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  2. That's just evolution. Take the manly man of the 60's and place him in todays corporate environment which the vast majority of us are forced to operate in and he would be just as lost as todays IT guy would be skinning a raccoon.
  3. Except that many of the mammals which survived might have been arboreal. And the birds made it through too. We'd have to see exactly which mammal species were present before and after to get a better idea.
  4. Piney

    I have a update on Sakari.

    It is cancer. It's stage 4. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

  5. Ring keeps recording after it starts.
  6. No I apologize, I missed that. Sounds like you know exactly what I'm referring to. When it comes to healthcare we already have a socialist system of sorts. Its just a system which we the people have zero say over.
  7. Grip Strength: Testosterone Levels:'re-not-the-man-your-father-was/#49881fcO8b7f
  8. Why is there a minute long video for something that occurs in the first five seconds?
  9. Small burrowing mammals and ones adapted to a water existence, such as the ancestors of the Platypus. Heat, generated by the impact raised global temperatures so much the Dinosaurs were almost completely wiped out. Falling detritus from the explosion was catapulted into space and rained down, all over the globe as flaming meteorites. Forests and grasslands burned. When the temperature dropped after a few days or weeks, the mammals emerged from their burrows that sheltered them from the ghastly heat to an apocalyptic landscape, a scorched and denuded desolation. What was left of the Dinosaurs succumbed to starvation and the acid rain that followed as well as a global winter that lasted for years from the particulate matter in the atmosphere, blocking the sun.
  10. Looks very much like a tiny bug crawling across the lens.
  11. Because, in each case, the two "causes" or issues, are disconnected. They each have their own purpose and place in human "history". If you have faith /belief in a mythological christ, as a real god figure then his actual historical existence is as irrelevant as zeus's. However one can accept the existence of a Jewish preacher/ teacher with a powerful message, who was crucified at the behest of a warring faction of "rabbis"; and acknowledge the power of that message in human history, without believing for a moment that he was a god figure. Almost all historian academics acknowledge the latter while only "believing" historians accept the former. The same is true for exodus. There is enough historical evidence in social contexts and writings to establish a hebiru presence in Egypt and an Egyptian influence on Judaic theology. Separately There is a story about how the jews saw the establishment of their first nation state Arguments arise only because of the investments of belief or disbelief by those who already have strong attachments to one or the other, or wish to use one argument or the other to justify present realities like the legitimacy of the state of Israel, or the legitimacy of Judaeo christian religious faith .
  12. I never once said I disagreed with you in that the American languages are older, and my argument by my opinion is not hinged on Sumerian at all. Flood: :Under ground Ocean? :"Fountains of the Deep" : much of World Flood accounts; I have read a few, Oral traditions of America included. :Hydroplate Theory : Noah's boat found at Ararat? Unfortunately I have no time to address the rest of your comments right now, perhaps I will get the chance another time. I hope you are not offended by me, I really am not being Arrogant. Shaluwam
  13. Well, it's appeared to me to that there was some sort of a wall between the properties, which (if accurate) suggests to me that Graybill's approach to the mailbox would have been from the street rather than having crossed somewhere directly behind Laci's car. Also, the fence was inset from the house, which to me, also calls into question his vantage point.
  14. I thought you couldn't. Shame. Thought you might be approaching maturity. I will apologise for overestimating you.
  15. Could you explain why we need the new term "cisgender"? Why do people insist on being put into tiny little boxes? I've spent most of my life bringing people together by pointing out what we have in common. That is how it should work.
  16. Who am I going to trust, you with your facts and knowledge, or the OP with his "occult insight"? I mean, damn, how far out in the fringe do you have to be to not be able to find someone to back up your "insight"? --Jaylemurph
  17. Chillax bro. The source claims 1x zoom. Can we just discuss the facts rather than name calling?
  18. That's weak. I can post links to studies that prove my claims, but you weasel out of it by posting nonsense.
  19. Mark Geragos: Now, she also told you that she would communicate with Laci and Scott via an e-mail site called SOPETE1, correct? <---Lacks the AND alleged typo? Jon Buehler: That's correct. Mark Geragos: That's what she knew Laci and Scott's MSN Messenger e-mail site to be? <Messenger has ALWAYS been an IM platfom. Jon Buehler: That's correct. Google MSN Messenger, it's called Windows Live Messenger now. I know of no one under the age of 70 that confuses instant messaging with e-mail. Maybe they had an agreement? Maybe he deleted? Will comment on this as part of another post.
  20. Why do you assume all people deserve my respect? Is respect not something earned? Being tolerant is something you can demand. Respect is a whole other ball park. ETA- are you also ok with completely throwing out all known human biology over this nonsense?
  21. 1) Kindly provide credible documentation that would support your contention that the upper strata of the Mokattam formation utilized on the Giza Plateau had a "very high water content". 2) The provided figure was an inclusion in a paper by Bekhit and Khalil (2007). The figure (1), from Robert and Lin (1997) deals with testing conducted utilizing Topopah Spring Tuff from the Yucca Mountain area of Nevada, USA. Thus, totally irrelevant to your attempted argument. The paper by Bekhit and Khalil (2007) deals with the relationship between capacitance, conductance, and frequency under the tested conditions and does not included specific conductivity or impedance figures. The frequencies tested (2007) were, for the most part, notably in excess of the frequencies associated with alternating current (AC). Nor have you demonstrated any mechanisms for the production, control, and transmission of AC current in association with G1 or any other early Egyptian construct. The samples tested (2007) were ~ 3 mm in thickness. For other interested readers, Bekhit and Khalil (2007): As has been repeatedly noted by numerous other contributors, actual study of the topics that you choose expound upon would appear to be quite in order. .
  22. No we are talking about individuals forcing others to use words that don't exist, with the full weight of the governments force behind them. Honestly if your side cant understand what is so overwhelmingly tyrannical about that then you are an authoritarian. Are you really ok with putting someone in a cage over this?
  23. That would be contingent on what sort of meaning one was seeking, wouldn't it? The transient meaning of everyday pleasures, or the spiritual certainty of ever-lasting bliss. Never mind if it is real or not, pleasure and meaning being emotional abstractions.
  24. I will apologise if you can show me the posts in this thread that show this. If you can't, will you be man enough to apologise for setting up the above strawman?
  25. Caught this at 2:59am this morning.
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