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  2. lmao, the same guy who is shtng bricks that his weed dispensary data will get in feds hands, is advocating for more gvmnt control, and sensorship, maybe session has a point after all.
  3. Vlad the Mighty

    Halloo again. I'm going to be opening Pandora's box today. I';ll let you know how I get on. 

  4. Wanna link to Big Blue Book?
  5. Hi Illyrius Breaking down posts to address specific points is a good way for other readers to follow the argument. What Psyche is doing is giving responses with links to show the value of a position which is a good thing because it shows why his argument has a basis of structure and is valuable to a reader that wants to learn. jmccr8
  6. There truly are some crazies here who went over the edge after the election. I really have never seen anything like it and am just enjoying my fatter pay check and the total lack of ISIS news. Hopefully we start seeing some democrats making that perp walk soon but I think we'll see some real insanity from the usual suspects as their last dream crumbles away and reality sets in that collusion and obstruction exist only in their fevered minds.
  7. Mind, self awareness, consciousness, perception, that which we think with... Neurons are not mind, hormones neither. The fact that some of the folk who experience NDEs are clinically dead, sometimes for hours, no electrical signal, no blood flow to the brain, "scientifically" dead, yet they still experience consciousness, this demonstrates that mind isn't in the brain. And as for Sheldrake, he gets called a pseudo-scientists because he looks at things outside established disciplines. He is a scientist because scientists have hypothesis, they test them, and then they get these findings published in peer reviewed journals, ergo, Sheldrake is a scientist and not a pseudo-scientist. If mind is physical then show me.
  8. I think Mick and the boys would disagree
  9. Devil made you do this post, admit it!
  10. Atamarie Ella, This thread is Awesome, in My Eyes.... I absolutely get what your saying, with the Symbolisms that are Everywhere, and the Nursery Rhymes..Children's programmes and Books and the list goes on . Enter Tain Mente.. Enter the Hold on the Mind .. In children's story's, the Mothers almost always Die, and the Stepmother is almost always Evil.. Rumpelstiltskin, had to be named for the Debt to be lifted, you know, taking the child as payment .. Sleeping beauty and everyone in the Castle slept for 100 yrs, till true love, could awaken the people .. Snow white and the Red Apple from the Witch. Who was also her stepmother.. True love again, woke her too .. To name a few .. I have more to say, but brain is tired.. So I'll post tomorrow.. Thankyou Ella, I find this type of information fascinating. Mo.xx
  11. Nice wish list. Out of those -- "Illegal distribution of classified FISA surveillance information to uncleared persons" is probably a sure bet, given someone, somewhere, is bound to have leaked something to the press. As for the rest? Not enough compelling evidence for me to currently believe. Happy to keep score based on the numbers of indictments, if you like.
  12. of course not, everything we see happening in Europe points at history repeating again, and just like before, anchoring effect will kill millions "none"believers but it wont be Jews this time. we learned our lesson, Europeans did not.
  13. Hi Will That's a good think No? Or Know? jmccr8
  14. He's a funny guy, Kent Hovind. I came across him one day searching about this topic. Just sharing the shorter length videos not in their entirety.
  15. Second video looks interesting.
  16. there prbly is Tatpopa, there prbly is.
  17. He gets called a pseudo-scientist because he trumpets that he's found something that, if true, is absolutely ground-breaking, nobel prize level stuff, but when other scientists look at his work they can point out legitimate problems with his supposed experimental process. And again, when other scientists try to reproduce his results, which are usually published in popular books, they can't. There's nothing unfair about any of that, you are again assuming what you should be demonstrating. And for all the psychological projection onto scientists being unfair or biased or blinded by materialism or whatever, why is the line of skepticism turned off when pointed at people you believe in? Sheldrake is an author, gee, I wonder if he has any interest in actually selling his books and if that may be corrupting his methodology and leading to him vastly overstating what he's supposedly found? I already asked you to provide some definition of the mind, I even tried to go along with your transmitter/receiver hypothesis to see if I could get some actual meaningful detail to have a discussion. You replied that mind can't easily be defined, yet then (and now) you continue to go on referring to this mind that you won't define? I can't show you something called the mind when you won't define it. There isn't a lack of physical matter we call mind, again, why are thoughts and feelings so related to very physical parts of the brain? On the material side of explanations for the 'mind' you have neurons, hormones, and essentially the whole discipline of neurology, a lot if it established to exist. On the immaterial side you have 'maybe' some entirely unevidenced scenario so far. I'm pretty content then with this supposed run-around I'm giving you.
  18. If a person has seizures, they should be able to pin point why right? Brain scans and such?
  19. I'm curious how the experts on AP would feel about this opinion. I know I sound like I know what I'm talking about, and compared to most people I do, but there are people so far above me in this same field that I look amateur. Far as I cant tell most people who do this get a vibration. Sometimes a very strong vibe. Others though only get a loud rushing water kinda sound. I don't know if any of them would agree that this is a seizure, but then again you are more experienced in that then any of them. If it is so, I've had several intentionally inflicted seizures over the last 5 years.
  20. If above is not a joke due to ignorance, its a perfect example of the dunning-kruger effect. But given you hold the opinion a field cannot ‘just be a science’ (by the way, your ignorant assumption demonstrates your level) I would love to hear your thesis on why.
  21. Perish the thought....surely no man would be that desperate bee......even Bill couldn't get a thrill from the shrill ..
  22. Hi Jay. I will only say why i find CH much more reasonable than Psyche101. What Psyche101 does is called "quote mining" he dissects the text and negates it step by step by offering very little arguments and very much biased opinions edging on the border of insults. When clearly faced with truth, like when i proved that Rupert Sheldrake is a scientist - he negates a fact. I don't see almost anything objective or reasonable in his posts. So i prefer to consider other more balanced and objective posters more seriously, and CH is certainly one of this posters.
  23. The world's rarest chimpanzee has been captured on camera in the remote forests of Nigeria. The Nigeria-Cameroon chimp was seen at various locations within Gashaka Gumti National Park, raising hopes for its future survival. Conservationists also recorded the first sighting in the country of a giant pangolin. The park is regarded as a national treasure, but its wildlife is under threat from pressures such as poaching.
  24. If there's a better post than this anytime soon I'll be surprised.
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