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  2. Biglinos translations cannot possible ignore any Christian texts, because he only deals with the first, Masoretic texts of the OT, ie, that are are pre-Christian. Ie, Christ never was a sparkle in even Mary's eye.
  3. How many tiny bits = 1 modicum?
  4. He still has his pension. It's just medical benefits and other extras that have been taken from him. I'm sure having a millionaire doctor for a wife should offset the blow.
  5. How about Bargain Hunt?
  6. That wouldn't be a pool, it would be a puddle, wouldn't it?
  7. That's actually a very good point. By Sessions' own definition, this is a conflict of interest for him.
  8. But you acted wisely by coming back to us, didn't you?
  9. It was a little more complex than that.. There were many gods, Elohim... plural for god, ie, gods.. Mosss made a pact.... And the world is how it is today..
  10. Do you thinks there's a good reason for that?
  12. There’s no evidence that the ancient Midianites knew of an individual who made such a declaration, but ok. Your scenario has more going for it than Biglino’s translation of the Masoretic Text while purposely ignoring previous and more ancient Judeo-Christian texts. cormac
  14. when the dots continue to join up as time goes on--- to create the Big Picture --- I have no choice but to stick with it... I wish it wasn't true but IMO world events of significance can only be understood by factoring it in....
  15. i atually have a lot of respect for my parent's in regard to music. some of the stuff they like i find silly, but they're both willing to try new things; they've never lost that and i hope to be the same. heck, my grandfather was like that too, we'd come to see him and he'd have eminem* blaring. he liked that he was a local boy. *this would have been in the late 90's, i think
  16. Well, to be honest MC, I see the gods of the OT to be fcking *******s.. Except the ones who were actually good folk.. Its a little complicated...
  17. Someone declared them self a God, and just like gossip, it was greatly twisted and exaggerated, and spread like a wildfire, just like gossip. Notice the keyword gossip.
  18. Word has it that Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers post here. That would explain a lot. Man, I watched the latter leftist talk show host's program last night (to see what it would be like), and he spent the first ten to fifteen minutes criticizing Trump, and he does this *each night*! He gives Farmer a run for his money.
  19. Smarter people than I do the thinking, thousands of them in fact, I merely do my best to take in as much as is possible. Nobody has used any gimmicks, if you think you are inspiring people your sadly mistaken, you just sound like a crazy religious person ranting. You have not demonstrated that and only shown biased unfounded opinions so I feel your opinion can be readily dismissed in light of his accomplishments. That's right, none exists only evidence of a natural universe, not much more to discuss really. You've shown nothing to illustrate that view as incorrect. You have merely expressed what appears to be a fanatical opinion. I have to agree with jmccr8. Sounds like an opinion to me. That's what Clockwork_Spirit does, your just going in circles.
  20. Just out of curiousity how does that work exactly as the modern Abrahamic God, Yahweh, is a merging of the ancient Midianite deity Yahweh who was a mountain god (but not a Creator deity) with the Canaanite god El who WAS a Creator deity? No human required. cormac
  21. He obviously hates colored people, er, people of color. On the case, they're attempting to decipher messages connected to the bomb packages. This may help them learn the motivation(s) of the killer(s). Evidently, at least two of the victims knew each other.
  22. Are you under the impression there is a good god out there related to the bible? I know better.
  23. Although you do seem to be sticking with your usual 'It's all a globalist conspiracy' thing. So maybe not that flexible. Just saying
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