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  2. Probably depends. Main thing I've heard is the sustainability.
  3. I've heard insects are meant to be healthy
  4. Locusts are good eats. >_>
  5. No to Cicadas those suckers get huge, or Grasshoppers or Locust. I'm fearing the fact we're due for a Locust plague, had Mouse one in country areas last year.
  6. We get these bog three inch beetles occasionally and cicadas. I had one fly by and crash land on my should, buzz loudly at me. It paused, then buzzed again. Another pause, and a quilters, almost questioning buz. Then it took off. I think it was trying to spook me and failed.
  7. Bee have a look at dispute resolution mechanisms
  8. I'm not a fan of them at all, but like I've said before harmless ones dad takes outside where they belong to live another day. We had a little Christmas Beetle in the laundry a few days ago, the guys wouldn't get rid of it. I ended up pushing it out the door with a broom
  9. Indeed --- Sovereignty in Syria is openly disrespected and it seems to be a Land Grab free for all... I still believe that this (from your link) is what Trump basically wanted + he wanted a good peaceful working relationship with Russia -- but many powerful established military and politicians won't have any of it and are pushing + pushing to keep Russia as the Big Bad Bear and enemy Number One -- even over Islamic Terrorists - “What we should do is focus on ISIS. We should not be focusing on Syria,” Trump said in October 2016. “You’re going to end up in World War III over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton."" Turkey getting fully involved militarily is going to cause a big headache and Trump may get dragged into supporting what amounts to a prolonged invasion / occupation of Syria and mounting conflict with Russia --- because so many of the military have a vested interest in the ousting of Assad and continued heavy opposition to Russia -- ? It remains to be seen what develops and what Trump will be persuaded to along with --- ((((The Globalists may still get their destabilizing World War and have the extra bonus of manipulating Trump to light the main fuse...???))))
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  11. It's cool, I like spiders.
  12. A Brexiteer is a person who supports the idea that the UK should leave the EU (the European Union). Alternatively, it is a person who sheds a tear every morning at breakfast for the loss of the UK's greatness and who has an emotional need to 'make Britain great again'. Oh, hang on, that might be a Breakfasteer!! Bregets anyone?
  13. Dad removed old Brush fencing years ago at a fencing job, he had the father of my sister Sandras 3 youngest working with him on it (because its such a fire hazard to have) and they were saying HUGE Redbacks (related to Black Widows) and Huntsman (big hairy Aussie spiders) Spiders were crawling up their arms trying to escape. Wood is the best place here to find Huntsman spiders outside, I wont link a pic.
  14. How about you giving a comparative description of Creation, if you can on your rattling tracks?
  15. Other topic. Cutting up some wood with a larger blade on the bandsaw. Spiders and ants and such rush out. Can't imagine what that might like for them.
  16. Guyver OK, we know each other pretty well for two people who've never met. Please bear with me. Your story is a great illustration of why anecdotes aren't data (with some exceptions, but this isn't one of them). The fact is that you don't know why your condition cleared up nor when the clearing up began. Some other posters buy into the framing assumption of your analysis (that the role of the faith healer's performance was to cause a change in your condition), and propose various scenarios under which that could happen without threatening their own worldviews. Here's what I think. Among the typical design objectives of a faith healer's performance is to get credit for anything good that happens during and after the show. The non-biological prototype for this is Uri Geller's broken watch trick. The only thing that Geller causes is that people attend to whether or not their watch works. If so, it's been able to keep time for a while, unbeknownst to the owner. With all due respect for your long-term memory, I'll bet he said something more like "someone here has something wrong with their fingers or toes." First off, if not, then nobody in the room will ever know that. Secondly, it's a pretty good bet, since there are plenty of conditions that cause pain, numbness, discoloration, etc. in the extremities, in addition to injuries to these very vulnerable and often overworked and abused appendages. Here's my healing story. I acquired a severe allergy to animal saliva in adulthood. Since I am around animals a lot, I learned how to manage it. Then some friends with a dog who sheds (and dog saliva is on shed fur) wanted a temporary full-time sitter. I love that dog, and I volunteered, but in close quarters with her, there was no "management" possible. I suffered badly. The second time I sat with her, months later, there was no allergic reaction at all. The allergy was just gone. I am not allergic to animal saliva to this day, years later. Obviously, love cured me of a physical ailment. Or, God tested my love, and because I chose love over comfort, God granted me both. Or, that dog is literally what Helen Keller said figuratively of another dog, my beloved is "an angel in fur." Trust me, I could live with that assessment. But neither love nor my angel cured the allergy, nor did the curing process begin with the second visit. Probably, the first visit put my body in a 24/7 distress situation, and however it worked, my body rose to the occasion - sometime before the second visit. I didn't know that I had (most likely already) been cured until I was again in a situation where I would have been unable to manage, and discovered that it didn't matter. Between the first visit and then, my management routine prevented me from knowing that I had already been cured. I don't say that my story closely parallels yours, but it does illustrate some of the issues that arise in anecdotal causal attribution. In both stories, there's more we don't know than we do know about how or even exactly when something happened, we do know that our discovery that it had happened was sudden and coincided with a meaningful break in our usual routine. One difference is that the dog didn't attempt to get the credit for the cure, and in your story somebody did attempt to get credit. Personally, I think that's the biggest and most important difference.
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  18. Killing is right where it creates a better outcome for more people than not killing Ethics and moralities MUST be constructed to produce, when acted upon, better measurable, criteria referenced outcomes. Where one action, based on one belief or morality, creates a better outcome than another, based on a different belief or morality You need to ask what it is in your mind that is arguing to you that killing is always wrong. There are no absolutes in ethics moralities or the values we use to construct them. it might be better to resolve a situation without killing but this is not always practical or possible. Killing is not right or wrong in itself. It is the context and reasons for the killing, which make each case right or wrong.
  19. I got to go to work so will explain myself later, just flitter through at moment. Do not agree with above bit...killing in never is explainable...but not justifiable. So killing may have reason, but it does not make it justifiable and right.
  20. No. Studies show that humans first cognitive reasoning causes them to create magical agents This is not a taught/learned construct. It is an innate construct of all human minds, beginning before we can even speak . Because this is our first form of cognitive reasoning, it creates a propensity for belief in human minds. That belief may be about santa claus OR it might be why an adult believes in spirits/ gods or other agencies There are studies which show and explain why Santa is different to god, and why god fills cognitive and psychological needs in adults One big difference is that we can show and prove to an adult , how santa is a human construct. There is no way at present that human science can prove or demonstrate that gods do not exist, that there is no potential life after death, or that you may not be reunited with lost loved ones, in a future time. This allows a sane, educated, and rational, adult to construct and hold onto a belief in gods, via faith, because it CANNOT be shown to be illogical or wrong, and it does confer strong measurable benefits on humans. science believes this may because of the evolutionary advantages conferred on humans through belief and faith which increase survival probabilities and quality of life by compensating for the fears and uncertainties that self aware conscious inevitably creates in human beings . Very basically, humans know and fear the nature of death. Belief is a cognitive mechanism which allows the mind to sidestep or ignore that fear, by creating an uncertainty that death is final or permanent This allows us to ignore death and to get on with living. In cognitive terms, a god construct like the biblical god, is the ultimate magical agent, and an evolved and more sophisticated version of the child's first constructed magical agent . it cannot be proven to not be true, and thus remains viable, and highly effective, in an adult mind.
  21. It's one who's in favour of Brexit, i.e. the departure from the European Union.
  22. No, but i guess you need a knowldge of human history psychology and theology to get what i am saying. You gave a list of horrible things that gods laws allowed as punishments. 3-4000 years ago. I pointed out that most of the prohibitions against those things still exist, and that indeed many crimes are still punished by execution in many parts of the world and that execution for serious crimes was only stopped in most western countries within my life time. You are trying to judge the people and laws and punishments of 2-4000 years ago by your very modern sensibilities. They were not like us, they did not have the values or ethics we have, and they simply could not afford to have such values. They needed laws and punishments which effectively held their society together, and made people obey the laws. So yes, killing when legal, (in war or by authority to punish criminals) has always been, not just legal, but justifiable. it is justifiable to execute people who refuse to obey the laws of your society, IF such disobedience threatens the good order and survival of that society and (i would argue) if their behaviour endangers the lives or safety of innocents . Today societies are bigger, stronger, and more robust, so we can afford to keep some killers, rapists, thieves etc alive until the y die in prison, and offer our citizens more diversity of belief and behaviour. But there is no innate moral/ethical reason not to kill anyone who threatens your freedom, safety, or society. Killing is often ethically and morally justifiable, and indeed, logical You argue these are done from hate or vengeance. i would argue that when done by legally constituted authority, the y are value neutral and natural justice, and indeed might be done from love and compassion for those who are the victims of criminals Or to preserve the safety of the innocent in a society.
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  24. I know she is, 3 different psychologist one I didn't get along (she had this idea people don't change ever, which is not true for all. I changed in a way after my mom passed, I was super close to mom and she did a lot of stuff for me and didn't push my anxiety wise to go out alone) with all said it to. The friends she has don't see that side, one of them is so far up her butt its shocking. Best insult I ever got that still makes me laugh (my resting face can make me look anywhere from moody to about to cry): You have a face on you like a sour lemon. Or I copied her with my animal care stuff. Considering I wanted to work with animals since I was 4 and met her son when I was 24, safe to say no copying. Also I'm selfish I didn't get married before he passed. She at one point pulled he was only hanging on to see his son get married and he'd see the angels already. Selfish I wouldn't live with her, told Michael, dad and other family members of mine I'd end my own life before living with her.
  25. Man, I should have come up with that's nearly tax season here....
  26. Yeah, and no reason you should. She's sick to, in a way. But if they can't or won't get treatment or even acknowledge it, there's no point in trying to deal with them
  27. The thing I've tried to explain to people is that, that thing that connects actions to consequences, and how much better it is if you carry it out. And how you need to get those things done, because it plays into how bad you feel right now. That motivation and that drive, just is absent. Completely. And that bit that keep you working is just failed completely. All those negative consequences of relationships, of work, of respect (which has always been a big thing to me) simply do not matter. And you can't make them matter. I'm a pretty reasonable person, and I can make the arguments for why I should, say, get out of bed. Get up, go do the things that need doing. But the motivations that would get me up no matter how tired or worn out I am usually, just have no sway. The things I enjoy have no impact, and if anything going out and interacting or working just makes it worse. And the thing is, I know better. I can reason it out. I can explain it to myself, but it just doesn't have any emotional impact. Without any fire in the boiler, the engine doesn't move. I did do medication once, I and it was awesome, until the negative effects cropped in. I finally understood why people could do the things I've always struggled with. With a caveat, that I could kind of see the boundaries of my own mind again they were smaller than they used to be. It doesn't matter how I approach things. How much sleep I get, or eat, or exercise. And like you say. It's hard to explain it to someone who has an understanding of the condition, even academic. It's impossible to grasp if they don't even have that.
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