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  2. in and out today. Perused the forum. Nothing much to be involved in.
  3. Of course. Parents/guardian's need to be held responsible for the actions of their children shooting at schools; as they are the authority figures in their lives - so jail time for parents for actually being found neglectful for the mental status of their children in a school shooting. If a parent can be ultimately arrested for their children not attending school, as it is something that is more serious and should be held at a higher standard. So it will be the children’s words against their parents and both parents and child must be held at equal believe-ability and with equal doubt (as both can be really good liars - lie detector tests can be taken to help resolve if need be, psych eval on all people, etc.). Stop bullying. I assume kids lash out from what is going on at home - or they are psychopaths to begin with, so perhaps every child needs a psychological evaluation yearly, paid by the schools, and/or volunteers, if they are not homeschooled and actually attend class. People/parents can not be trusted, and the ones that can will have not have a problem giving-in. But it should be emphasized that there will be not questions relating to home events (and parents are more than welcome to attend) - more to see on what the child needs more of. I'm sure the process will show empathy to the child, so the psychologist's mission is to show empathy for the child. And of course there is an inherent psychologist-client privilege (that also needs to be emphasized with the parents that can also attend). Looking at this Valentine's Day shooter... just look at his face (big ears, eyes slanted, etc). He must of not gotten many gifts. Plus his parent(s) had died - it does stuff to people and for others not to care about him after; why should he care about others? It is not his fault and it is. The kids that are deceased are not suffering, they are at peace. The people suffering are the survivors/witnesses and the parents. Only if someone could travel back in time to change this. But if there is a person like that, why should he/her if everyone did not give a **** in the first place...letting this kid be all messed up in the head like that? Parents/guardians/society's neglect on this innocent kid turned killer... Keep having fun everyone!! Nothing will ever happen to you or your kids. Teach your kids to be caring and respectful and stop the entitlement attitude, or YOUR KIDS MAY BE NEXT.
  4. There's an urban legend that she appears if you say her name six times while gazing into a mirror in a dark room. I don't have the nerve to try it.
  5. It's flashback weekend on the local radio started with this..... And to take it full on... Good show movie flashback weekend on the local radio.
  6. There are several accounts of three days dead, and many of people waking in the morgue. Here's one where the guy came to during the autopsy after three days of death. It's been decades since I studied the topic in detail, and no longer have my support materials - ie - books on the topic. Link So, yes....I stand by my earlier statements even though made in a less-than sober state. :]
  7. I don't know if anyone else watched Meet The Press today, but this is a transcript we should all read because these kids are expressing how they feel. Pay attention. Thanks.
  8. Where is everyone?
  9. Who needs attitude when you're an amazon? You should know.
  10. I wonder where those who've claimed abduction/ contact with aliens would hide if an advanced race of beings does make contact & they tell the world they're the first here!? I wonder where the likes of Charles Hall, Whitley Strieber, Travis Walton to name but a few would hide? Could they be charged with fraud? Abductee: 'well I was definitely taken by/ had contact with something- must be from another dimension' Alien: 'other dimensions do not exist' Abductee: 'your problem is you're closed minded & in denial' Alien: 'oh ok then'
  11. Atamarie Friend.. Awesome ...... There are Many Stories on Reincarnation.. Thankyou.. Mo..xx
  12. Yes, dead is dead. Death is defined by medical professionals and referred to as clinical death. As I mentioned, there are many examples of people who have been declared dead and returned to life. There's plenty to study.....I'll just link some easy reading. Lazarus Effect Near Death Experience.
  13. Spot on! Mission acomplished.
  14. The New York Post is reporting Cruz's younger brother, who turns 18 next week, has been involuntarily committed to a mental institution. It is unknown if he has been released yet. Cruz had been diagnosed with autism, which did not have any affect on what he did Wednesday. He had purchased 5 other guns in the last year. They were recovered from the home where he was staying. That family said they didn't suspect anything and that they knew he had guns they made him keep locked up. They think he may have had another key made for himself.
  15. Yes, that's what training wheels are for. So they can get out of the deep.
  16. Oh sorry, I didn't realise that if the chances of something are minuscule (in your opinion) then we aren't allowed to discuss it. Are you purposefully fishing for a response or are you actually that obnoxious?
  17. Hi Will It is your perspective and it is how you need that to be real in your life for things to make sense to you. For some of us no matter how hard you pound your fist on the pulpit we see it as a limitation of potential. There is nothing wrong for you to have found something that gives you a means of facing each day. Not everyone needs to wear a lifejacket to swim in the deep end because they are confident in their abilities. jmccr8
  18. They're all just pawns in an articulated smokescreen. My bets on the British Monarch, whoever that will be.
  19. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 9h If it was the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S. then, with all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They are laughing their asses off in Moscow. Get smart America!
  20. It is quite obvious that you are not even aware of the nature of your references. This source (in this particular incidence) presents an amalgamation of maps based upon a number of factors unrelated to your primary premise. Many of the maps are based upon hypothetical maximum sea-level rise due to potential climate-related basin changes. Some of the maps are based more upon demographics. Another of the maps is based upon New Madrid fault effects (mid North American continent). One map is even based upon the marine incursions that occurred during the mid to late Cretaceous/early Paleogene and are essentially associated with the latter stages of the break-up of Pangea. Many of these maps post-date the 1960s by many decades. Fail. Again. Edit: Piney, missed your earlier contribution. Apologies for the redundancy. .
  21. Hi Clockwork, The way that you have worded this sounds exclusionary of anyone that is not Christian which I find to be derogatory to those others that do good works and express empathy for their fellow man. Is that your honest position? I now many people of different faiths as well as those that do not belong to a religion that are humble and do good works without seeking reward or recognition because it is just the kind of people that they are. They don't see themselves as special above others either. Personally I see the circumstances that occurred for is to evolve to be unique but do not see it as an intelligent or deliberate act. We give things meaning and will continue to do so, it is how we learn and as we learn the significance of those meanings should also develop in our understanding of what we are. Once one has riden a bycicle at some point the training wheels should come off. jmccr8
  22. Agreed and we have been fighting them since 1917 but somehow they spent millions of dollars buying ads and no one knew until Mueller uncovered it? Really? The NSA, CIA and FBI were all clueless? Obama knew something because he told Putin to "Stop it." Now we are all up in arms because Trump is in office? I saw some idiot on this forum saying Trump should be impeached because he hasn't increased the sanctions for what the Russians did in 2016 and the ass-hat is silent about the actual president who was in office and knew about it.
  23. Why is it minuscule? No one knows what's out there. Like I've said before: faster than light travel to a highly advanced race could be like the horse & cart is to us now= mega old tech. A highly advanced alien race could have technology thousands maybe millions of years more advanced than we have today. so IMO dispensing with the other Solar system life contact thing would be illogical in this discussion.......
  24. Btw, it must be that you're being influenced by the Spirit of Truth to have said that, because it does appear that you've become solemnly aware that sometimes, as he said: "I will judge you out of your own mouth."
  25. Denial of what? The stories people want to tell without a shred of real prove.
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