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  2. Unlike hurricanes on Earth, it has nothing to "run into" to tear it apart and weaken it. If they don't really know how it formed or what has powered it all these centuries, it could go on for thousands of years, merely waxing and waning in strength.
  3. Had chili & cheese dogs for dinner tonight. WooHoo! Culinary wise I'm easily amused (as well as lazy).
  4. Just hoping I was right to use the 12 mm screws and not the 11mm screws which I will probably need for the very last part
  5. Sounds lovely, can you glue it in?
  6. Yes cant say I have heard that before but I have seen distinct different features in different areas yes...Interesting thing history though to me its like which came first the chicken or the egg stuff... Who really was first anywhere in my opinion is something we may never know all we can do to work it out as acurately as possible is put ourselves back in that time an follow the knowledge as it was recorded at that particilar time.. Truly walk in thier shoes...or no shoes what ever it may be...
  7. Bought a red, "I Love You" mylar balloon to put on my best friend's resting place. I meant to get there for Valentine's Day but the weather has not been cooperating. Now I'm trying to figure out how to secure it in a vase. I also received something that was hers from a coworker recently. Moved me to tears as I remember when she had it in her office. I made a place just for it.
  8. That's why a shotgun is better. A man with a 12 guage shotgun is much more dangerous than a man with an assault rifle at closer ranges like in a house. Trust me Lilly, I grew up with guns. All kinds. When I was in the Canadian Rangers, all the instructors agreed that assualt rifles are useless at home defence and have a much greater chance of hurting your own loved ones or innocent people. Hank
  9. O can relate. Occasionally I'll order a pen kit that includes directions with measurements in imperial and metric, then also mixes it up with about so much in. Eh, you'll figure it out, ye ken?
  10. that moment when you realize you have been wearing headphones but have no sound on for the last half hour....
  11. I was out and got distracted by a hot guy singing
  12. With every union in the US backing Democrats and lobbying much, much more money it's a joke to think the NRA has anything to do with it.
  13. We actually sign up and agree to terms that as a member of Um our posts will be sensible and when asked clarified.
  14. Maori back then believed in Mana being the driving essence to be the strongest tribe to a certain exstant it still is around but not to the same level where we want to kill each other... I wouldnt mind betting we still have More Moriori in some Maori than actual Maori yes...The person who died in 1980 was believed to be 100% Moriori...thanks for taking the time Kismit...
  15. And there's where you are mistaken. When it's your life (or the life of your family) it does matter. Also, this is not to say I think everyone should be able to get these types of guns so easily. I actually do think there should be a reason why one needs them and then proper screening should be implemented. I really don't think for a minute that anyone wants mentally ill or criminal people to have access to any firearms.
  16. I'm not sure how you can know these things and still make silly claims about science being some sort of evil organisation. Several, Ive told you this before too, one is even a gold edged bible with locking clasps from the late 1700s that my father left me. Had bible studies every week as a kid too.
  17. This is an interesting genetic feature which only occurs in the New Zealand Moari, as far as I am aware. There are lots of theories on it. From people from Persia, to Vickings and Celts. It is facinating and beautiful.
  18. Your right I don't live near Alaric. Doesn't matter. America needs to remove semi-automatic rifles and shotguns from Joe Citizen. They are not needed for hunting, pest control or anything else but Military use. A man can protect himself, his family, and his property just as well or better with a pump shotgun. Spray and pray rifles put many others at risk in a urban setting. Hank
  19. I did find a walk through. Its not step by step really but it has enough pictures I can wing it.
  20. It's very easy: Dane = Good Swede = Evil Or to put it even clearer: Danes gave the world LEGO. Swedes gave us Surströmning. I rest my case !
  21. Can you look up the instructions on the internet?
  22. Unless you live on the Mexican border, when you can watch out your window at illegals slaughtering your cows because they are starving. (From the people I know) They leave the majority of the cow to rot, but I would imagine you'd be pleased to feed the poor unfortunate border jumpers and their coyotes night after night. See post 101.
  23. It is a really nice kit. It wasn't all that expensive so I wasn't expecting much but its well made. Except for the instructions
  24. I don't mean to butt in on you NZers, but I have a question. In a documentary I watched recently about the controversy regarding the earliest people who were there before the Maori, they interviewed a woman on camera who had Polynesian features but red hair and bright blue eyes. She said she was descended from a people that were there for thousands of years even before the Maori reached the islands. She said her people's traditions told that they came to the islands from Persia a very long time ago. Do you guys know anything about this?
  25. Thank you Hre2breal, this by far my favorite post of yours. It shows a good strong level of knowledge of the facts. The last full bloided Moriori did indeed die in 1980, but I believe decendents do still exist. It seems a reasonable guess to say the native Maori travelled around the Pacific and Polynesia extensively before settling here. Easter Island is one of the places it would be reasonable to guess the Maori travelled to. When I look at wars I see them as being fought for the same reasons, power and resources. Again if we had the written stories from both sides how would they be viewed today? Would the wounds of war be as raw as the wounds recorded on paper now?
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