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  2. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    @Gromdor - the Dems are desperate to stop what is about to happen to fellow party members. Notice the dems call for all these financial records of Trump, and all they are doing is hoping to catch *something* . Ya. another fishing expedition
  3. So let me summarize YOUR thoughts on Apollo, not what "John" believes. All Apollo missions to the Moon were faked prior to A13 and then A17 was faked, because Harrison didn't realize Gene had returned a lost fender of the LRV. You believe that the Surveyor lander was covered with dust from its landing/bouncing events, but there is too much dust on it. The AGNC did not have the capability to navigate Moon landings prior to A13. Apollo communications were processed through satellites under the control/supervision of the CIA. Larry Baysinger could not eves drop on the A11 EVA. The CSM during the faked Moon missions detached from the SIVB approximately one minute after the start of the TLI ignition into a "high" Earth orbit. The CSM remained in that orbit until reentry was initiated. What was the presumed apogee of this orbit? The LM was modified by people under the supervision of Howard Hughes that included a robotic arm to gather samples, store them in a returnable sample container similar to a Corona capsule(no Fake Moon rocks). If I missed any, please enumerate. Now what I asked some time ago and bears repeating, with some new questions. How do you reconcile the differences in your beliefs with the LRO images of artifacts around the LM approximately 75-100 feet from the LM. Trails leading from the artifacts and further out to craters surrounding the LM, including the Surveyor 3 lander. How was the liftoff of A17's ascent staged(captured) by the LRV TV camera if the mission was faked? How were artifacts from the Surveyor 3 lander returned, analyzed and displayed at the Smithsonian? Where were images from A11-A12 taken? How did NASA simulate the atmosphere, Sun and Lunar surface in those images? Where did the A8 and A10 images taken if not in transit to the Moon and orbit of the Moon? How where cloud patterns made identical to weather satellite images? How were data observations made on ALSEP devices from A11-A12 captured and transmitted back to the Earth?
  4. Atheism is incompatible with science

    You aren't expected to trust anecdotes, I don't respect claims that anecdotes are useless to all, including the teller. That really is a toxic lie.
  5. Atheism is incompatible with science

    I have a duty to point out the fact that the pressing need to quash "woo" comes from the fear that it might not actually be all BS, though we know some certainly is. What's to be frightened of ? That is the real question.
  6. An experiment. Use your intuition

    What's that suppose to mean?
  7. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Do you trust everything everyone says they witnessed? If not, duly noted, some things are indeed true to people; what does that have to do with reality?
  8. Atheism is incompatible with science

    They are to the witness.
  9. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Be careful with the facts thing, anecdotal tales are not facts.
  10. Mark One

    Question: since we all live upon the perimeter of a sphere, is the ground flat or curbed?


    Best answer wins a tray of chips, mushy peas, a jumbo battered sausage and a pickled onion.*


    * The chip shop closes in 20 mins but opens again at 4pm.

    1. Robotic Jew

      Robotic Jew


    2. freetoroam


      Er, boy this is a hard one, i will have to google it. 


      Ps:  it the tray plastic or foil? 

  11. That's a rather unorthodox use of the word argue. Fantasize is more accurate.
  12. Well done Sir Eldo, i knew it was somewhere. Here was my bit from that thread In other words, using Oxford academic means .nothing. the guy is still a fruit cake and was speaking at the fruit case convention. Note the Oxford union turned him down.
  13. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Nothing can refute the 'possibility' of anything. This doesn't stop anyone, including you, from using definite and certain words anyway, because they are useful. Just as evolution 'refutes' the 'possibility' of Young Earth creationism, then science does refute the possibility of some proposed afterlife conceptions. No, it's not 'another thing', there's nothing wrong with repudiation of something you really can't 'know' is true or not. There is especially nothing wrong with it when you can't provide any reasons or evidence that your conception of any of this is correct; there is literally no reason to believe you, because you don't provide any evidence or reason to, which you've justified to yourself because you don't view this as a 'debating society'.
  14. U.S. states protect dangerous illegals

    @RavenHawk You better believe that heavy crime districts are NOT where the people who makes these policy decisions live. Ever see Pelosi's WALLED mansion? WHat a complete phony
  15. Atheism is incompatible with science

    I respect the fact you can't make that leap, and guess what, you are right not to. But wrong to come up with that 99%. Leave it at somewhere between 0.0%, and 100%, and you cannot be wrong !
  16. Word Association from the Last Letter

    gangster -> revolver
  17. Atheism is incompatible with science

    There is no science that answers the question, that is 100% fact, despite the BS peddled by P101. There is no doubt in my mind there is an afterlife, but that is based not on wishful thinking, but hard-nosed observation. Of course I miss her, but I realise our time is finite, and if no-one ever died, the place would be getting rather crowded ! I am a realist who goes with the facts.
  18. Before I was sidetracked by whatever point it is that Obviousman is trying to make, I was going to point out the irony regarding Richard Nixon. As I mentioned, many people don't believe all or some of Apollo was real because of the habit governments have of telling lies. I illustrated this by drawing attention to how one of the most prolific liars of modern times was in the White House at the time of Apollo 11. The irony is that if what John Kelly has told me is true, Nixon didn't know Apollo 11 was faked!
  19. Yet another UK Hospital scandal

    Yep, another care home with supposedly qualified staff who do not give a damn about the people they are being paid to look after and have gone into jobs purely because its a job. I have seen it first hand, the 'qualified' nurses did not care about the residents and the carers were underpaid, over worked and some took it out on the residents. I have also seen down right racism from the African nurses towards european and asian residents. Yes! Everything was reported and the care home has closed down. I did report what i saw, along with 4 carers and one who was 'warned' if she said anything by 2 nurses. But prior to it being closed the nurses were only moved out, not sacked, a new manager was brought in and the old one relieved of her duties, 2 carers where sacked, so in the run up to the closure they got rid of the major culprits. When the place closed they said it was due to an old building which would cost too much to update, that was partially true, but the abusers got away with what they did. There was a toilet system where once they all had their breakfast, they were lined up to go to the toilet. Whether they wanted to or not and i saw a carer shout at one that she had to go, that was the last straw for me!! I know not all care homes are like that, but the blame is on the staff who are doing those horrendous things and to the people employing them. All the people who employ them should be investigated.
  20. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    factor -> African-American
  21. Oxford academic Dr Young-hae Chi claims that humanity has been having some very close encounters indeed. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/327928/academic-aliens-are-interbreeding-with-us
  22. U.S. states protect dangerous illegals

    They can further cut out more paperwork by not fingering printing when they book people that are arrested. Even better, just don't arrest anyone. Let the lawlessness takeover the community, like during the riots under Obama. But sooner or later, someone that the ruling elite cares about will be the victim of an illegal. Then things will change.
  23. Atheism is incompatible with science

    I do know the power of grief and how much we miss loved ones and how much we want to believe there is more,.I even think it can help ones healing. I just can't make the leap to life after death with no evidence to support it. And you can, so we will agree to disagree. Sound fair?
  24. An experiment. Use your intuition

    Give us a shout when you've had enough attention.
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