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  2. Please refeaun from posring multiple vudeos. This is a discussion board, not a video sharing site.
  3. Trump challenges Native Americans’ historical

    Very good. now can any one put up their hand and tell me what day of the week it is?
  4. I understand you have a deep need to feel cared about, and your way is to create a bestie god. I respect that, You are correct I don’t have unfullfilled needs, I have kids, wonderful friends, an amazing hubby that fulfill this. All the best.
  5. Comey book: Trump a mafia boss

    This looks like a good place to drop this
  6. Atheism and faith

    I never lost my faith!
  7. Atheism and faith

    I was hoping that personal attacks could be avoided in this thread. For your information: One of the author, Frank Turek is a former aviator in the U.S. Navy, and has a master's degree in Public Administration from George Washington University and a doctorate in Philosophy of Religion from Southern Evangelical Seminary.[2] He has also taught classes in Leadership and Management at George Washington University.[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Turek He's currently a radio host and has a television show on the NRB network. That seems very much like a ''real job'' to me.
  8. Atheism and faith

    I take issue with the Patheos review. This book isn't meant to be objective. It makes a case and present arguments for it. It's a partisant book, as there are many partisant books on the atheist side as well (see Dawkins' The God Delusion or God is not great by Hitchens). Does the reviewer hold these authors by the same standards?
  9. Cloning Can Not Succeed

    There has Not Been a human clone made. Let me know if you find one. It's ok if you don't believe me.
  10. Whoa! I had a case of a toddler who fell 9 floors and hit the parking lot and had no injuries but a faint, real faint, bruise on one knee a few days later. I thought that was impressive but this Moreno story is amazing.
  11. Today
  12. Atheism and faith

    Total Strawman apologetics. Just give me evidence of a God. Wishful thinking, confirmation biases, and belief itself is not evidence. I repeat not evidence.
  13. And that is how you and I are different and why you might struggle to establish a caring sharing relationship with such a god or entity I can understand your pov and at least you didn't try to explain my own position through your own mind set For once you admitted that you just don't get it If you've read my stories indeed he DID warn me of both those things both in the long term and the immediate term, with quite clear and physical warnings Indeed that is one reason i survived both of them.
  14. Why didn’t your god buddy put out the bushfire MW as opposed to burning your house down. Your god is not much of a friend, protector, or savior. He didn’t forewarn you of a fire or a massive heart attack. An after the devastation kinda god is not impressive, and a hard sell as you are finding out, just sayin. Sounds like a lemon to me. No sale.
  15. I would say that the square root of two is NOT real but only a mathematical construct. Arguably however it is real, as the number 2 is real, in being representative of a physical figure Love exists as a pattern of neurological activity in the brain. It can be measured and observed The mind IS only physical. if it was not it would not exist I acknowledge the existence of non real god constructs, created by human minds to serve various psychological purposes and resulting from our evolved cognitive predisposition to belief These serve very important purposes and like love do exist a s a special neurological pattern of energy in our bins I was trying to differentiate between physical things and non physical ie things with solid reality vs things without solid reality A rhinoceros can hurt you The concept of a rhino cannot. so yes our self created constructs of god do influence the world if and when we act upon,them BUT how does the idea of a rhinoceros, in itself, affect physical reality Without a physical agent how can an idea or concept effect physical change? In a sense this is where the idea of angels came from as the physical agents of gods will Doesn't matter how small something is. It is either physical or non physical.
  16. Hello, I have just found this forum. Not really into this stuff myself for me its stuff better left not thinking about.. That being said I'm a real estate agent in an area where I will go in tons of houses, sometimes(not often enough) some old ones- for america anyway-, up to about 140 years old. My dream is to find that awesome old victorian house that doesn't look like any other and renovate it, just too many places now the neighborhood all looks the same. So on to the point, one house that is very near me was for sale really for the land 'value in the land' the house could be saved but at the price he is asking it need way to much work for me to do it. Entire side of boulder foundation is crumbling, roof/joists/attic you can see day so on and so forth, and that doesn't even start on the inside, wiring, pluming..Tons of money. but it is one of the favorite houses i have been in if i hit the lottery or something. Anyway i take video walkthroughs for my wife to see on cool houses. This is the outside This past Feb i went in this house and watched the video , but i don't really talk in them so the sound is usually down. Its usually just me stomping and breathing or coughing.. So I did not notice this until today when i fired it up while looking through some videos and cast to my tv....with the volume up. The house I doubt has had a visitor since the listing agent took the pictures last april of 17. No one has lived there in a pretty long time. I walked through the entire house but only have video of the 1st and 2nd floor(full size attic and basement are left out). I do get a creepy feeling, hairs standing up sometimes in older vacant houses so didnt think anything at the time but when I ascended the steps to the 2nd floor of this house, I remember it when I went form 'man cool house here too bad its so far gone' to 'ok i feel a little weird'. In fact I noticed on the video I even made a post-shuddering noise once I was up the steps which reminded me. But you see the dead rat as I'm walking up the steps around the 3 minute mark and I start to hear things on this video. This is a location where it cannot be neighbors. 500yds away is a busy road so you may hear car noises but someone in a neighboring yard would need to really be screaming to hear them in this house, this property isn't small and has a little empty carriage house on one side and a huge barn behind.. Maybe the wind. I swear I hear someone say 'help me' as i go up the stairs .. once quiet right at the camera being on the rat, and one louder a few seconds after. One explanation maybe is the attic was beat, i mean beat. you could see daylight through many parts of it so maybe it was the wind playing tricks on me because it didn't stop at least when I was upstairs. -disclaimer, as i said i dont really like this it creeps me out, so i did not go back and watch the whole thing with volume up again, i just listed to one particular part again to be sure it ws the video and not something live around me. here is the video, and like i said i start going upstairs around the 3 minute mark and just noriced this tonight. if you are bored watch the whole thing to set the mood me and the wife were in when i noticed it.
  17. On the other hand as the first white man to explore Africa and encounter an elephant you don't need a description of it to accept its reality Once you have encountered it, you can examine it , catalogue it, and fit it into a taxonomy Then you can get around to naming it and eventually becoming clear, what is an elephant and what is not When we venture into space do you think we will be able to recognise an alien being when we encounter one, or do we need to be told to look for some specific qualities You are thinking with a modern mindset where all of us have quadrillions of terabytes of data at our finger tips. Try to think as the first explorer of an unknown world .
  18. Trump: U.S., France and UK will strike Syria

    Russia is supplying Iran and the Syrian military with S-300s. This will inevitably restain Israel's capabilities to strike in Syria. [LINK] Russian supply of S-300 systems to Syria major threat to IAF [LINK] Russian S-300 in Syria Will Curb Israel From Operating Against Iran - Researcher
  19. susieice

    I'm just amazed at this first picture. I'm sure everyone has probably seen it, but Michelle Obama and Melania Trump look like they are in a class of their own. 



  20. Mathematically proven Overunity mechanism

    To ensure something drops through a tube without touching the sides, obviously you need: - the tube to have a reasonable amount of clearance (say 1.2 x the diameter of the ball) - the tube to be carefully positioned exactly vertical - the ball must enter the tube centered and with only vertical momentum That is all very basic common sense, Vikram - I don't understand why you need to ask these questions. Having said all that, the small frictional losses of a slight glancing blow as it fell, would be very, very small. Your device will not fail just because of *that*, and I'll be happy to back that up with some actual numbers IF you ever provide a video that looks even vaguely close to 'working'. So, does this video show the device running continuously without input from you? If not, what input/s are you adding and, more importantly, how have you measured it? Note that given the weight of the ball, some folks here (maybe even me..) are likely smart enough to be able to tell you how much energy is being added by whatever you do to lift/move it into position just by looking at the video and estimating the distances and speeds.. I would suggest that if it isn't running continuously, don't bother videoing it - concentrate on fixing your test setup. If you can't get it to work without you helping, but still wish to claim that it would work if you 'fixed everything', then NAME and QUANTIFY the 'everything'. If you have to do anything significant to 'help', or use some other energy input like an external water flow, you do realise that it is an utter failure, don't you?
  21. Do you mean, to accept and comprehend a mental construct of god, or to accept and comprehend a real god, if it should manifest before you? The human mind's cognitive processing is evolved towards a predisposition of belief for many reasons. it takes some time and effort and accumulation of data to overcome that predisposition Now, with a real god manifesting, it is a bit different I discussed this earlier, but a person might totally refuse to acknowledge the reality of their encounter and even forget it happened (this happens in real cases of trauma ) or they might say they misperceived it ,OR they might acknowledge it but refuse to accept it involves anything religious. It is our mind and world view which determines what reality is for us, NOT the physical environment we encounter.
  22. I hadn't considered that aspect of their value. In fact, I thought that if precious metals could be found in abundance in space, the law of supply and demand would actually drive the values down.
  23. And of course that happens to humans all the time. Millions have identical experiences, conversations, empowerments, cures etc during their connection to a god You can read another's experience and compare it to your own or a third persons. I've had many people talk to me about experiences they have had with god or angels which were identical to my own yet neither of us knew of the others before that time . After a major bushfire, many of us involved told stories of how god watched over us, protected us, guided us, and saved our lives.
  24. Trump: U.S., France and UK will strike Syria

    Care to stand pat with that hand? You're apt to be looking a little silly in the coming days and weeks. Just sayin' eta: I'm not saying the S-series isn't lethal. I'm just pointing out that no matter how lethal a weapon is, it has to be used to get the kill. The Russians aren't quite ready to tackle a nuclear weapons state over anything less than an existential issue. The Iranians aren't their friends, they're barely allies in good standing. Putin just wants a foothold in the M.E. and he has that already.
  25. Interestingly, for humans, EVERYTHING which happens to us, actually happens within our minds However, often components of our inner experience ALSO correspond with external reality.
  26. atheism theism and agnosticism are all logical belief constructs, because beliefs are constructed upon a lack of knowldge and to make explanations where we have no facts to explain things You cannot know something and simultaneously believe or disbelieve in it. For me agnosticism in every issue of life is the most satisfying position You gradually build up evidences until you have knowledge .
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