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  2. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Funny you can always tell the 'Hucksters' and 'Propagandists' from 'truth seekers' as the former always duck and cover when you call them out.
  3. CIA classified book on Jesus

    All you have to do is tack Top Secret clearance to the end of someone's name or a document and it's off to the races....Newflash! Just because some one has a top secret clearance does not make them privy to everything that's going on....Hell I had a secret clearance in the military but it give me no special privileges.
  4. Word Association from the Last Letter

    excellent -> taste
  5. I don't believe you

    Horrifies would be the proper spelling. I'd never correct someones grammar uninvited but your question seemed genuine. And I thank you. Normally, I would open another window and spell out the word in a search engine and see how it comes out. I was kind of lazy today, (no excuse of course) So, yes, I appreciate your post, and I’m not offended. Thank you for your reply. That is what I have always thought.
  6. I don't believe you

    You know very little of the Victorian Age, apparently. Examine, if you will, the callous indifference displayed by society in general and a disenchanted husband specifically toward his wife. https://www.charlesdickensinfo.com/life/marriage/
  7. Robot news presenter launched on Russian TV

    In Soviet Russia, news reads YOU.
  8. One of his previous charges was impersonating a law enforcement officer. I like how he used the, "It's not my guns, it's my common law wife's guns" defense as well. As for the militia themselves- Criminals routinely go free in the United States because they are often improperly arrested. Imagine if the militia found drugs in a bag that they didn't have authorization to search.
  9. Maybe the idea of spending billions of taxpayer's money on a conspiratorial idea is not the way to win votes and influence people. Earth faces a greater danger from all the rogue asteroids and other space threats up there. And I think if the threat was that great more people would be calling for more advanced defensive measures against such an invasion. Maybe the idea of some kind of alien invasion is a little far fetched for some and of little concern to the heads of nations on Earth. All that said we are constantly hearing from those in the alien belief camp screaming about disclosure...What would the general public do with such information if it were released? Create more conspiracy theories?
  10. the cathedral bees

    Hello Blue forest, welcome to UM. We already have a thread about the bees, it's here:
  11. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Strong, principled, patriotic leadership here
  12. The "neat picture" you refer to is your own, not that of evolutionary biologists. Harte
  13. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    Welp no way this escalates State Defense Minister: Bombings were retaliation for Christchurch killings
  14. I don't believe you

    Horrifies would be the proper spelling. I'd never correct someones grammar uninvited but your question seemed genuine. I actually challenge that entire concept because regardless of the society and regardless of the form of violence or sadistic behavior there have always been those who have placed themselves above all of that as much as possible. "Elites" if you will. To me this signifies that no one ever viewed it as alright and that those who wrote history viewed it as alright to happen to others not as alright in general.
  15. The Bats ghost theory....

    I wouldn't consider myself a true believer,BF for example is BS to me.I don't believe in a God or follow any religion.I experience the paranormal on an almost daily basis in some form and my understanding of it is based on my own experiences,often witnessed by others at the time. I've never done any experiments or research on other claims and have never been disappointed in the things I've experienced,but have been surprised at times.If you read my statement I said some people,which in no way means all.
  16. I don't believe you

    I never did see the J-Lo movie, but I do remember “Sleeping With The Enemy” with Julia Roberts. I sometimes remember scenes from that movie, and reflect on that. What gets me, is how the marriage occurred in the first place. The appearance of a wonderful suitor, who turns once the marriage has started. I often have wondered how they do start, but with a lot of years of public and religious ‘urging, suggesting, and pushing’, there is a lot of ‘fakeness’ That occurs to get there. I never really saw my parents in such a situation, ( I feel fortunately) and my hubby, is the example for me as a perfect gentleman. That being said, I have seen examples of marital abuse, and it has me I cannot forget hearing the sounds next door, (in military housing, where the houses were like town houses, and walls were what separated the hoes) in the master bedroom of a woman screaming and the sounds of fists hitting flesh. Another time, while out for my favorite thing, walks, walking past a couple, who were tending to their yard, the husband yelling and ordering his wife to do things. And, it horrifys me. (I’m wondering if I spelled that correctly) Anyhow, for all of some of talk about pushing marriage, and love, and what one has to do within it and what love to them is, how can you abuse the one you love?!?!? When a man expects his wife to vow to obey him, is he really loving her? Rape, to me from how I understand it, is violence!!! It’s a horrible act, From what I got from this page: Unlawful, and violent. Violence. A true loving spouse would never be violent to another, would they?! Right?!?! Whether the laws said it was allowed or not, doesn’t make it a good law. If you look At varying laws that are probably still considered legal, (but ignored) you would wonder why were these laws made in the first place. There were probably reasons, but probably in my book, very stupid reasons. I don’t think, even if they were created, doesn’t make them right, even then. From my secular raised observations, for all this talk of love your neighbor and just have ‘love’, doesn’t seem to coincide with the behavior of those spewing such talk. Any society that is being felt to need to subjegate people for their success, isn’t a society that should survive in the first place. A healthy strong society, is a society that doesn’t depend on the subjugation of others, but is independent of that and is successful of the equal respect and teamwork of everybody. Someone who loves someone, doesn’t consider them someone to hurt if they don’t get their way. How can one love and expect they need to force themselves on someone at the same time. Rape is violence, is always considered as violence, no matter what the frame of mind was. It’s still violence. You don’t love a spouse you show violence on. That’s not a healthy and strong marriage. That’s a marriage that is a lie. I think, on top of knowing that rape legally expected in marriage was wrong and making it illegal, I think the majority of people knew in their consciousness it was wrong and feel shamed that was part of their history. Just because something was ‘alright’ to do at the time, doesn’t make it right at any time. The very thought, that some considered it as normal and alright, because it was in the laws, disgusts me.
  17. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Happy St George's day.
  18. the cathedral bees

    they cant burn if theyre not near the fire.....see above
  19. Good on yah! Vexation is good if you dont want any friends. This is why i have started to invoice them.
  20. The Bats ghost theory....

    Thread cleaned Let's keep the comments civil and constructive please.
  21. Today
  22. I don't believe you

    Of course he is not, but neither was a man who forced his wife to have sex with him, when this was not just normal, but expected and agreed upon by both parties in their marriage contract My point was that future people will see him, you, and even me, as evil barbarians, just as you see people from the past
  23. I don't believe you

    Define "good" In general you will find such definitions tied to our values and beliefs Thus what we see as good/bad may be quite different in another time or culture We all like to think that our own beliefs, values, customs and moralities, are the best, and superior to all others across time and space. But that is not so I agree with what you say but see it differently The future will adopt its own values beliefs and moralities from what is required for the survival of individuals and society. We do not know what they will be but they could include improvements (from our point of view) or going backwards(from our point of view) for example. Two solutions to a future lack of protein are to enforce vegetarianism on all, or to use human beings for protein Only those in the future can decide which is right for them. We wont be there . Oh and yes I am old fashioned but for very good reasons I can see from life and studies that, while our standard of living in material terms has improved since Victorian times, our quality of life measured on psychological and social terms has not. We are not as free, or fit, as people from that era (although we like to think we are free) and we live in a decaying social structure which threatens the prosperity and well being which we have purchased by mortgaging our lives to greed and materialism Plus of course the sexualisation of society and young people Pornography is the most common thing watched on the internet. it debases women, and commercialises and objectifies them. Yep i am old fashioned enough to believe that is wrong, and one of the reasons why women are so badly treated and disrespected in the modern era. My mother was more empowered and respected than most modern women, despite living from 1922 to 2015 and leaving school aged 13 to go to work on the farm .
  24. XenoFish

    Beans, broccoli, and eggs. I'm ready for the road trip.:lol:

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      Egg , ham, and spam ,spam, spam!!

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      Egg, ham, spam, spam, spam, heart attack.

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