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  2. Faith?

    The first, specifically where there is no evidence or data available and a decision must be made in faith Faith cannot exist or be constructed where we have knowledge. it is an answer to any unknown question. eg i have faith that life will be found on mars (I always had faith that water would be found on mars but now that is has been, faith is not applicable or possible )
  3. Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told

    So much wrong with this.. Omar had some legitimate statements about Un- constitutional Anti- American Israeli control over US politics. What statement(s) exactly equates to 'hatred of Jews'?
  4. No one chooses what they believe

    I think I pointed this out quite succinctly in a couple of posts. It would be easy to walk away, but i have genetically evolved to be a teacher and so i find it hard to leave people in ignorance Besides, these correspondences are not read only by the proponents, but by others, who might be a tad more open minded
  5. Jeffrey Epstein arrested and accused of sex

    I stand corrected on this point but, The above doesn't follow. You assume that the head of the FBI is informed of... what? Every single informant or deal made with informants? That it all goes all the way to the top, instead of department heads and Assistant Directors - or even just agents - doing what they were hired and empowered to do? He might have known after the deal had been made, but there's nothing to suggest that he had any hand in the decision, which is the point I've been arguing.
  6. Today, the logical analysis is not only sharp but also steady due to experimental verification of every concept. The receiving nature of the people is quite stable due to the scientific analysis. People are not fast in applying the theoretical tautology to arrive at hasty conclusions. In view of the stability of the phase of intelligence, the projection of the real unimaginable nature of God will not face the danger of non-existence. The scientist may not believe any miracle and may say that nothing is unimaginable. But the scientist must accept the unimaginable boundary of the universe. The scientist may argue like this:- “When the universe is imaginable made of imaginable cosmic energy as the fundamental cause, how can you say that the boundary of the universe is unimaginable? Just like the ocean is water, the boundary of the ocean must be also be the same water. Hence, the boundary of the imaginable universe must be also imaginable”. This type of argument is not acceptable if you analyze the subtle point of the boundary. When you reach the edge of the ocean and stand on it, you must find water on one side and the land, which is not water on the other side. The knowledge of both water and land is necessary to fix the boundary of the ocean. Land is not water. If land is also water, then the boundary of the ocean is not achieved. Similarly, when you reach the boundary of the imaginable universe, you must perceive the imaginable nature of the universe on one side and the unimaginable nature on the other side. If the unimaginable nature is also imaginable, then the boundary of imaginable nature is not achieved. When the unimaginable nature cannot be imagined by your intelligence, it means you have never reached the boundary of the imaginable universe. Unless you perceive both imaginable and unimaginable natures, the boundary of the imaginable nature is not achieved. Hence the boundary of the universe is always unimaginable from the other side. Some scientists say that the diameter of the universe is 200 billion light years. Another scientist laughed at this by asking that if he travels all this diameter and reach the compound wall of universe, what is present beyond such compound wall? One scientist says that the universe is constantly expanding! This is again a laughable concept since it finally means that you can never achieve the boundary of the universe. Hence, by all means the scientist has to accept the existence of the unimaginable entity, which is the other side of the boundary of the universe. It is not the boundary if the other side is not achieved. The scientist has stable and steady intelligence to realize the truth in this argument unlike a theoretical ancient tautologist. The unimaginable item, which is beyond the boundary of this imaginable universe is called as God. When this universe is projected from God, you will touch God on reaching the edge of the universe. You can never touch God since He is unimaginable. It means that you can never reach the boundary of this universe. Today this fundamental concept is revealed due to confidence on the stable and steady analytical faculty of real scientists. Ofcourse, foolish conservative scientists also exist even today in small number and this is inevitable at any time. Moreover, today there is lot of demand for the revelation of this basic concept in view of the violent terrorism that arose from the differences between the religions. Even the scientific theory like constant expansion of universe tells us that the space is not inherently infinite, but, becomes relatively infinite as your mind travels through it to touch its boundary. This means that the space is not really infinite by itself, but, relatively infinite and expands continuously before your mind reaches its boundary. The conclusion is that the boundary of the space can never be touched by your mind since the space continuously expands before your mind reaches the boundary. The constant expansion of space indicates the main point that boundary of space, which is the unimaginable God, can never be reached by your mind (Apraapya Manasaa saha– Veda, Naantosti – Gita). This is the absolute point and the relative point is that the space is constantly expanding ahead [of] your mind. You must establish the spiritual knowledge on this basic foundation, which is that the absolute God is unimaginable. All the other concepts should be built like castles on this strong foundation. Take the case of a stream of smoke coming from the fire. If you travel in the smoke, after some time, you can touch the fire. The stream of the smoke is finite because on reaching the boundary of the smoke, you can touch the imaginable fire. On contrary, you cannot reach the boundary of smoke (space) if the fire (God) is unimaginable. Hence, the finite or infinity of the space depends on the imaginable or unimaginable nature of God respectively. The infinity of space is not its characteristic, but, is due to the unimaginable nature of its generator, the God. The constant expansion of the universe also speaks the same. As you travel along the universe, it expands so that you cannot reach its boundary and touch the unimaginable God. By this, the constant expansion is again relatively justified i.e., with respect to the unimaginable God. The constant expansion is not the absolute phenomenon of the universe, but, it is a relative phenomenon since the aim of the expansion is only to see that you should not touch the boundary of universe or God. The space cannot exist in God since the product(space) cannot exist in its cause(God) before its generation. If the space exists in God even before its generation, it means the generation of space becomes meaningless. Anything is said to be generated, if it is absent before its generation. This means that the space and hence, the spatial dimensions do not exist in God and hence can never be imagined. The unimaginable nature is, thus, justified. The unimaginable God proves Himself by performing unimaginable events called miracles. You cannot discard a genuine miracle as magic. Even if you discard miracles, the infinite space with unimaginable boundary stands as the solid proof for the concept of existence of unimaginable nature indicating the existence of unimaginable God. The bending of space along the boundary of object proves that space is something (subtle energy) and not nothing. Hence, generation of space becomes a logical concept since something can be only generated and nothing cannot be generated. 1)You cannot bring finite and infinite to the unimaginable domain (God). The reason is that you cannot make distinction between two unimaginable items since any number of unimaginable items become only one unimaginable item. Since you can distinguish infinite (universe) from finite (a tree), both these infinite and finite items remain only in the imaginable domain (creation). 2) In the imaginable domain (creation), there can’t be absolutely infinite because absolutely infinite means infinite to all references (both to God Krishna and to any human being like Arjuna). This universe is infinite to any human being (like Arjuna), but, finite to God (Krishna) since God Krishna said that God is around the universe (Sarvamaavrutya tishthati…). Hence, this universe is finite to God Krishna and simultaneously infinite to Arjuna thereby standing as relatively infinite. This means that the infinite in imaginable domain always means relatively infinite only and never absolutely infinite. When God Krishna said that this universe is infinite, it (Nantostimama…) means infinite from the angle of Arjuna in the words of God. If you take the angle of God here also, both the verses contradict each other since in one place it is said that God is around universe and in another place it is said that universe is infinite for the angle of God also. Hence, the first verse is from the angle of God and the second verse is from the angle of Arjuna. On this point if you make further deep analysis, you can easily understand that relatively infinite means not only finite to God but also finite to the theoretical assumption of human being and simultaneously infinite to the experimental calculation of human being. It means that you can assume the diameter of universe as having certain fixed real value, which is represented as X, but experimentally indeterminable for you. This is what exactly the uncertainty principle says in science. Simultaneous determination of velocity and position of electron is experimentally impossible and this does not mean both the values do not really exist. Since both values really exist, you can represent them by X and Y. X and Y mean only that both are experimentally indeterminable values, but really existing values, which can be calculated by God or representable as X and Y in the theoretical assumption of human beings. Similarly, the diameter of the universe is really existing (representable in theoretical assumption by some letter like X or Y or Z) and really calculatable by God though is experimentally uncalculatable by human beings. In such case, following two steps are true and really existing though not calculatable by us experimentally. The two steps are:- i) uncalculatable diameter of relatively infinite universe + some calculatable length is always greater than uncalculatable diameter of relatively infinite universe. ii) Uncalculatable diameter of relatively infinite universe – some calculatable length is always lesser than uncalculatable diameter of relatively infinite universe. Except the value of ‘some calculatable length’ (known to us), no human being can calculate values for the other items in the above two steps. This does not mean that the values of other items do not really exist and mean only that they really exist but experimentally uncalculatable to the human beings. Science is in two phases: theoretical (Physics) and experimental (Physics). The above uncalculatable values exist as uncalculatable in experimental part only. In theoretical assumption part these values exist (already calculated by God) as unknown to us. 3)The experimentally uncalculatable (and really existing in the theoretical assumption) values of items mentioned in the above para 2, can’t even exist really in theoretical assumption also, if you replace the word ‘infinite’ by the word ‘unimaginable’ (in fact, the word infinite can’t exist in the unimaginable domain as said in para 1). The above two steps in the unimaginable domain will be in the following way. i) Unimaginable X+ unimaginable Y = unimaginable X or Y. ii) Unimaginable X – unimaginable Y = unimaginable X or Y. The values of all the unimaginable items are uncalculatable both by experiment and theoretical assumption of their existence is also not possible since any number of unimaginable added, subtracted, divided and multiply result in one unimaginable only. 4)Therefore, the Vedic verse says that something (X) – same something (X) = same something (X). This something (X) stands for the word ‘Purnam’. This is possible only if X is unimaginable. In the imaginable domain, where only infinite exists (as relative infinite only), even if you take the infinite (in reality finite to God as well as to theoretical assumption of human beings) represented by X gives the following step only:- X-X = 0. Addition is also similar. In the case of relative infinite (please note that absolute infinite never exists) of imaginable domain X+X = 2X. Same addition in unimaginable domain is X+X = X. similarly division and multiplication. Therefore, one should not mistake that infinite is unimaginable (because distinguishable infinite from finite can never exist in unimaginable domain) and apply the unimaginable addition, subtraction etc., (X+X = X or X-X=X) to infinite (which is always relative existing in the imaginable domain only). 5)You should not apply these steps of unimaginable domain (X+X=X and X-X=X) to the infinite of imaginable domain (not absolute infinite, but, only relatively infinite) confusing with law of conservation of energy, which means that the part of energy (other part is matter) of universe remains constant if some energy is converted in to some matter and same amount of matter is converted back in to equivalent amount of energy disappeared. Here also, energy, a part of relatively infinite universe may be experimentally indeterminable infinite, but, exists with a real value in theoretical assumption. The energy, being a part of infinite universe, also becomes infinite in this imaginable domain, but, its value is real represented in assumption by a letter as in the case of the whole universe. The step in the law of conservation of energy is:- X (total energy)-Y(some energy converted to matter) = X-Y (remaining energy). (X-Y)+Y (same amount of energy resulting by conversion of matter in to energy) = X and hence X is always constant. In the unimaginable domain also, the result is constant (unimaginable+ unimaginable=unimaginable, which is constant since any number of unimaginables result as one unimaginable only). Due to this similarity in result, you may confuse that law of conservation of energy is also like unimaginable domain and the reason you may think may be that the energy-part is infinite just like the whole-universe. This leads to generalization that infinite and unimaginable are one and the same. Such confusion makes you to think that something added to infinite is constant as in the case of unimaginable. In the case of law of conservation of energy, the value of energy is maintained constant due to the internal mechanism of balance between a quantum of energy lost (by becoming some matter) and the same quantum of energy gained (same ‘some matter’ becomes equivalent energy). In the case of infinite universe, something added to it increases the quantity of universe (which is uncalculatable by experiment but exists really that can be represented in assumption as X). 6) When you do a problem, there is a norm to represent the unknown quantity by X. Here X means that the quantity has definite value, which is unknown to you in this time. The X represented above is also unknown to you, but it is unknown in all the times. In the problem, you say that 1/10 portion of X is 10. This step determined by you helps you to calculate X as 100. Unless you know the value of X as 100 in the beginning itself, you cannot say that 1/10 of X is 10. Hence, the problem deals with the quantities, which are calculatable only. In the above concept the X is always unknown to us, which is the diameter of the universe. When the diameter is unknown, the centre of the universe is also undeterminable and then the radius is uncalculatable. Even though some scientists say that the diameter of the universe is 200 billion light years, it is not acceptable because the edge of the universe is never reached practically by anybody or even by instruments. The journey of human being or even its imagination up to the boundary of the universe is impossible (in spite the imaginable boundary of the universe is ending at some point since the universe is not absolutely infinite but relatively infinite, which means that it is finite to God and infinite to human being thereby resulting that the diameter is calculated by God already). The value of the diameter (of the finite universe in reality) is certainly finite having certain value that is uncalculatable to us and hence you can say that the value of the diameter is X billion light years. X has certainly a value known to God and our theoretical assumption also says that some unknown number exists for X. X is not real absolute infinite (only relative infinite meaning that the value of diameter exists, which is unknown to us due to inability in calculation). The diameter of universe is not infinite by itself but due to presence of God at the boundary Most important is that the diameter of the universe is having certain solid value, but, it is so long that we can’t reach it. This doesn’t mean that the length is real infinite. It is really finite but appears as infinite to us because of our inability to reach the boundary even by imagination. You are imagining the material of the boundary but, unable to imagine the point where the boundary ends. When infinity is not inherent characteristic of the diameter of the universe, what is the problem for us to reach it just by imagination at least? The actual reason is not due to infinity of the diameter, but, due to unimaginable nature of the God existing adjacent to the boundary of the universe. You can never touch the unimaginable God even by imagination. When you are reaching the boundary of the earth, you are naturally touching the sea water that starts from the boundary of the earth. Since Sea water is also imaginable like the earth, you can reach the boundary of the earth touching the sea water. In the place of earth let this universe stand. In the place of sea water let the unimaginable domain stand surrounding the universe. Since God is unimaginable, He is untouchable even by the imagination of human being. If you reach the boundary of universe, naturally you will touch (imagine) the unimaginable God. Since this (imagining the unimaginable) is impossible, you should never reach the boundary of this universe. Hence, infinity of the diameter of the universe is relative with respect to adjacent unimaginable God and not absolute infinity of the diameter. Since scientists do not believe the unimaginable God surrounding the universe, they naturally concluded that the universe is really absolute infinite because if the diameter is really finite, will there be a compound wall at the boundary saying that the space (universe) ends here? Then, in such case, what is present after the boundary wall? Unable to find out that after the compound wall, they simply extended the diameter infinitely. The core and boundary of the universe are imaginable. Naturally, after the imaginable boundary, the boundary of the next item having different nature must start. Otherwise, you can’t say that the boundary ends. When the solid earth ends at its boundary, the boundary of different material, which is liquid (water of sea) starts. Then only you can say that the solid earth ended at this junction point. In absence of such junction point, you have to naturally extend the solid earth infinitely. This view of scientists saying that universe is infinite looks like a theory having no end as answer. Instead of such inability to express the end, it is better to accept the existence of a domain of different nature, which is unimaginable (unimaginable is different from imaginable in nature) after the finite boundary of the universe and thus answer of end is given. You need not get a doubt that where the unimaginable ends. Unimaginable is beyond space without spatial dimensions and hence no concept of diameter in it. The beginning point of unimaginable domain is not reached by us even by imagination, which itself is the adjacent point of the end of boundary of universe. Hence, both beginning and end of unimaginable domain are beyond imagination including its core, the unimaginable nature itself is the unimaginable substance (since two unimaginable become one unimaginable only). This unimaginable domain is called as the unimaginable God. The infinite cosmos [universe] itself is a proof of the existence of unimaginable God. ‘Infinite’ means that the boundary of the universe is everlasting. What is the secret of this everlasting boundary? Suppose, let us say that the ocean is infinite. It means that you may travel and travel for any extent of time, you will not reach the bank of the ocean. The bank of the ocean means the land, which is different from the ocean or its water. The land, which is beyond the water, is never achieved if the ocean is infinite. If the boundary of the ocean is achieved, it means the land, which is separate from water is seen. Similarly, if the boundary of the universe is achieved, it means that the unimaginable God, who is separate from the imaginable universe is achieved. But, the boundary of the universe is never achieved. This means that something, which is beyond the cosmos or the universe, can never be achieved. What can be beyond the universe? Only the cause or generator of the universe can be beyond the universe. From a huge lump of mud, you have created a small pot using some of the mud. Now, beyond the pot, the rest lot of mud, which is the cause of the pot, exists. If you are unable to cross the boundary of the pot, the cause of the pot, which is lump of mud, is never achieved. You can take this example to certain extent only. In this example, some part of the cause is modified into the pot and the rest of the part of the cause remains. But, in the concept [creation from God], no part of the cause is modified. The reason for the infinity of the cosmos. The fundamental unit of the cosmos is space, which is nothing but very subtle energy. The cause or the generator of the space must not contain the space in it. In the case of mud and pot also, the cause may be in the effect but the effect is not in the cause. The mud may be in the pot but the pot is not in the crude lump of mud. Therefore, in the concept [creation from God] also, the space cannot be in its generator. Before the creation of the space, space cannot exsit anywhere and even in its cause. If space exists in the cause, the space is already created before its creation. This is one impossible thing. The other impossible point is that if the space is in the cause, it means that space created space. Therefore, at any cost, space should not exist in its generator. It means that the generator of the space does not have spatial dimensions. The space means spatial dimensions only. Length, width and height are the spatial dimensions and the multiple product of these three is the volume or space. Your intelligence can never imagine anything, which does not have spatial dimensions. However much your intelligence may be sharp and however much your intelligence may take time, it cannot imagine anything, which does not have volume. Therefore, the generator of this space or cosmos is always unimaginable and exists beyond the cosmos. This is the reason for the everlasting space since its generator, which is the bank or boundary of this cosmos is never achieved by the intelligence. When intelligence itself fails, there is no possibility of the mind or senses to catch that unimaginable boundary of the cosmos, which is the unimaginable God Himself. Except this explanation, no other explanation gives satisfaction to expose the reason for the infinity of the cosmos. God is not in the cosmos because God does not have spatial dimensions and He cannot exist in the cosmos, which has spatial dimensions. Even if you say that the unimaginable God exists in the cosmos, it is of no use, because such God is never detected even by the sharp intelligence. It is as good as saying that God is not in the cosmos. Therefore, the Veda says that nothing in this cosmos is God, because nothing contains God. If something contains God, you can say it as God. If a wire contains current, you can say such wire as current itself. Since no imaginable item contains unimaginable God, no imaginable item can be called as God (Neti neti… Veda). Even in the case of human incarnation that contains God, God is still undetectable even by intelligence, even though you call It as God. The Veda (Tvadevanupravishat…) and the Gita (Manusheem tanum…) speak about the special entry of God in human incarnation for the purpose of preaching the spiritual knowledge to human beings with exceptional specific talent in clarifying the doubts. Such special entry cannot be the logical entry of cause into effect during modification like mud in the pot. Such special entry is based on the desire of God and not on the logical principle of entry of worldly cause into wordly effect. www.universal-spirituality[.]org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  7. No one chooses what they believe

    And you get the sizable breeding pop (in successful evolutionary changes) when the change is so successful that it starts to create a pool of offspring who have inherited that change and benefited from it and then pass it on genetically to an ever expanding group of offspring, displacing the older form of the species. Sometimes the population is not big enough, or the change not beneficial enough, and it dies out. That is still part of evolution, and can be identified historically . Who is right is who is arguing the most factual and scientific based views. Especially in this age, audience response is irrelevant to truth, which is why fake news flourishes. and ignorance abounds.
  8. Jeffrey Epstein arrested and accused of sex

    And what part did Mueller play in this? Is his name anywhere on the documents? Your original claim was that Yet there is no evidence anywhere that Mueller had anything to do with this deal. And even that the FBI had the power to make any decision is incorrect, as this deal was brokered by the Justice Department. They might have been advised by agents in the FBI, but that's not the same as the FBI making the decision.
  9. No one chooses what they believe

    Interesting. I have read similar before. However it doesn't really address the issue/claim that evolution only occurs at a population level, as mcormac insists, and is not a staged process involving mutations and genetic drift in individuals; which are then processed/sifted via natural selection into those which promote survival/and those which do not ( over quite long periods of time) thus eventually bringing change to an entire population. ALL of this is evolutionary change and thus evolution. Not just the final evolution into a different species While increasing technology has allowed us to look more closely at all forms of evolutionary process from natural selection to genetic drift, these have been identified and closely studied for decades. The human genome project allows for a more detailed, comprehensive, and accurate picture, a t both the micro and macro levels of genetic evolution.
  10. Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    One of the best posts Ive seen in a while, even if it is coming from a 'liberal leftist socialist communist SJW Trump US hater' (lmfao). No but really though, thank God for sane, rational people.
  11. Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told

    Dude your comment is in very poor taste, really poor taste.
  12. What on earth does that have to do with it? Because they were learning how the equipment worked, they misinterpreted something they saw as something inexplicable? So their new equipment led them to suspect that it might be a UFO? That new equipment must be posirively dangerous if it leads to misidentifications that bad. So what might it have been a misidentifaction of?
  13. Today
  14. No one chooses what they believe

    The Greeks used to have debates, and neither side would concede, but who won was decided by the audience. In this case, I think too many of the audience are themselves trying to jump into the debate, so it is impossible to say there is a winner. I may as well throw in an OPINION. Evolution is the word used to describe the effect created by individual mutations that are beneficial, as those mutations become common in the breeding population. You can't have evolution without individual mutation, OR without a sizable breeding population.
  15. Is God Real

    if God is real, how can he allow all the chaos and war in the world today. The people who suffer are not the cause, more innocents die than all the soldiers in all the Army's in the world. The people who create the chaos and war go on their merry way to create more. If God is real he either enjoys all this pain and suffering or he isn't paying attention. As far myself I don't know if God is real, they say he acts in mysterious ways, maybe that's why I can't see.his actions. Is God real, if he is the world really needs him now.
  16. Jeffrey Epstein arrested and accused of sex

    Like Pixiii just showed, Epstein was on the payroll, and Mueller, as the Head of FBI at the time must have known about Epsteins charges. I don't believe anyone is saying Mueller is a pedophile, or farmed girls out, or anything, but that Epstein did all he did and FBI turned a blind eye.
  17. Is God Real

    The merry bells ring To welcome the Spring; The skylark and thrush, The birds of the bush, Sing louder around To the bells' cheerful sound; While our sports shall be seen On the echoing Green. Old John, with white hair, Does laugh away care, Sitting under the oak, Among the old folk. They laugh at our play, And soon they all say, "Such, such were the joys When we all -- girls and boys -- In our youth-time were seen On the echoing Green." Till the little ones, weary, No more can be merry: The sun does descend, And our sports have an end. Round the laps of their mothers Many sisters and brothers, Like birds in their nest, Are ready for rest, And sport no more seen On the darkening green. William Blake
  18. Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    Never mind their green or socially just beliefs, let's go back on topic - Do they want to send you back home? Trump reducing taxes for the wealthiest is not the only reason why sane people worldwide think he's wannabe fascist. For example, it's my personal opinion that he's a sad sack of wannabe fascist **** because he acts as such. His physical and political double, Mussolini, also had great plans with almighty corporations running the society. (When some of the Trumpers are claiming they're scared of the imaginary 'Left' they completely incorrectly define as the totalitatianism, they should remember it's not only the state that can control every aspect of one's life - the US is classic example of corporate fascism, where democracy is only the show for the most gullible.) And to make it worse, Trump follows the fascist book with the irrational hatred against the 'enemies' too. The 'enemy' is anyone who opposes him. He wants to destroy any opposition with fascist methods: labeling any non-Trumper an enemy, labeling any media that is not kissing his obese ass 'fake news' (translated Lügenpresse term Nazis used), at the same time having own state media spreading actual fake news that are supposed to make population believe in alternative reality in which the movement (Trump cult in this case) is achieving superhuman successes, at the same time being the victim of the evil 'enemies' (democrats, foreigners, women, brown children - to name the most prominent 'enemies' of the Trump cultists). There's one aspect of Trump's behaviour that is not fitting into fascist description, though. He's determined to destroy the very structure of the US and any influence it had on the international scene. No fascist ever had the intention to disintegrate own country. Because no fascist before was controlled by the adversary. Sure there were quite a lot of fascist regimes being controlled by their allies, but not by their adversary. It's a lot like imagining Mussolini being controlled by Stalin. While going through advanced Alzheimer combined with natural mental disability. The good news is this is how we won't have WWIII as the result of Trump's personal fascist desires. The bad news is there's significant percent of the US population not realising how pathetic their cult seems to anyone remotely sane, or at least capable of basic rational thinking.
  19. Carlos Allende

    YES. Luv'n this new Men-who-look-like-ugly-women trading card set. Look, I got Rory Mcilroy, and it's a holofoil, _and_ it's signed by Rory Stewart.

  20. The Case Act

    What a rude thing to say.
  21. Pelosi Picks on newly elected women of color

    If we passed a law requiring a biometric ID to vote, the Democrats would instantly be against illegals. If we also required a biometric ID to WORK in this country bothe Dems AND Republicans would bail out on supporting the madness we have today. It's all about the benefits that their lack of citizenship accrues for their supporters in Congress.
  22. the thunderbird thread with its connection to a picture people thought they saw that never was fueled this, several years ago i was watching the deleted scene from jaws on dvd and it bugged me a scene i really thought i saw wasnt there, my OCD went into turbo mode and i spent hours trying to find it and never did only stuff thats makes it odder. im a big jaws fan and will relay this assuming you know the film fairly well if not whip out your dvd, vhs or maybe youtube. the scene is when hopper is examining the remains of Chrissie the night swimmer, hopper is giving his speech which btw parts were dubbed, look closely at his lips, as hes making his point he lifts the arm of chrissie up but thats all they show in every version i could find, if you listen to his forensics description there is more of the victim in the tub, and the arm while well messed up appears still vaugly attached to something in the tub. but i remember a version where hopper lifts more of the remains, far more traumatic. in my research i found almost zero to support my memory, and all my info came from fans not the film crew or actors, i did find a picture with no details of what a chrissie victim prop would have looked like although the head and face wasnt what i recalled, so right when i was ready to call it a dream or false memory i stumble on a web site out of the UK and several people also recall such a scene and were being told no, it never happened, the versions they recall did vary a little so i find this very cool very odd and do have to at this time say it was all in my mind. i deliberately did not research it before this post and havent in years.
  23. Ghosts Arc'ing

    I used to live in a place many years ago where a similar thing used to happen, quite randomly too I might add. I'd be laying in bed trying to go to sleep at night when all of a sudden, a really loud noise like a bang would happen and as I'd open my eyes, I'd see the last bit of a flash of bright light. Sometimes, it would occur in quick succession, one after the other. It wouldn't happen anywhere else in the house, only in the bedroom. It would also happen whether it had been raining or even if it was dry. It could've been happening during the daytime for all I knew, but I was at work and out during the days on weekends. So that might've been why I'd only noticed it happening at nights. It ended up being water getting in through the roof somehow, down through a skylight into the bedroom area where the moisture had affected the wiring. The wiring in turn kept shorting out causing the loud bangs and bright flashes. In hindsight, I'm kinda lucky I didn't come home to the place burnt down when I think back. Would your house be aged and need the wiring checked, both in the walls and also in the roof or ceiling? It'd be worth it to make sure not only you're safe but the house and your belongings too.
  24. Shhhh... you'll hurt the fat cat's self-image
  25. Pelosi Picks on newly elected women of color

    I think the latest absentee ballot offense in North Carolina was in a Republican Primary by a Republican political activist. The race was between 3 Republicans..
  26. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    It makes sense except for the possibility that the Iranians would then resort to attacking and sinking the vessels instead. It would be an environmental nightmare at best.
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