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  2. Now that's priceless coming from the master magician who used liquid paper on the Medina's insurance claim list to white out any item that didn't fit into a backpack. What gas trimmer, Sly? What rolling tool box, Ismith? What recon edger, Booth? What hedge trimmer, Harry? What 24" toolbox, David? What second safe, Criss? And I presume there were training wheels on that bicycle to prevent Todd from pitching over sideways after stuffing the the rest of the items on that list into his Giant Jansport Backpack.
  3. Police Officers never do wrong. Someone else is to blame. He was justified in that shooting. Same, old excuses, and yes he probably will walk.
  4. I wouldn't blame all of it on Obama. We've been getting hosed by these establishment politicians for quite some time. Harte
  5. I think Senior FBI officials have (and had) already discredited themselves. Harte
  6. Trade blocks protect themselves from outside competition by eliminating border costs between nations inside themselves. That means to compete effectively from outside against the firms inside then they need to be more innovative or cheaper. Hence we do not want any free trade agreements with anyone. With such a strategy on its own the beginning would see low or stagnant growth in the UK economy. In essence, firms would find it harder to compete until they completed an adaption process where they moved to being more innovative or streamlined for cost efficiency. Then they have a competitive advantage and will take off. Why would they take off? Because those competitors inside the trading block are not exposed to the full competitive forces on the global stage and hence without the same pressures applied to them will lag behind when it comes to being innovative or cheap. Of course while no free trade agreements is actually the best strategy to adopt (no matter how counter-intuitive that seems to those who dont know about economics) its not a approach we would adopt on its own anyway. Drum roll........... We are about to start phasing out austerity which will dramatically increase demand in the economy. Our GDP is still well behind where it would be if we had enjoyed 2.5% growth in our economy year on year from 2008 onwards. That is austerity and it corrects itself once its lifted. Its a miracle, everything is landing at just the right time for the UK economy. We can offset any dip while our firms move towards being more innovative or cheaper by managing the level of demand in our economy. Done by lifting austerity off at a measured rate. I predict economic golden times for Britain in the 2020s. Oh, and the IMF predications last week, the ones the Chancellor was very careful not to publically oppose, they are flawed. The lifting of austerity is not factored into them. The next Government, be it May or someone else, will be highly popular for producing economic good times. So long as that moron Corbyn doesnt get anywhere near it.
  7. A sculptor created this baby vampire doll and placed it in a graveyard. As it perched itself on a tombstone, it eerily followed the cameraman around with its creepy smile and intense eyes. The video is here if you can't view it in the link:
  8. I don't think you're taking this thread seriously.
  9. He killed an Aussie citizen, any chance we can try him? We actually DO lock up rotten coppers.
  10. No more days off.
  11. A purple nightgown that is entirely too small for me.
  12. Not just for this truth, but for the whole post... it was INSPIRED! I wouldn't be partying just yet. I'll be addressing @RavenHawk's phone book of a post in just a little while. These last couple long-ass posts of mine literally took hours, and I currently have nothing better to do today. Though in response to you real quick: You literally voted for an accused pedophile, yet you seriously want to praise someone for calling me 'totally disgusting'? Roy Moore was one of the single lowest most disgusting immoral hate-filled things to ever crawl out from under a rock. Yet he pretended more than anyone else to care so deeply about good moral 'family values'. My theory has been that he did so as a psychological defensive measure. Outwardly he would constantly preach about morals morals morals, precisely because inwardly he deep down knew (to some extent) that he was one of the most immoral human beings on the planet. So in order to hide and overcompensate for that fact, he would pretend to care about morals more than anyone else. I'd say most likely a similar thing might be true with you. I find it absolutely impossible to reconcile a genuine concern for moral principles while supporting someone so deeply and openly immoral, that to any halfway decent human being it would completely and utterly make their skin crawl. How anyone can claim to care about morals while supporting a pedophile is, well, it's just impossible for it to be true. You clearly don't care about morals. Not in the slightest. You're proving to me and the rest of the world what Christianity is all about, and that's why young people are leaving the church in droves. Because of people like you. Don't ever talk to me about morals ever again. I'm just letting you know for the future, because I see through your act. You, are what is totally disgusting.
  13. So what's your answer going to be when someone finally admits to cloning a human? It WILL happen eventually.
  14. STEVE is a mighty, helix-shaped staircase in the heavens whereby basset hound puppies descend from the empyreal fires of the outer paradise to Earth. Nothing to do with clod-hopping Egyptians. --Jaylemurph
  15. Well, it was actually rumoured to be a Ferrari (and other sources, a VW Beetle) but... From here:
  16. I really like listening to Richard Dawkins. Thanks for posting the videos. He makes so much sense.
  17. It's supposed to be spring yet today it looks like this.
  18. Only a Jupiter for me.
  19. I would love a Jowett.
  20. So asking a question is “calling you out”? I ask a question about something you posted 22 PAGES ago, you tell me to go find it and I’M the arrogant one? Diane Jackson didn’t report a “burglary” on the 24th because she didn’t realize at the time that she was witnessing a burglary. You really can’t understand that? You’ve never put 2 and 2 together at a later time? I guess just because she didn’t pass by while they were actually hauling things out of the house that means she didn’t witness a burglary in progress – right? “Petty thief”. That’s an interesting way of describing Steve Todd. Try meth addicted, violent, gang affiliated criminal. That’s more accurate. I’m not playing games. You’re the one playing games. Are you kidding me? If you can’t even agree that Covena was crawling with cops, volunteers, family and friends searching the neighborhood and the park for Laci on the 25th – you are in absolute denial. Are you really that ignorant to the facts of the case – or are you just trying to get me to spend my time quoting trial testimony of what was going on on the 25th? Maybe you should read my post again. Many of your comments indicate you didn’t understand what I was trying to say. TODD said he saw the Medina home on the 25th while riding his bike and determined it was empty. He then said later that night he remembered that home and decided to go back and rob it. So obviously - base on what he saw on the 25th - he decided that would be a good house to rob. And he was able to determine no one was home because there was only one care in the driveway. I’m asking you if you believe that. It’s a simply question. But instead of answering it – you attack me with questions and demands for proof that there were people all over Covena on the 25th. Ted Rowlands wasn’t called to the stand to debunk the burglars’ version of events because none of the burglary testimony was allowed in as “truth”. The jury was admonished and basically told not to believe anything Todd actually said – it was only allowed in “with respect to information that this police officer received and the reasonableness of his conduct about what did he do about it.” That’s all the jury was allowed to consider. Not to mention Geragos failed to call a lot of witnesses he could have called. I’m sure you’ve concluded it’s because they weren’t credible or couldn’t help Scott – when the truth is - bad or good – it was simply a strategic judgement call on Geragos’ part. So let me get this straight. You’ve called Ted Rowlands liar…..Aponte a liar……Diane Jackson a liar….the Medinas liars. Wow – to hear you tell it – the only people telling the truth were the meth addicted burglars. Unreal. You really need a reality check. I’m not saying that to be ugly. But in case you haven’t noticed – saying anything in defense of Scott Peterson is not a popular thing. It doesn’t make you famous. It for the most part gets you ridiculed and laughed at. People in Modesto were actually afraid to speak in defense of Scott Peterson. You certainly are a hypocrite. You want to discredit me because I’m some “anonymous” internet poster? As a matter of fact – I’ve always posted with the same username – all these 15 years – and it happens to be my real name. And Jerry Gallo is your real name – right? RIIIGHT. When you explain to me your connection to the case – I’ll explain mine. I’ve never murdered anyone either – but yes – I can understand Scott wanting to sell the house. If the whole world hated me and DJ’s were standing outside my home along with dozens of other members of the press blocking my driveway and the street – harassing my neighbors - screaming at me that I murdered my wife with a bullhorn – I might not want to live there anymore either. Oh come on – the porn? Really? Upgraded to the porn channel. Here’s some perspective for you. There’s NO secret Scott like porn. As MANY men (and women) do. It was all over his computers. And the police had confiscated his computers. So he didn’t order cable porn because he knew Laci wasn’t coming home….he ordered cable porn because the police took his porn "vehicles" and it was the only way for him to watch porn. Every guy I know with a healthy sex drive doesn’t have an issue with Scott doing the deed 3-4 weeks after his wife went missing. If you want to know what Covena was like on the 25th - it's in the testimony. I know there is testimony that all the cops searching the park had parked on Covena. One of Laci's friends testified the house was being used as a makeshift volunteer center. Cops were going door to door asking questions. Brent talks about "volunteers" at the house on the 25th. The media was there. The Kemples were there. Laci's family and friends. Here's just a small sample from Brent Rocha's testimony. Let me know if you need more: ROCHA: Well, he actually doesn't. We get separated at some point and me and Ron end up heading down into the park. And I believe he's, Scott's with my mom, so he kind of, I think he helps my mom over to the neighbor's house and so he actually didn't walk down into the park with me. HARRIS: All right. Did you go down in the park? ROCHA: Yes. HARRIS: At some point in time when you're walking down into the park does Ron come to get your keys so that Scott can get his truck to go to the shop? ROCHA: Scott, yes. HARRIS: And about what was that? ROCHA: I would say it had to be right around 8:00 because I know I started heading down into the park and all the patrol officers were starting to line up and start talking, figure out what they were going to do, and they were all showing up right around 8:00 o'clock. >>>>> HARRIS: When you were done putting up these posters with the duct tape with the defendant, did you have some kind of appointment or time that you and the defendant had to be back at the house that morning, the 25th? ROCHA: Well, it wasn't really an appointment, but I knew the media was coming out and they were going to be out for the 12:00 o'clock shoot, so we were trying to -- well, it wasn't that we were trying to get back in time, we just happened to be hanging fliers and we ran out of fliers so we headed back to the house. >>>>>> HARRIS: All right. So when you arrive back at the house at 11:30 time period, you're with the defendant? ROCHA: Yes. HARRIS: Do you see any media presence at that point in time? ROCHA: Yes. >>>> HARRIS: What did he do after he made this statement about not wanting to talk to the media? ROCHA: He stayed in the house. I went out in front and -, with Laci, two of Laci's friends because my mom couldn't do it, she didn't want to talk. And we brought the dog, dog out of the backyard so everyone could see what the dog looked like and try to get the word out that Laci was missing.
  21. Last night's walk took me 52:48.
  22. Oww..not even at my request? Well thats a shame, never mind. Any particular reason? Answer is (optional).
  23. My mother was a Jowett. You might be familiar with those crappy little things. Thank God our side of the family stuck with Beagles, Bible studies and Nike soccer kits.
  24. Don't tell me.....its a Cortina mk3?
  25. Jeeze! Who counts these things?
  26. freetoroam, I'm sorry, I will not do a reading in the thread, only in PM. You're welcome to contact me if you should change your mind...
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