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  2. well he must be drinking water at least. why doesn't someone drop a few laxatives into the water?
  3. And they make fun of people who believe in God, but go on to believe that a machine can imagine. By golly, imagine that. Lol
  4. In that case i have a better painter than that. And it is called digital camera.
  5. What future do the living children have if their Rights are not intact? Again, what about the vast majority that dies from all other causes? You just ignore them? At times like this, one needs to think logically and not emotionally, and you aren’t even thinking emotionally. Maybe stupidly (to coin a phrase).
  6. Indeed Steve. I've started changing the channel every time the Beeb mentions Brexit, simply to avoid having to listen to another one of their slanted biased news items. Somebody should remind them that the people who voted to leave the E.U. also pay their wages.
  7. Sure, but this program was not given any instruction like that. If you paint a landscape from your imagination, you would use typical landscape forms you had seen before. This program does nothing different from that. Harte
  8. Technology has passed me by, but I was once pretty good with Basic and was damn good with Fortran. Both are today obsolete though. Harte
  9. There are two competing explanations that take UFO abduction seriously. They compete because each seems to deny the other. Both of these also address the UFO phenomenon, as a whole. 1.) A literal interpretation, based on the reports of experiencers, and some odd physical traces that seem to be connected to such abductions. It generally assumes that extraterrestrial beings use abductions to study the bodies and mentalities of humans, more or less like the way humans capture, study, and release wild animals. 2.) The 'control system' concept, developed by Dr. Jaques Vallee. This takes note of many implausible details in abduction accounts, and puzzling implications of a literal abduction phenomenon, as described. It supposes that some hidden intelligence is manipulating human beliefs about UFOs, in order to accomplish some end. I submit that these two hypotheses really describe, in part, the same phenomenon, and that each contains much which is true. Dr. Vallee's mysterious controlling intelligence could, after all, be an extraterrestrial civilization, which is trying to communicate with us in the fashion it deems best, considering our capacities and circumstances, and theirs. The great number of reported abductions, and they way they often seem to follow human conceptions, preoccupations, and folklore, suggest that they may, in part, be evoked by the phenomenon, from within ourselves, and, so, use our own cultural vocabularies to communicate something from outside our experience, on this planet. Are abductions physically real? They may be, at least in some sense, and in some cases. They may be caused by real, physical experiences, though not necessarily the same ones reported by the experiencers. Perhaps we're being gradually prepared by these experiences, and their dispersion throughout human cultures, for a more open, direct form of contact with an extraterrestrial civilization.
  10. Lets see.. if i give this computer an insturction to paint me eifel's tower blended like a picture of a Salvador Dali to make a double image with a woman which has a mystic smile in light shade and a mixture of pterodactil and xenobear are floating over everything, will this computer be able to do this, or will he paint me a few lines which look like trees?
  11. Have you ever programmed a computer?
  12. Dear Mystic Crusader, I admire your reproduction of copious graphics in illustration of evolution. Now, please, let us we two talk about existence and evolution. I will start, what is the role of evolution in the totality of existence, namely, what does it explain in regard to what is existence. For example, language explains how humans communicate among themselves, that is the role of language in the totality of existence. Tell me, what is the role of evolution in the totality of existence?
  13. Most of what I say isn't very serious, but that one was. Harte
  14. Cute but inaccurate. I would say it would be more like: Australia: Don’t worry we’re going to confiscate all sharks that attack and make them illegal. USA: We’ll do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe. The common sense thing to do would be to stay out of the water. Or we could just hunt them all down and thin the herd.
  15. Can you think of any way to differentiate these two things with any certainty? Harte
  16. Are you sure it is imagination or is it just a set of instructions a bit randomized?
  17. dining out for two but I have only one mouth rest all have to rest (Nowadays we are more interested to judge a book with its cover) Beauty Parlor
  18. Page 86 and still stuck in circa 1859/1860 ~ [00.04:26] ~
  19. You have no coherent response so this is all you can come up with? I see your fear.
  20. These are revolutions against a foreign occupying or colonial power, not a country's own government. For revolts against a government (remember I was talking about specifically British history) we can look at examples both with professional soldiers on both sides or only the government side. In every case, a popular revolt without military support fails (usually miserably). A revolt with professional soldiers supporting succeeds more often than not. This has been true from the barons revolt in the 13th century to Irish civil war. We also see through all this that the military will not support a tyrannical government. They have proved their loyalty to the people over the government again and again. I ask again, do you think your military is any less loyal to its people than the British?
  21. There's at least one computer on this planet that would beg to differ: Harte
  22. Dear jmccr8: okay, I will not any further invite you to share with me how you do any investigation of existence.
  23. Based on that statement, I'll no longer take serious anything else you say.
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