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  2. Philippine-Canadian Trash War

    This guy is really worked up! I'm guessing regular trash was sent instead of recyclables and it's been sitting there since 2014. https://www.npr.org/2019/04/24/716692612/philippines-duterte-talks-trash-literally-to-canada-threatening-war-over-garbage
  3. 85,000 Police investigated for misconduct

    That happens from Hollywood to office jobs now. We live in clown world.
  4. Help. On cam Orbs and I think ghost

    No Andre...? Oh, well
  5. UFO sightings

    Phoenix lights is old, at the time it was interesting for a few minutes, but it also got explaned very well rather quickly, even if i was a true believer this isnt a case i would cling to.
  6. Philippine-Canadian Trash War

    well they do have legit claim as far as war, lol, i would not expect anything less from Duterte
  7. UFO sightings

    They do that to make sure there is doubt about one event since the other is documented.
  8. can someone pass earl a towel to wipe the egg off his face with.
  9. I have heard the myth that the swan only sings when dying and I have also heard that it is not true, that swans do have a voice, they just don't use it very often.
  10. Black floating amoeba orb

    @SharAnn1 I hope you keep us posted going forward. And it can do no harm to check with a doctor, as has been suggested. Please let us know, and best wishes.
  11. UFO sightings

    okay since the 52 event played out with the repeated posting of a fake hoax picture by a certain person we are back to the Phoenix lights, which have been so very well explained. here is the biggest mystery and i hope someone will have a good explanation for it. there were TWO unrelated events, manned formation aircraft and flares, why do people still want to mix the two up, merge them and confuse the whole incident?
  12. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Bet you cant state any other Party's MEP manifesto...oh, and by the way the NHS has already got its 350Mn a week increase
  13. I don't believe you

    Probably a more interesting question is why it took so long, particularly in Australia. Herbert Evatt was President of the UN General Assembly in 1948. I wonder whether, or not, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should've have led to earlier change. It would be interesting to know the backstory of those cases you cited. It's not entirely relevant but this discussion reminds of Bond's actions in Ian Fleming's The Spy Who Loved Me. I only read it about 10 years ago; but, yeah James Bond definitely was a sexual predator in that novel.
  14. While I might seem one sided on this but confirmation bias and self-fulling actions do play a part in this. Mostly due to behavioral changes. I know full well what pessimism will do to a mindset. It's bleak. Even optimism can be highly disappointing. Whatever technique is used to get your "head in the right place" is up to the individual. All I'm saying is that if you have a big goal or even a minor goal. Get a good idea as to have it can be achieved. That's it. Plain and simple. No need to further cloud it with metaphysics or spirituality. I find the little achievements to be more fulfilling than the big goals.
  15. US threatens to veto UN resolution on rape

    true, not just Germany, but Chechnya,,Afghanistan,.... and pretty much every conflict, but same can be said about any nation army even ours. hell in our army female soldiers are more likely to be raped by male us soldiers than die in a battle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_assault_in_the_United_States_military
  16. The Philippines are giving Canada 1 week to come get their trash. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/24/asia/duterte-canada-trash-intl/index.html Or they have pulled back on their "war" threat. (this one is hilarious) https://www.foxnews.com/world/philippines-canada-trash-war-threat
  17. so.... why would you bring it up, then? Surely you would know that is a demeaning and potentially offensive term - so don't put a shot across the bows and get annoyed that someone shoots back.. Given you then go on at length about how it can't possibly be water hammer and give us a whole pile of incorrect information that did NOT come from a plumbing expert, I'm out. BTW, you conveniently left out another possibility - they took my advice, found out what the problem was, and were either not motivated enough (or embarrassed) to come back. You'd think, if it was a genuine problem, they would have come back even if just to prove me (and the others who offered explanations, few of which involved 'mental disorders') wrong.... Feel free to carry on that approach. Me, I'd prefer that we properly investigate things, not dismiss possibilities without full and expert consideration.
  18. Doing God's will.

    More importantly, how do we know when he is telling the truth?
  19. UFO sightings

    It's just more made up whimsy pretending to be fact.
  20. UFO sightings

    ive seen really laughable examples like where someone will say they were texting while the event was going on, pictures? oh, gee no didnt think of that. i see that mostly as a cop out excuse and more so as time passed, in 52 not as many people have had cameras glued to their hands but for well over a decade people have had very easy camera access, and across the board, bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, etc we still either get excuses or out of focus blobs, my old note 5 here is actually hard to take a bad picture with, i would have to work at it to get an out of focus shot. the 52 event was "something" but its also a heck of a lot of embelishments misinformation etc, it wasnt aliens but i do wonder what it was, eye witnesses who are how old now? basically saw,a light in the sky and to jump to thats aliens makes a person look pretty darn ridiculous.
  21. UFO sightings

    The Kitei film shows event #2. It shows flares over the test range around 70 miles away. Maccabee used triangulation to show that these lights were distant and over the test range. Kitei's film was shown to be useful to verify that event #2 was distant, not near Phoenix.
  22. Hate Crime at Major US University

    and if graduating a bit to SPIN KILLS ! could work with that media mogul wizard ? oh come on brain.... conway something oh Kellyanne. Kellyanne Conway: the wind it up whirlwind Blavatsky juggernaut spinning spinner of our day today.
  23. Maybe the big bang created the vacuum of space as we know it, and the space beyond the big bang is devoid of vacuum. As an object gets to the outer edge of our universe, at some point the vacuum would start to lose its grip thereby speeding up that object.
  24. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    The thing I like about Farage is he never gives up. The thing I dislike about him is his insistence on leading/creating one purpose parties. So if we successfully get out of the EU will still have no one willing to sort out mass immigration: Brain drain in = Yes Spies and people of particular interest = Yes Low-skilled economic migrants = No Refugees from neighbouring countries = Yes Refugees not choosing their nearest safe country = No And we want our superpower status back please so double the size of the land, air, and navy.
  25. Doing God's will.

    Well, I don’t think we can respect anything you say. How do we know you’re lying?
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