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  2. Ours didn't. The experience with a State Religion in Ulster left a bad taste in the mouths of my Calvinist forebears, for instance. Many of the colonies were founded on the principal of the freedom of practice of various doctrines and sects, so it was thought to be important to be free of anyone else's. It's difficult to free governments founded by the religious from the taint of religion.
  3. That was smear tactics during the Presidential run, has nothing to do with what this topic is about.
  4. how is it gonna cost? isn't every public school has a RO anyway?
  5. I hope it goes missing for year an then someone finds it somewhere across the globe, listing and with a huge colonie of barnacles and other animals attached! Once I witnessed the navy losing an inflatable emergency raft. After which the bloody cruiser spent over an hour manouvering in the wind to get damned thing back!
  6. Calm down Fila. Just calm down and stop your anger. Stop the irate lashing out. Stop the off topic mumblings driven by your anger. Calm down Fila. Time to put your big boy pants on and answer questions you have raised. Fila time for you to provide what the witnesses stated. Use witness statements to: Tell us how many lights were seen that night. Choices range from 4 to 11. Tell us the shape seen that night. Choices include boomerang, half circle, vee, straight line, no shape. Tell us if the lights were high or low. Tell us if the lights moved fast or slow. Tell us the color of the lights. Choices include red, green, blue, white. orange. Tell us how many craft there were that night. Choices range from 1 to 12. Tell us the size of the supposed craft. Choices include small to a football field to nearly a mile across. Tell us if the lights consistently moved in the same direction or not. I suspect this is going to be really hard to figure out since you've never really looked into the issue. Tell us if stars could be seen between the lights or not. Again, this might be really hard to figure out for you since it is very clear you've never looked into the issue. Tell us if the lights passing overhead ever were audible. This is not as hard as the previous two statements but I expect you to fail miserably. Tell us if witnesses ever reported the number of lights changing. Take a deep breath. Suppress that hate. Exhale slowly. Time to answer.
  7. I think the article meant to imply that its the human disregard that it came to be that only 3 of these animals were left, definitely an unfortunate day for this species, but due to the health implications over the last month, was kind of expecting this to come sooner or later.
  8. Don't be ridiculous clearly it was ISIS...
  9. What do you think it mean?
  10. I agree with you on this. And yes, one would think they would step in, and yes, I would noticed, they don't. Or, they have a fear in doing so. I really wish, if this is the case over all, that this fear is addressed, and we all deal with it, so we can come to a conclusion on when we can step in and it ends up helping all parties. I think that is a good point. And, again, I couldn't agree with you more here. And it does make me feel that it doesn't. I seriously feel that this nation needs to stop tip toeing, ( al bait, understandable, but it's time to act now, in my feeling) and deal with it with the same attitude. I have been always saying this, and I'm glad there are others who feel the same as I do.
  11. Good thing police were at that scene saving some kids . Most states want to have a police officer at every school, but some complain it going to cost the states to much, but I sure parents wouldn't mind paying.
  12. Lol. More objective evidence that although people have a brain, they don't have a mind.
  13. Yes, I think the brain catches up on psychological information we may ignore by re-processing it in dreams. It seems to me dreams are for the brain's us, as we usually forget them when we wake. If dreams were meant for our consciousness, we'd remember them all. So perhaps the brain has its own agenda, separate from our conscious awareness.
  14. Handwaving? I responded to your post.., while asking you to calm down. You ignored the content relative to the Phoenix Lights discussion and choose to make a big song and dance about it in order to distract from you being wrong. I don't want to explain basic High School english regarding written text and tone.., and point out what general society considers to be rude and indicators of anger and frustration. All I wanted was for a normal.., calm discussion. Written text and tone: If you don't think I answered the question sufficiently.., you should just ask me to elaborate on specific points. Rather than accusing me of "handwaving". If I acted this way in a public place.., people would think I was a weirdo / cranky person. The majority of the internet (including this webforum) considers capital letters to be shouting. When you use bold letters.., you are not only emphasising.., but it really shows your frustration and anger also. The reason that you emphasise is out of anger judging by the surrounding text and how you are all worked up. You even said you do it for "things that aren't getting through". Netiquette and shouting: If you consider this to be normal for you.., then I accept that. But I'm still going to make requests to calm down as you are being irate from my perspective based on the context of your words and the usage of bold and cap letters. Can we please have a calm and rational discussion about the Phoenix Lights?
  15. But science doesn't have evidence for mind. Scientifically, mind does not exist, and it's that simple. You only have a brain, which science says there's evidence that it's just a machine, like an electric toothbrush.
  16. I take it you can not see the bear? Jeeze paraG, this is a perfect example of pareidolia... Trust me, when i said i see bats and a Chinese emperor with horns....I DO SEE THEM. This is not moking, it is hopefully helping the op to see that this is not unusual and not paranormal. You take a good look at that picture and tell me what you see?
  17. Maybe some cult classics are too hip for the general audience or just not what the mainstream audience wants to see. 'Freaks' is an interesting movie to watch. Not to everyone's taste.
  18. The brain gets all its perception information from our five sensors, interesting if there is a vast amount of information we are somehow missing. :)))
  19. ANY data needs to be cleaned up before it can be used. There's a disclaimer in one of my stat books that says, "Up to now you have been using datasets that have been cleaned up. Mistakes have been removed and problems eliminated. From now on, this is not the case. You will be using real data with all of its attendant problems." I do not know about Australia's weather. It was very likely different than what it is today. Some places get warmer while others get colder. Climate shifts of the past have been separated from the same shift in another part of the world, sometimes by decades. The Last Glacial Maximum ended at least twenty years earlier in the Southern Hemsipshere than it did in the Northern. What I mean by the climate getting warmer is that it is getting warmer in Oklahoma and that correlates very well with the global average. Those vineyard records could be a great asset to climate science, but once again, the data has to be checked over carefully before fitting it into a global (or even local) model. Doug
  20. How about a flat earther getting in a airplane and flying the entire edge and post that on YouTube?
  21. LOL...too gutless to answer questions regarding your fairy tale, Brooks Island AND you stepped in dog mess regarding the twine/frame. Wake us when you are more than a parlor show.
  22. Continues North, presumably meaning towards the sunlit uplands of prosperity? I think for the leading countries within Europe it's a bit optimistic to say that, let alone, if it was true, that the EU is to thank for it. The public mood in many of them, Germany and Italy certainly, doesn't seem quite as chirpy and cheerful as it might be.
  23. StarMountainKid

    "Tradition is a repetition of bad ideas." - Orson Wells

  24. Sorry for not fully understanding this....what do you mean by: inhabitants of full consciousness like ours? Advanced ascendants?
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