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  2. Weird language

    My girlfriend sleep talks literal jibberish all the time. Neither of us think anything of it.
  3. It turned, looked at us and snorted...

    I agree with you bats I know exactly what you are trying to say! Unfortunately I say the same stuff about fringe UFO theorys and I get heckled for it! For what's its worth I've felt some weird presences out in the bush. But Shadows and branches can be just as scary as any folklore creature out here. The Dreamtime has some great creepy stories in it.
  4. Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    There isn't a single loud-mouth hater on UM with the guts to try THAT bit of honesty on their part. They are transparent and they know what they are but are too ashamed to admit it. Must be some life they lead. Meanwhile, people are literally dying to try to get here. Some awful nation we idiot scum have managed to build, what?
  5. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    In Iran it seems some members of the Iranian parliament are feeling emboldened by their recent success on capturing a UK tanker and are now talking about passing a law that would put tariffs on all UK and US ships that pass through the straits of Hormuz. https://mobile.twitter.com/patrickwintour/status/1152932176146698240 Also the embarrassment to the royal navy keeps coming as a radio broadcast has been released to the public, seems the Montrose was in radio contact with at least one of the Iranian vessels involved in the capture and after asking if it was planning on stopping the tanker illegally it did nothing as the tanker was captured. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-49061675
  6. Polar, I presume Ulf intended to use the data from "one line higher in Table 2 of his article". i.e. the line for a canal that Plato declared to be 0.5 stades wide (three plethra wide). This line-shifting error produces the same effect that Pettytalk has reported. Canal from Outer Water Ring to the Sea, Width 0,5 stade 93 meters @185m/stade Depth 0,17 stade 30,8 meters @185m/stade
  7. Weird language

    So, you're asking for confirmation of your paranormal bias?
  8. No one chooses what they believe

    That's pretty much EVERY genetic paper ever written. Genetic drift ISN'T about 'new' genes, it concerns new 'expressions' of already extant genes. Example, depending on how the various genes responsible for skin or eye color (examples - SLC24A5, MFSD12, OCA2 and HERC2) are expressed (i.e. switched on or off) different colorations can occur and any one or more genes NOT expressed in a given way changes said coloration. That IS NOT dependent on a single individual for transmission to later generations, but IS dependent on a population of such individuals. cormac
  9. 1,000 firefighters battle Portugal wildfires

    A friend of mine uploaded this article from Portugal. I translated it with google but it didn't carry the translation into the copy and paste. It should ask you if you want to. This is just so sad. I hope they can get these fires out soon. http://www.mediotejo.net/incendios-na-serta-vila-de-rei-e-macao-atualizacao-em-permanencia/?fbclid=IwAR3X90iSiwUbfqgqkl4rR7pRLDObQ1JSkyf-_dDQu2ZLJ7tNY8wBQZP751Y
  10. The Sajama Lines

    Is this a typo? Surely they used GIS to map them and not mapped them into GIS?
  11. Fosters Lager? The only thing that will attract are ants. Homeless ants. But it's effective at keeping Dingo away. Like garlic & vampires.
  12. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    And, just as in the lead-up to WWII, it ultimately is about not having the nerve to stand up to aggression. It always, ALWAYS leads to the same destination. By trying to play nice with these fanatics and maintain the free flow of oil, we will eventually be faced with sunken tankers, mines and terror cells popping around the globe - mostly in the West. Those old men need to know that not only will their military might be crushed, but they will also lose power and they personally will be found and killed. Alternatively, they can come to the table, give up their plans and infrastructure for nukes and rejoin the world community with all the benefits that will accrue to them. The fact that they won't is a very clear indication of where their true intentions lie.
  13. Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    Oh, I agree with the obvious fact that if someone doesn't love the country, they should leave. It's not even political matter, that's pure common sense thing. But what gives Trump the idea that the people who do not support his politics are automatically, by some lack of logic, against their country? Since when is Trump the embodiment of the US? He indeed is the embodiment of seven deadly sins and everything that is wrong with American society, but not the US entire. They've got decent and literate people there too. So I'd say that an American being at least not happy and preferably outright outraged with Trump is actually a proof of healthy patriotism. Also, please do not spread Trumpist fake news. No one supported jihadists, except US governments who kept keeping Saudis for allies. *barf*
  14. Shapeshifter Demons

    Psychopathic human killers do that all of the time, and now the internet is a rich hunting ground for them. If you want to beware of something, watch out for enticements to the weak, needy,and lonely, they can be a trap.
  15. Although only one is an archaeologist, archaeology is based on personal interpretation.
  16. To keep Dingo out, you need to dissolve opal in Foster Lager and draw a protective circle around your bed. Or does that attract him? Can't remember.
  17. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    barefoot we walk true with little sound and new awe at morning sky hue
  18. It turned, looked at us and snorted...

    no amount of twisting around what i said or making up stuff i didnt say changes the fact "unlikely" only means impossible to the closed mind. i see it, people are being closed minded for just the sake of it, fell in but missed the near moot point, the account this thread is based on is a story, the writer had to use a fake picture cut out, sure, the idea of bears roaming the outback is almost as ridiculous as the idea of the yowie, bigfoot or almas etc being real creatures with the defining difference being bears are know to exist and do roam, and have been misplaced, released escaped etc. yowie, bigfoot almas etc are fictional, folklore.
  19. acute

    Hair Transplant in İstanbul - Natural Hair Turkey - Fast and Effective Results

    1. Dumbledore the Awesome

      Dumbledore the Awesome

      As recommended by  Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

      Image result for erdogan



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  20. Let's talk history

    I am so disappointed. What was meant to be exciting news of a rare find, has turned into a farce. For the keen observer it is obvious that this rare find, is being down played in the press release. Some of the sponsors are frightened that this rare find, could lead to local landowners with round mounds beginning their own excavations. Given current 'backroom' politics, it is better not to share my opinion of their media handling. The jet bead necklace is one of only around 100 to have been found in the British Isles and the only one to have ever been found on the Isle of Man. Also excluded from the press release, is that this find is a complete 225 piece beaded jet necklace, which makes it even more rare. Although the post-ex analysis will give us a better picture, we do already suspect that the inhumantion was of a young adult. Sadly, it will be extremely hard to determine the sex, due to the conditions of the bones. However, most inhumantions with this type of find, has been of females. https://manxnationalheritage.im/news/spectacular-bronze-age-finds/ If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  21. See? This is what happens when you don't quadruple lock your doors.
  22. Today
  23. there was an alleged haunted 1920s theater here, all the cool embelished heavily backstories of being built on the ground where a sanitarium mental institute had been before thst indian burial grounds, a theater owners family member hung themselves there etc ,i worked there and saw a weird anomaly not a ghost, but a girl lived there slept in the projector room i asked her do you think the joints haunted, she laughed loud and hard, and said get real. same type thing here, my joint built 1909, all kinds of stories of haunts, i too found old coolness antique pics etc, zero evidence of spookies, can i sue the realtor they told me its haunted, lol. houses, places arent haunted people are, it starts and ends in the mind of the dear believer, my best advice to someone claiming to be having problems with Casper or beetlejuice, become a skeptic ghosts avoid skeptics...
  24. I guess it depends on your POV. ETA: For example, what do you define as "a complete immature tool"? Way off Topic: I have 5 people on ignore here. NOT because they and I disagree, or have different opinions, but because they either add nothing of value to a conversation (and take a 1000 words to say nothing), or because their posts are so off-the-wall woo-sense, that they actually cause me to have brain cell death. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your forum life, but you are relatively new, and some of us have been here for a long time, going over the same ground. It isn't that anyone is being hostile to you, but that everyone has their own style to the discussions. For myself, I try not to come off as too dismissive (for the most part), but my sense of humour often rubs people the wrong way.
  25. Matter of opinion and opinions don't matter.
  26. 10 Questions for Atheists / Angry Agnostics

    I guess if I had a question it would be to the title thread, or pointing back to the title of this thread rather. Why be " Angry " and Agnostic. There is nothing wrong with not believing in God, or being Agnostic. I just don't see the need to get agitated to the point of name calling and or trying to bring others down that do believe in God or a higher power in general. Why have so much anger or resentment or negativity that one has to be offended at those who do have faith , to the point of wanting to stop , or break what they believe. An then another question would be, what do Agnostics feel towards Satanists and Pagan religions. Keep in mind that the two are not the same.
  27. Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    In America the people have the mentality that if someone doesnt love the country then what are they doing living there? Trump and his supporters were not saying send these four women back because they are foreign. He was saying due to their constant negativity towards the USA they should go back because they obviously dont like living in America. The worst one of the four, supports Jihadists saying 9/11 was due to US foreign policy. Maybe you dont get how much resentment that causes? If so go to New York, stand in the middle of the city, and start telling people they deserved being attacked on 9/11. Watch the outrage.
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