwise, he will hide.
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