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  2. I make that FOUR questions ?
  3. I read somewhere that part of the Twitter data collection includes anyone viewing a tweet even if they aren't a member - but I suppose this would be part and parcel of Dragnet Spying and not specific to Twitter ....
  4. Wizard Archaeus

    I prefer not to argue nor fight with anyone. But then I will also not bend nor kneel down to anyone who relies on hostility in order to strengthen their point of view. I prefer open-mindedness as opposed to being insulted. This is not life and death but rather a matter of equitable discourse from which much may be learned by either side.

  5. Hi, I was curious as to your own personal experience..You seem to have alot of advice an opinion on this matter if you can expand on your exprience Id be keen to hear it thanks..
  6. Here's a question for enthusiasts of the Russian conspiracy theory: do you think that Russia's Tyrant Putin would be pleased with the results thus far of his appalling and horrifying meddling in the sacred processes of American Democracy(TM)? Do you think he'd feel that he'd got his money's worth (and let's face it, $10,000 worth of ads or whatever it was on Face Book was a pretty cost effective way of getting the Orange Tyrant into power.) Would Comrade Stalin- sorry, Putin be satisfied with what his compliant puppet has done so far? Has the Orange Tyrant's policies, insofar as anyone can make out what they are, regarding, for instance, Syria, N. Korea, and Iran, been coherent with Russia's Tyrant's plans for world domination? Have his econimic policies been in line with Russia's Tyrant's desire to sabotage the American economy?
  7. Yeah @preacherman76 - get with the groove - don't be a stuffy old curmudgeon.... sheesh the kids are only having a bit of fun “All your sex messages and your, like, d*** pics are on my server now… All your illegitimate wives and, like, all the girls you’ve been ******* around with, they’re on my server now,” Singh boasted. “I’m going to send it to your wife, she’s going to use it in your divorce,” he added, jokingly. awww bless -
  8. No one ever got a job or a paycheck from a poor person or a company that went out of business because of high taxes and regulations that strangled the economy. But some people enjoy beating that same horse even though they killed it already. I wish I was super wealthy but I'm not. Do I despise the super wealthy? Not if they worked for it or invented something. They earned it. Politicians have no business getting wealthy off tax payers by being in office for decades but that's another story. Last, one person that is super wealthy that I admire is Warren Buffet. He earned his wealth by investing in stock. Amd to this day that man will eat at McDonald's and buy his favorite soda which is Coca-Cola (his biggest investment) and he lives in the same house he bought for very little back 40 or 50 years ago. All you "wealthy" haters understand this, not everyone that is wealthy is a liar or criminal. You'll find that maybe by listening to a few, you'll learn something to make your own lives better off financially. I know I have. But that's just me.
  9. Atamarie Mr Walker.. I hope you are well... I have read some your other posts regarding your Upbringing and you had wonderful parents who shaped your early growth.. I applaud them, that is wonderful.. You were also a very curious child and it seems very self determined..again also wonderful.. I don't believe any one can make You Mr Walker, do anything..You have a way of sticking to your truths and in a way where You Do You..I actually Admire this in you..I honestly do... Are you missing something here...Yes.. Not everyone has had the blessings you have had, nor a higher being to help guide them.. I am brown skinned in a predominantly White Ruled world, I am not racist, this is fact.. I am also a Woman in a predominantly Male Ruled World..Society showed me my role in life and status.. It has affected many others too.. I never asked for this, i was not complicit in this was heaped upon me and when this is continually Indoctrinated in your mind, You start to believe the BS..and that is Very Disturbing in my eyes... Peace to you Sir... Mo..xx
  10. Reminds me of people interpreting scratches on stone in North America to be ancient Irish Ogham Script.
  11. Wizard Archaeus

    It appears that if it were not for the blathering ignorance of some skeptics would they have next to nothing to contribute. Still receptive to friendly and fair-minded people. Sadly on many sites does it seems that only narrow-mindedness and hostility rules. Still, I remain firm in my stance of friendliness where I shall continue my postings no matter how often I may be put down.

  12. Is that the best you got? Next, you'll claim you voted for Hillary.
  13. Vlad the Mighty

    On January 12, 2018, Trump issued a “Statement by the President". He said, "I'm a little teapot, this is my spout, tip me up and pour me out". Experts are in agreement that this has put paid once and for all to any speculation about his mental health.


  14. How are you measuring the input?
  15. Vlad the Mighty

    The lights are manned by our teams at peak hours,

  16. I’m expecting the people whose job it was to write stuff done to be able to write stuff done in such s way as to be legible.
  17. How can society, or anyone else, make a decision for me, unless I am complicit in that decision? Am i missing something here? Each of us decides our life, usually consciously, and weighing difernt needs priorities etc. We are given a starting point in our birth, which may give us certain advantages or disadvantages, but if we are mentally and physically fit /capable, then we shape our lives from a very young age I know i was consciously and deliberately shaping mine, by the time i was about 3. By the age of 10 I had it planned out and written down; and in all major respects, lived that life for the next half century Of course nature, or pure bad luck, can intervene, but you can even avoid a lot of those things with logical thinking and sensible behaviours ( Like full insurance on all material possessions, living a healthy lifestyle, or maintaining a good relationship with family, friends, colleagues, and community. )
  18. So your saying ignore the evidence and support only what Orthodox Academia has already stated on the subject?
  19. Today
  20. Revelation 3:20 20Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. More the use of man as in human. But also a patriarchal society used man as a word for human because all power and authority rested in men, thus only a man would ope a door at night and only a man would be out knocking on the door. I always talk about man or mankind, while including women as a part of mankind, because it means human kind. Some people might even think it is a sort of unconscious sexism, but i am very aware of what i am doing every time i use it Mankind is technically correct for all humans and man, strangely enough, includes woman "The generic use of ‘man’ and ‘he’ (and ‘his’, ‘him’, ‘himself’) is commonly considered gender-neutral. Today I found out that the word ‘man’ was originally gender neutral, meaning more or less the same as the modern day word “person”. It wasn’t until about a thousand years ago that the word “man” started to refer to a male and it wasn’t until the late 20th century that it was almost exclusively used to refer to males. Before “man” meant a male, the word “wer” or “wǣpmann” was commonly used to refer to “male human”. This word almost completely died out around the 1300s, but survives somewhat in words like “werewolf”, which literally means “man wolf”. Many feminists would argue, of course, and this debate has existed for a generation or two BUT, back when the bible was written, the word man never specifically excluded women. and so the phrase used actually meant a man or a woman
  21. No friction is not an issue and it will not slow down and stop as load connection is not a problem in this mechanism as work is being taken out with kinetic energy of ball not with system.
  22. Working at putting the colours into this drawing. Even with a headache. Stopping for now. It's late.
  23. It is 10%not 10 Joule .this 10% is frictional losses and it is valid in any kind of system.
  24. "Christian" is not defined by any human authority. If you decide you want to be christian and you follow gods way then you are christian It has nothing to do with a priest or a church or a theology, but only you and god, (and for a christian , the bible or word of god ) Churches have specific rules, like all organisations. Most will welcome you as a guest, but to become a member you have to agree by the membership rules. They a re likea ll other human organisations in this regard
  25. Wouldn't know. I have the sound permanently turned off on my computer.
  26. I have never suffered. I mean i have had tragedies, and loss hardships and pain, but suffering is a state of mind and i refuse to suffer. Life is too wonderful, full of joy and promise. Death and loss are part of nature, and it is only the fear and other negative constructs we create in our mind which hurt us. We reap what we sow in life and natural consequence will affect us all I am glad you have a positive image of god and I can see why you don't like the god that you perceive in the OT Despite years of study i don't see that OT god as any different to the NT one, but the writers lived in a harder, less forgiving time and portrayed him as a more just, than merciful , god I don't think humans are meant to suffer, and i do not believe that we have to. Our external environments are not significant. it is how we perceive, interpret, and react to them, which determines if we are happy or sad, joyous or depressed. For me, god empowers and fills me with love so that there is no room for the things in life which cause a human being to suffer.
  27. I gotta say on the eye for an eye thing,( I call it karma), it has its place.
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