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  2. How old is the Sphinx ?

    One of the things I see fringies doing a lot is to employ dating methods that are not calibrated, or validated. Here there is a dating method based on subsurface weathering. The vanillin dating method used to suggest that the shroud of Turin is much older than the C14 dating suggests has not been calibrated or validated either. Now the shroud of Turin folks have invented yet another dating method: the strength of a fiber method. A proper dating method is one that is tested and shown to work. The circumstances under which it works are known. But I am unable to find that the method used by Schoch has been validated and calibrated.
  3. Russia probes kick into high gear

    I'm not going to either, not for awhile, I'd rather watch you twist and turn but please note, Bloomberg has made an importnat correction on their story.
  4. That's the thing. We never hear about why society is losing morality, or what to do about it. Other then taking freedoms away from people who have no part in such nonsense.
  5. Hm.. if life is darkness, then as opposition to life, death is the light?
  6. Google: The New Thought Police

    Its not that conservative ideas are not popular enough. Apparently its that they are too popular, and need to be censored.
  7. Life itself is kinda dark. The Bible claims that life is a vanity, a grasping for the wind. In any event, my idea may be crazy, but it’s not as crazy as believing that an angry God made us so that most of us could fry in hell forever, but a few can be saved if they are Christian. That’s dark....IMHO.
  8. You're still thinking that I'm talking about people being locked up for simple stuff like anxiety or really to be specific in the differences here, they don't make threats to others or themselves. No I'm talking about people who do make terroristic threats online or in the local public. Why not them? Case in point - The authorities sure in hell go after suspected terrorists, who threaten to blow places up and usually catch them in the act before it gets to that point. Why not do the same with a mentally unstable person, when they make threats? It could save a lot more lives instead of relying on halfass solutions, as in the case of more gun control that still saves only a few lives. ETA: Another case in point - If a mentally unstable person made known threats to the President, guess where they're butt would be after that?
  9. Mind-Body- debate

    Well... there's so much research going on in hopes of transferring consciousness into machines... I think that there's more that is known about the mind than what is being shared openly. Physicist are on record stating this as well. I think that the saying knowledge is power is true and that's why the truth of mind is kept from everyday people. I think it's always been that way for a very long time. I think I could even say I know it's that way.
  10. That's ok. It is beginning to sound as if he has a background of special needs and if this Incel Rebellion turns out to be the motivating factor, it indicates a very unstable mind. I was only saying that mental illness doesn't show up one day and leave. People with mental illnesses struggle every day. That's why a defense of temporary insanity is very difficult to prove. You have to show that, for one reason or another, someone acted because something triggered their mind to the point that they were unable to determine right from wrong at that one moment. Terrorists aren't normal in their actions, but they aren't mentally ill. Many people who commit murder aren't mentally ill. Many people suffering from mental illness do not commit murder. This case also shows that the world is full of weapons that someone who is determined to cause destruction can use.
  11. Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Survival of the slickest?
  12. Low-flying duck breaks Swiss town speed limit

    I saw it approaching the speed limit sign, and just assumed it would Drake at the last minute. But it didn't. A clear example of misconduckt !
  13. Mind-Body- debate

    Can you explain Karma? Do you see Karma as something that is.If so how does it work? I'm trying to expand on something but I need to first ask you that...or anyone that wants to expand on this thought of Karma..
  14. I tried to answer your questions, but came to the conclusion that you don't understand enough of the basics to understand what I am talking about. You badly need to go back and learn the basics of climate. Until you do, I see no future in continuing this discussion. Doug
  15. When humans first arrived on the island of Madagascar around 1500 years ago, they encountered an array of remarkable species that have since gone extinct: gorilla-sized lemurs, giant tortoises, tiny hippos and a huge, long-necked, flightless bird that lumbered through Madagascar’s forests and laid the largest eggs of any known vertebrate, including dinosaurs. The eggs of the Aepyornis, also known as the elephant bird, were a highly valuable food source for Madagascar’s human settlers. With a volume roughly equal to that of 150 chicken eggs, a single elephant bird egg could feed multiple families. Humans pillaged the elephant birds’ nests, which likely played a role in driving the animals towards extinction. Today, few of the bird’s gargantuan eggs survive; fewer than 40 are known to exist in public institutions. So staff at the Buffalo Museum of Science were nothing short of thrilled when they found an intact, foot-long elephant bird egg hiding in the museum’s vast collections. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/giant-intact-egg-extinct-elephant-bird-found-buffalo-museum-180968850/
  16. NFL 2018

    With two days and counting I'm gonna make a prediction. One of these two things is going to happen. First scenario I have the Browns picking Barkley with the first. They know there is a really good chance only one QB will be gone by the time they pick again. You gotta ask yourself, is it better to get the second best QB in the draft and have a RB that will make said QB better? Or do you just pick who you think is the best QB? Second scenario I still have the Browns picking Barkley first, but then trading the Giants their 4th pick, and their later first round pick (probably even a high second as well) for the #2 spot. This way they get the best RB and QB in the draft. In this case Giants will probably pick Chubb's the DE with the 4th pick, and will use the later first round to get the best O-linemen available.
  17. IDK man I still think that the focus on mental health is just trading one risk to freedom for another in the long run
  18. Mathematically proven Overunity mechanism

    "sir, but sir, these losses are not an issue in this device" (read: I have never heard of these things before)
  19. IDK man I still think that the focus on mental health is just trading one risk to freedom for another in the long run
  20. I'm only stating that because he has stated it isn't God, it used to be, but now it's not.
  21. But at least it would be a very pretty spaceship.....until it burns up in the atmosphere.
  22. Atheism and faith

    What definition of faith are you using? So you dismiss every bit of tangible evidence to believe in something that is unfalsifiable? There is zero logical sense in that. Unfortunately you have to face facts, the universe is chaos, and made up of statical observations. We have no data on what happened before the Big Bang but we probably never will and don't need to.
  23. Yeah and can you imagine if they had red flagged him, when he showed signs of instability and admitted him to a mental hospital, before he got a chance to go on this killing rampage? ETA: That would of been ten times better. No carnage at all instead.
  24. A Earthbound will attach itself to a person for "warmth" or pleasure. Most people can't detect this. Best way to banish them is to use something that works for you. Smudges, prayers, chants and religious items are just "focusing" tools and have no power in themselves. It's all in the focus-determination.
  25. SOmething sure quacked the speed limit, it did ... ~
  26. Did I see a shadow person or something else?

    Thank you so much you’ve been really helpful. Yeah it doesn’t really bother me just curious as to what it was, I have tried telling spirits to leave before when my friend saw a black figure running at inhuman speeds up the stairs where another friend of mine was sick, no one has felt anything in the house since so I’ll do this again if I need to. Thank you again !
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