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  2. Interesting pieces on the personalizing of chemo to the individual genome of the patient.
  3. Of the shooter will already have the gun in their hands unlike the teacher who will be holding a pencil. Even if the teachers are armed...the gun man is going to know this and as the teachers jobs are to teach....i can not see them sitting there with gun at the ready while at the same time teaching the students about algebra and geometry.
  4. Don't think biggie has gone metric just yet
  5. basically all points to liberalism, can't say i'm surprised .
  6. If there was something I would have been able to contact it. Yet all this ghost bs it's a head trip. You've fabricated a story, got called out on it, now you're 'attacking' people.
  7. As a Healer I have a moral responsibility to not use my skills for profit. But I was asked to do a walk through of the John Heritage house where the owner hung himself in the attic. He wasn't there but left a "bad residue" at the spot which is what others felt. I also went out to a grave in someone's backyard on Kings Highway in Greenwich they thought was Indian but was probably a Swede or Quaker. The people were faking it. At a Koens-Crispen Ossuary there was something old and dark there. He stayed. Didn't go with the artifacts. I've done too many Ouija board "cleanups" to count or keep track. I've only ever encountered earthbound spirits and thought forms. Although I tried for weeks to contact my older sister and son I could never see a "other side" or anything like that. There is more but I'm working and that's why I'm in and out. This laptop is my mechanical diagnostic scanner for trucks and tractors.
  8. Nah, there’ll be some made up mathematics to ensure the popular theory is Intact and we’ll spend the next 5 decades trying to find evidence to support it.
  9. Assuming the teachers are all clones of John McClane and not Scot Peterson
  10. That is a beautiful story, preacherman. I have unfortunately heard too many horror stories of people with developmental disabilities being physically and, more horrifically, sexually abused. My brother is somewhat like this man, only mentally he's probably about 12 or 13. He has worked since high school, but lost jobs along the way for people taking advantage of him. It angers me that there are people in this world who would do harm to my brother or Eugene. Even if it's not physical or sexual abuse. Thanks so much for sharing this story. Would you mind if I shared it elsewhere?
  11. That alliance is in serious need of revamping, anyway. It's ridiculous to imagine a partnership of any kind where one of the members can openly work against the interests of the others and those others have no recourse. Turkey, rebuffed by the EU, has decided to become part of the Russian orbit, defacto. Russia, Iran, and Turkey working in common cause, who'd a thunk it? Wait...
  12. Ellen's early standup is fantastic.
  13. Most likely. But once they leave that classroom, they will have to deal with any number of other armed teachers who are now expecting a firefight. The upper hand still goes to armed, prepared teachers.
  14. Is this the same man? or another man? This article says a time traveller from 2043.
  15. Armed citizens stop "bad guys" all the time while escaping unharmed. I guess citizens are trained better than Chris Kyle ever was. Logic: how does it work? Also, Chris Kyle was a knob who embellished his victories and told lies to sell books.
  16. Possibly yes it is a good thing that they stay buried, the spray paint photos from the few documentaries were pretty intense alone. Margaret was the focus of one documentary im still trying to find and that apparently surprised detectives and helped find out more about her - due to her disposing of the body in the same way. i think, by going off the suicide note Zack left, that he did eventually feel remorse and instead of disposing Addie as he had planned he took his own life. Such a fragile combination of alcoholism drug use and mental illness
  17. --Jaylemurph
  18. P'raps we could ask the families of the 300 dead and wounded Wagner (Russian Mercs) troops that were decimated by those "irrelevant" U.S. air strikes after attempting to take oil-rich land from those Kurdish allies?
  19. It's a safe statement that nobody in the world has suffered more under the yoke of Christianity than the natives of North and South America.
  20. Do I count? Blackfoot here, probably not enough to show up on any Ancestry DNA test but it’s there. A great-great-great (may be one or two more greats) grandmother was Blackfoot.
  21. You have no clue what you are talking about but you whould like to look like someone who does. A lab report does not require to be made by an "official lab" or to be made by an "official organization", thats nonsense. Lap reports, and laboratory work as well, have to be conducted in compliance with appropriate ISO standards. An image, copied from an OEM hompage, posted on a public forum by a storyteller, showing a technical device, isnt in compliance to any appropriate ISO standards and consequently, not a lap report. First, I dont think that he has the sophisticated equipment he is claiming to have. 2nd, if he wold own such equipment, it is very unlikely he has the knowledge how to handle it and how to interpret to data generated. There is nothing right with it because its hocus-pocus only. Everyone who claims nonsense, is on trial. Its a mission, an intellectual one.
  22. I'd still prefer to use ex-military or national guard instead of teachers. They can spot a potential threat and these kids that shoot in schools would be a lot less likely to take them on than a teacher, who may or may not be in that particular classroom. Station them around all the entrances.
  23. Rick Gates, the business partner of Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is expected to plead guilty to new charges brought against him this week. A person familiar with the case confirmed to NPR on Friday that Gates has been negotiating with the office of special counsel Robert Mueller to change his plea from not guilty and cooperate with investigators. Gates is expected to appear in federal court on Friday afternoon. According to new court documents filed in the case, he could plead guilty to two charges. Source: NPR The two new charges can be found here.
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