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  2. Timothy I will be sharing the report of what caused the house to be the way it was. Mid to late Spring. Here and elsewhere. New stuff gets posted. Thanks
  3. Why is it that some people believe the begining of of life came from evolution or an ameoba in an geothermal vent in the ocean, when no one can actually prove this or verify this personally. Yet millions of people are saying they have personally experienced this NDE an afterlife experience an looked upon as if we are cookoo or finding alterior reasons as to why this might have happened... There is evidence for both theories yet one is completely believed more than the other...Yet there are so many people who have experienced this....Who experience the journey from the ameoba through to ape through to a human...Who??
  4. Do you think the fact the AR-15 looks wicked might be one of the reasons it appeals to a mentally unstable shooter?
  5. No it is Not cheap to hire a lawyer here in the states but some lawyers will work on a No win No charge schedule and others don't.
  6. There is someone in this world that is better for you. I am sorry you had to go through this.
  7. In my community more people have died of cancer then by the gun. People I know have died mid age. The additives in foods is a contributing factor in it. NutraSweet (Aspartame) was proven to cause health problems. But instead of removing it off the market, They change the name to AminoSweet, Pal Sweet or Canderel. Seems like they don't care about the publics interest.
  8. A week ago today to be exact, I'm ok mostly. 5 years, 5 months and 13 days gone and engagement gone to
  9. No sense continuing, then. The fire brigade attending was the high mark.
  10. I think there must be a problem with the clutch. Or perhaps they kicked down instead of kicking into high gear, gave it too much throttle and skidded off into a ditch.
  11. Nasty nasty breakup his fault
  12. Thank you! Yea I joined the Air Force and by the time I went to visit my parents she didn't make it. Sorry to hear that about you. DId you just have a break up or something? Sorry if you did.
  13. sorry to hear that. Harley is my a hole ex's dog, shes only a pup still. She moved out last week Weds with him, I said goodbye and left before he got here to take her. I couldn't be in same house as him and couldn't be there to see her leave
  14. Your post was a little painful to read; like watching someone run several little circles making sure they don't say anything clearly. Not impressed by the game playing, I prefer a more direct approach.
  15. Yea I miss her! I never did get to say bye to her before she passed on.
  16. Its not reclassifying a species NightScreams its discovering a new one completely From the article "We showed that the sixgills in the Atlantic are actually very different from the ones in the Indian and Pacific Oceans on a molecular level, to the point where it is obvious that they're a different species even though they look very similar to the naked eye," Daly-Engel said And these kinds of discoveries are important for many reasons one being Again from the article "Because we now know there are two unique species, we have a sense of the overall variation in populations of sixgills. We understand that if we overfish one of them, they will not replenish from elsewhere in the world," she said.
  17. Surely it must be obvious by now what a monumental waste of everyone's time and money it's been, and it surely must be obvious to everyone that it was nothing more than a politically motivated witchhunt? Yes, a few have somehow been linked with something pretty insignificant, but the importnat words there are surely "a few" and "somehow linked" to something pretty vague. And there are important questions here, such as the one raised by the Orange Leader himself; how much has the FBI been distracted from doing other, perhaps more important, things by this witchhunt?
  18. Near death experience is real...I experienced it myself...Some say brain activity causes this or trauma an so on...I saw people working on my body trying to get me breathing from the top of the ceiling. I witnessed it all before I saw the other side..No one can ever tell me anything different but I know for sure theres an afterlife..People who dont experience this will possibly have trouble believing this but I know its the real deal because Ive never seen the things I saw ever before..No memory reference to replicate what I saw, Its real folks it truly is...
  19. Yes, I'm afraid it is Mo. By definition. So has the easter bunny and santa. What you imagine with regard to your tradition is personal and does not pertain to the real world. Many people have different stories of creation. That's natural. We dishonor those who took those first steps using their brain when we retreat into the past, they moved forward. These stories made us conserve resources stop fearing thunderstorms all good advances right up to modern times. In my opinion, we let those pioneers down if we refuse to move forward. They did and that should be inspiration. Not an object of worship. It has been accessed it said we are all out of Africa. It is saying something very different to what you illy CH and will are saying Its just people rationalising things that don't make sense as basic knowledge grows in order to sustain old beliefs. Any event or thing that is beyond the capabilities of the universe we know so far.
  20. My Dalmatian Dolly when I was a kid.
  21. Thanks. So according to that article, drugs are prescribed around 3x as much as necessary. If guns really aren't an issue, with the UK having a population 1/5 Americas size and 1/3 the number of children on these drugs, we should still be seeing around 3 school massacres per year. We've had zero for 22 years. Clearly it's not just about mental health but also the access to easy weapons.
  22. Bang on there awesome song
  23. Now thats my kinda river now your talkn..
  24. I seen a few bouncing around the Dunstable Downs. Probably escaped from Whipsnade...
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