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  2. I don't believe you

    Ha ha ha ha, well MW did go on and on for years about how his time travel was the real deal.
  3. Birds and the Web

    THe orgin of groans, from an era of eons long forgotten, possibly even antediluvianic times THE VERY FIRST ! -- ancient EPIC!~antiquities tomes like "" Mighty Groaners of the Age " might have it. < THAT! should go on an OUTHOUSE by the way.
  4. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    You're stuffed if toyo says 'NO!', you may not post it here, aren't you?
  5. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    dalmatian -> couldn't
  6. Climate Change is a Hoax

    All you had to say was "Breitbart News." Doug
  7. Weird photo goes viral

    Could be an AI altered or created image, but honestly I think I could make this in Photoshop with a photo of household items and the "heal" brush in less than 10 minutes. I'm no expert, but I've made enough Photoshop "heal" mistakes to recognize it.
  8. Climate Change is a Hoax

    use quality links.....your link is total BS
  9. Word Association from the Last Letter

    eat -> tomato
  10. We know so little about the universe, it's staggering. I mean, look at 'dark matter/energy'. That's a BS placeholder term for the fact that our math does not in any way line up with what we see. Clearly, something is deeply flawed with our assumptions and understandings of astrophysics.
  11. What a glorious attempt at making a stone move on its own. Trying to relate Hesiod's poetry/prose to that one is like trying to get a cow to jump over the moon. It's so futile. But why don't you tell him if you can read St. Jerome, and if you do, maybe he will elevate you a floor or two from ground level in his skyscraper of a 1,000,000 floors...he occupies the penthouse, of course, which is just a floor or two above his crowd of friends. But in this world anything is possible, in some way or another. God can make rocks and stones sing. But you aren't God, so save your breath. Why waste your breath moaning at the crowd? Nothing can be done to stop the shouting. If every tongue were stilled The noise would still continue. The rocks and stones themselves would start to sing:
  12. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Wow! I no sooner opened that than a graph of US carbon emissions hit me in the face. I have no way to tell from this whether it's right or wrong, but at any rate, it is a graph for the US only. CO2 atmospheric carbon concentrations continue to rise, so somebody, somewhere is still polluting. My first question would be: what is this computed from? Trying to tie down tons of carbon released is not as easy as computing tons of coal mined (Coal is not all carbon and there are methane releases involved in mining it.) or tons of oil pumped out of the ground (Natural gas often leaks from pipes and "waste" gas is flared off without any records kept of how much. My daughter, a mud logger, reported seeing 18 flares from one site she worked on the Bakken.). Just the fact that there are a great many ways to screw this up makes me skeptical. Every last one of those predictions assumed things would continue as they were and was made before the EPA existed. It had some major effects. Item 9: "Urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks." That happened in China, some in Japan and some in the US. Pollution did result in reduced light reaching the ground. As a result, measurements showed the atmosphere to be thicker than it was. Item 11: "Decaying organic pollutants will use up all of the oxygen in America's rivers." Ever hear of the Cuyahoga River? That has happened far and wide to many different rivers and streams, including one in my hometown that became a Superfund site. Item 12: "Air pollution ... is certainly going to take huindreds of thousands of lives in the next few years alone." That happened. Coal continues to take roughly 100,000 lives a year, mostly due to respiratory distress. It has been almost 50 years since then. Pollution-caused deaths now number in the millions. The smog disaster didn't happen (I don't think), but I have personally seen those and it is certainly plausible. Item 13. That happened. DDT was taken off the market back in 1973. I worked on the last DDT spraying carried out by the US Forest Service against tussock moths. It was after DDT was already outlawed, but it was sprayed using a special permit issued by the EPA. Ehrlich qualified his statement with "If current patterns continue..." They didn't. Item 14. In 1973 I was stationed in a mountain camp for the winter. We had enough propane to last the winter and enough firewood for ten years. We kept wondering what the "energy crisis" was all about. There was, indeed, a crude oil crunch. And there was another one in 1980. I was working in a gas station then. And there were times when we had to shut down because we couldn't get fuel. Item 17. Most living things in tropical rainforests are insects. Hundreds of species occupy any given large tree. And there have been a great many extinctions of those insects, though I don't know that anybody has quantified it. Item 18. "If present trends continue..." They didn't. Many of these predictions came true. Some didn't. And some, you can't tell without doing some research. I doubt the author (Mark Perry) did enough research to know that. Would be interesting to follow up on, but then who's going to write that paper on the slopover problem? Doug There are some numbers in there that can be checked.
  13. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    Maybe Islam need a hardcore update. It's a highly outdated belief system and a plagiarized version of Judaism anyway.
  14. The "historic quotes" are from Greeks and Hebrews -- both cultures date to only 1100 BC or thereabouts. Now... consider this: The Sumerians (whose civilization goes back to 3800 BC) and the Egyptians (ditto) both had moon gods and neither speaks of a moonless time. The same is true of other cultures and civilizations -- and this is written information. In fact, the Sumerians had tables tracking the Moon and its phases and position. Ancient stories speak about tides... so therefore we know about the Moon and its closeness and its impact on the tides. Beyond human stories of the tides caused by the Moon, we have geological records (I've actually seen this when I prepped out fossils). https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/1996-07/UoA-TRTM-050796.php This evidence also shows shorter days (and by the way, this ALSO shows up in the changing of the timing of lunar eclipses from the time that the Sumerians were recording these events to present day. So there's lots of evidence. And some of it you can even go see for yourself (fossil record)
  15. So puny and small we are...a dim dot in the universe.
  16. There’s really no support for the OPs contention. While it’s been shown that the moons tidal effects on the earth are hundreds of millions of years old at a minimum humans, i.e. members of the genus Homo, only date to circa 2.8 million years BP. Added to that that behaviorally and cranio-morphologically modern humans only date to circa 100,000 BP we were never in a position to know anything definitive about the moon or its origins at the start of our genus. cormac
  17. I'll post how we know this. http://miguasha.ca/mig-en/a_devonian_day.php The link is a short read. It tells how the number of days in a year has been increasing and why. It points out that at the Miguasha the number of days in a year was 400. Now it is 365. Corals show that the number of days in a year has been slowly increasing due to the slow down in the Earth's rotation. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/02/fossilized-coral-calendar-changes-leap-day/471180/ The link above expands on the material mention in the short write up about Miguasha NP in Canada. The effect we see today of the Moon slowing the Earth has been happening for at least 400My. The effect is a gradual slowing of the Earth's rotation.
  18. What do you know about the laws of physics, those tyrants. I'm an anarchist, anyway, and don't believe in any laws, generally speaking. I suppose that the next thing you're going to tell me is that the earth is round. Flat chance of that too.
  19. Baltimore Mayor's Offices raided by Feds

    It's not what she was selling, it's how she was selling them. There is a difference.
  20. Chimpanzee using a smartphone

    It's not that incredible, it just proves that you don't need to be very intelligent to useInstagram
  21. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    but soul knows way home and soothes the doubt that worries needlessly at dusk
  22. There you go as the mighty protector of others blustering away as usual. I am so sure that the others need a bodyguard like you. It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Moon existed long before humans existed. The idea of a recent Moon is a fairy tale. This is not the first time this has been proposed. The Moon is a hollow spaceship has been proposed. That too fails. It is also proposed because of supposed anomalies. I notice you bluster and complain yet have not asked anyone to support their statements. Are you interested in knowing how the geological record supports the long term existence of the Moon or are you here to defend people because that is what you choose to do? You have the choice of learning or whining. You too could learn why the geological record supports the long term existence of the Moon and have as you say "blazing illumination of your unrivalled knowledge". Or you could continue to whine. Your choice. What we know about historic quotes is that they are not always true. There seems to be some sort of thinking that the ancients only wrote the truth. Not quite sure why people think that way. The ancients were as smart as we are. They just did not have the technology we do today, but they began the long process of learning and understanding that we have today. Future generations will look back at us and wonder about our lack of understandings of what they think are fundamental truths. So if you are interested it is possible to show you how it is clear that the Moon has been around for at least 400My.
  23. XenoFish

    Railguns, electromagnetically hurling death darts at 2.4 kilometers per second or 1.49 miles per second. With a range of 56 km/35 mi. 

  24. Baltimore Mayor's Offices raided by Feds

    Oh my god she sold children's books! The audacity! Im willing to bet that this was not the reason somebody wanted her to resign, just the means to force it.
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