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  2. There's no point in living if there is an after life. Just think about that.
  3. DieChecker


    True, and I did say it was similar, not the same. Are you suggesting lots of people have lots of friends and close family and are still lonely? Lots of them? HALF?
  4. Are near death experiences merely illusion? I'd argue many are, but some are not. The stories of the coin and shoe, if true, are strong evidence of weirdness going on. As OnLooker said it could have been set up, so there is doubt. But, are even these two stories real? I've not heard them before.... Science has shown that the brain can keep ticking for some time after cardeo-respatory death. So there could be electrical tricks going on. I'd personally like to believe that seeing such is part of what goes on to make passing on to the eternal to be easier. Our bodies are set to work the way they do and our brain/mind also, so it is likely the NDE serves a purpose. Do people leave their bodies? I cant say... Science would say no, but lots of myth, religions, individual experiences and belief systems would suggest yes.
  5. Tired of this yapping. https://www.sciencealert.com/experts-explain-the-science-of-near-death-experiences/amp https://www.livescience.com/amp/65838-near-death-experiences-rem-sleep.html https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/awakenings-in-advanced-dementia-patients-hint-at-untapped-brain-reserves/
  6. Coil

    An end to money

    It is true that desire comes from the ego but why does it act in this way and wants not only money but also power and total ownership of all nations, countries and even wants to own other worlds and resources of other planets? The fact is that the spirit of man embraces and permeates all objects of the universe in harmonious identity and selfless possession because it is his natural state of possession, penetration and inclusiveness since the spirit is unlimited in its capabilities but when a person loses this possession and penetration into all being, he tries selfishly own people, things, money, resources, power, etc. And until a person eliminates the ego and reaches the spirit, he will continue to act in this way, causing suffering to others and not realizing to himself that the present total possession in the spirit. Money is an expression of the energy of God and is needed to perform various work as long as society is at such a material level of relations. Therefore, money itself is not evil, and just like a knife you can cut bread or you can kill a person, then money becomes an instrument or a temptation, depending on the intention.
  7. I know someone hung himself there because my colleagues told me, and they say they heard the police report from when they came in. The video is too big to be uploaded, but like I said, I do have the laser dot on camera. I have several frames though, where you can see the dot, although it looks like a line because of its quick movement, combined with the quick camera movement, as you can see on the photos. Stuff flying through the air: I have no visual proof of that. I once heard it, but I was just too late to see it happening. For the lasers: I don't know much about those big lasers, but it was all around the room. And the room is in a Y-shape. We always stood on the left part of the Y, and we saw it there in every corner. When we were in the middle of the Y, it even showed up in the middle of our feet when we stood in a circle. There's no way one laser could be shining at the floor, the ceiling and every corner of multiple walls... And like I said before, I refuse to believe it was one of my colleagues since I had them all in sight when this stuff happened. But if it was one of them, it must be a laser pointer which is really small and easy to carry around. Edit: I know it looks like an edited line, but I can promise you I didn't play with the footage. I only extracted those frames so one could see the dot flying across the ceiling.
  8. Yes I agree Manwon. Sad state of affairs we've gotten ourselves into, not just in the US but all around the world.
  9. acute


    The Art of the Deal:

    After I buy Greenland tomorrow, I'm selling it to President Chump for a 900% profit. :tsu:

  10. Alchopwn

    Dyatlov Pass

    Now tell me about the stats for ice rather than snow. The thing about snow is that it frequently isn't just powder, but can fall as sleet or rain and become ice after prolonged contact with cold temperatures. This is especially true in ravines where the effects of wind are frequently channeled and exaggerated.
  11. Coil

    Comedian front-runner in Ukrainian Elections

    I think that Russia needs to change for the better, so I do not want its collapsebut all the republics it controls should become independent.. This was written by Solzhenitsyn in the book: http://www.solzhenitsyn.ru/proizvedeniya/publizistika/stati_i_rechi/v_izgnanii/kak_nam_obustroit_rossiyu.pdf Rebuilding Russia: Reflections and Tentative Proposals https://www.amazon.com/Rebuilding-Russia-Reflections-Tentative-Proposals/dp/0374173427 Russia's problem is that it is big and strong and cruel autocrats control it inspired by dark forces, which imposes a negative on their entire nation. On the forum, I came across information on how the root "rus" is translated from Sanskrit and there are two opposite meanings: 1.ruś -harm, annoy / insult, be annoyed, angry 2.rus, ruśat -"shine,glisten,light, white https://polusharie.com/index.php?topic=112542.0 For me, this means that if Russia changes, it will sparkle.
  12. Today
  13. Captain Risky

    Rise in retirement age proposed for UK

    Thats not a real answer. The sustainability of a pension system is dependent on a sufficient contributions. As great as your idea is the simple fact is that it would be impossible to fund a pension system for 30 years in order to live off it for the next 30 while funding government for 60 years. Great idea either way. Put your name on a ballot. You have the hallmarks of a successful politician.
  14. You are a serial fact-fudger, not a man of science, not a man of truth, a guesser, and a bad guesser at that ! All hail true science, not those that try to fudge facts under the guise of science, but only want to reinforce and promote a prejudice. Shameful !
  15. Captain Risky

    Colourized footage of the last Tasmania Tiger

    Yes i get it but they don't call it a tiger marsupial or Tiger dog. Having stripes is sorta appropriating. poor tiger.
  16. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Dyatlov Pass

    @pixiii, I did read Eicher's "Dead Mountain" because it was relatively new a few years ago. IMO, it gave good information but for one, it did lack details of the injuries to each person, which you can get right at DyatlovPass.com, and also, in the end, even though he fully put information of the orange orb, the photo, the eyewitnesses that testified to Lev Ivanov etc, he blows that all off so he can stump his "infrasound" theory as to why the skiers left the tent. He left all other mysteries - except for the radiation, untouched and his theory on the radiation was bogus. There was a book that came out more recently, and it had one or two Russian authors and one American. That might be better, as it will have the latest info in it. As I understand it, about 5 years ago, some students at the same University broke into archives and stole some files on the case. That book and perhaps others may have that info. It might be a job searching for the best book to get but in the end, it may be worth it. Want me to help you fond the right one?
  17. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    I just wanted to comment on the Secret Service issue as I've seen it pop up a number of times throughout the thread. Also the Clinton connection that might even not be a connection but I wanted to supply some info nevertheless so people are at least somewhat informed. But first, I just wanted to let you know this post might be long - so apologies in advance! Oh and I wanted to make it clear that this isn't directed at anyone in particular, simply posting to share some helpful information. It really depends on what media service get your news from. Do we really trust any of them nowadays, it doesn't really matter at the end of the day. A person makes up their own mind. You can see from the links in this thread, the stories bounce from one direction to another and back again all the time. But there's a wealth of info out there for those that like to research. It really bothers me when people try to make this about only politicians. There is no doubt in my mind that ALL types of people will be implicated. I don't think Epstein discriminated at any time according to what job people had, it was no doubt more money oriented and figuring out how he could manipulate them. After all, he bragged he collected "powerful friends" from an article in December 2018. There are a bunch of different stories in relation to Clinton ditching his Secret Service detail, although it depends if you believe them or not. Democrats won't believe it out of sheer stubbornness and Republicans will rejoice in the story that Clinton is allegedly busted. However, if you're like I am and not for one side or the other and can look at it objectively then here is some info.....this is from way back in 2015 actually. Gawker first published the Flight Manifest on 22nd Jan 2015. You can download the records directly from this link to see for yourself. The Flight Manifest is in fact authentic as verified in the latest Document Released in the Guiffre vs Maxwell case records. The accompanying article from Gawker is right here. From there we jump to the May 14th, 2016, where The Washington Times reported that Bill Clinton ditched the Secret Service on multiple "Lolita Express" flights: Report which quoted: How do we know if he declined Secret Service protection on at least five flights? We don't. Fox conducted their own investigation and after requesting information from the Secret Service, they got this: From this same article, I think the interest in why Clinton's name is coming up regarding this, speaks for itself: But like I said earlier if you're a person who can't look at any of these news sites objectively without letting your own political views influence your way of thinking, then this is most likely going to be a waste of time even looking into Epstein. It is full of so many twists and turns, it does your head in sometimes. There is no discrimination of who's who in this story. The man was an enigma with a multitude of secrets and it's near impossible to follow this saga without an open mind to any info that comes your way.
  18. Coil

    A Universe Not Made For Us

    Here is a vision of a spiritual person, what is Time, Timeless, Absolute:
  19. Physics is stronger evidence against the afterlife idea.
  20. It never fails to amuse me how you think your kook based nonsense is worth more than a laugh and that you have the audacity to comment on science when you are an enemy of reason. Shouldn't you be reading a ouija board in a cloud of incense somewhere muttering a mystic mantra? Or rapping one out on a wall to the other side?
  21. I love how the news accounts state two reasons for the lockdown, (porn janitor acting up, serial killer) but the FBI would not in fact even tell Sheriff Benny House what was going on Sheriff slams FBI's handling of observatory closure: 'It's chicken ... ' FBI mum SUNSPOT, New Mexico - Otero County Sheriff Benny House told ABC-7's New Mexico Mobile Newsroom Monday he was infuriated at the way the FBI handled the sudden and mysterious closure of the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico. "I think it's chicken **** the way the FBI handled it. I have a responsibility to protect my citizens," said House, "I think it's paramount that we know what the threat is so we can provide safety." ……….. House is demanding answers. "Is there a bomb threat? Is there an active shooter? Is it chemical? We need to know so we know what kind of man power to send up there, and with out knowing, it's dangerous for everybody," House said, "We have a duty to protect and we can't protect them if we don't know what is going on." House said he reached out to the FBI repeatedly and was kept in the dark. "We've asked and asked (the FBI) and they will not tell us anything," the sheriff said. ----------- If the FBI would not even tell the Sheriff, you can bet the FBI isn't telling the public and I would not give two hoots for either lie they told (porn janitor acting up, serial killer).
  22. It never fails to amuse me, how many people on this site, who imagine themselves science-based thinkers, leap to conclusions that are not supported by science.
  23. Sir Smoke aLot

    Are near-death experiences merely illusions ?

    Some stories are fascinating and believable, too bad that they are just stories.
  24. Oh, yea...? How does it feel to "want"?
  25. stevewinn

    Rise in retirement age proposed for UK

    think outside the box and not what you've been told to believe.
  26. Good one! And if he had come around in this age of technical wonders, I can't but believe that he would have soared well above any great photographer of today, as well. Plato, a great geographer, but still only a disciple of The greatest human geographer, Socrates. Plato's Phaedo. Now the earth has divers wonderful regions, and is indeed in nature and extent very unlike the notions of geographers, as I believe on the authority of one who shall be nameless. What do you mean, Socrates? said Simmias. I have myself heard many descriptions of the earth, but I do not know, and I should very much like to know, in which of these you put faith. And I, Simmias, replied Socrates, if I had the art of Glaucus would tell you; although I know not that the art of Glaucus could prove the truth of my tale, which I myself should never be able to prove, and even if I could, I fear, Simmias, that my life would come to an end before the argument was completed. I may describe to you, however, the form and regions of the earth according to my conception of them. That, said Simmias, will be enough. Well, then, he said, my conviction is, that the earth is a round body in the centre of the heavens, and therefore has no need of air or any similar force to be a support, but is kept there and hindered from falling or inclining any way by the equability of the surrounding heaven and by her own equipoise.
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