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    In the classical world, information can be copied and deleted at will. In the quantum world, however, the conservation of quantum information means that information cannot be created nor destroyed. This concept stems from two fundamental theorems of quantum mechanics: the no-cloning theorem and the no-deleting theorem.

  3. Keith, As stated in previous threads(which have been closed), you bounce around the forums feeding off the attention you get, when one source goes cold, you move on and return some time later to resurrect your cause. The majority of replies here, are, negative, and it's blindingly obvious you get a kick out of it. You evade questions, or answer them with utter tripe. You attack the teams who wised up and now, your making money from it? 75+% are calling it hoax, some people will believe what ever they want, and if they do, that's fine, I used to think Thomas the tank engine was real. Where did you get your info about the availability of bone black and its uses? Think it's time to call it a day, once and for all.
  4. I don't understand why we need the secret service when we can protect the president with thoughts and prayers.
  5. They're not exactly agreeing with him.
  6. Former Trump aide Rick Gates to plead guilty; agrees to testify against Manafort
  7. There were a couple people killed about 30 miles from me by a man who was involuntarily committed for mental illness and got ahold of a gun belonging to his mother. Still waiting to hear if she will be charged. He also sold many he obtained on the streets. That's why those kids told Republicans they need to be there if they support changing laws on mental illness and access to guns. They want Congress to talk and stop bickering. They want them to stop the partisan splits and work together. They want to stop political contributions from the NRA. This issue runs very deep. But yes, in the long run it is the adults in their lives that need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the way they raise their kids. It's also up to all adults to listen to what they are saying and not just keep failing to do so.
  8. You've got an awesome sense of humor! Did you notice that when he was asked why he'd washed his clothes, that instead of a direct answer, he told us what happens to "the average guy" and the reason that guy would come home wet... About the blood in his truck, it's odd that when he was asked about it that he didn't- at that point- mention that he'd actually cut his hand on that very day. I think the way he went about explaining the blood was his way of trying to minimize the actual significance of that event. (Btw, I think we also see this in his Brocchini interview when Brocchini asked him if he trolled and he answered "little bit"... that "a lot of the reason" he went "was to get the boat in the water"; in that instance, I think he's minimizing the notion that he actually went there to do any fishing. About the umbrellas, I think I've found another lie in the Brocchini interview. Brocchini: So you put the umbrellas in there this morning? Peterson:Umhum Brocchini: Because you were gonna store 'em at the warehouse? Peterson: Yeah but I didn't. Brocchini:What did you just forget? Peterson: Umhum. Ah I, I even saw 'em there when I locked the door. Brocchini: Umhum Peterson: You know, but Laci Brocchini interrupted Peterson. Essentially, Peterson said "I saw them, but...." which I think is saying that he didn't actually forget. So, whattaya think?
  9. perhaps you didn't say that I said that everyone in the ME is a militant jihadist extremist, but the words in bold seem to imply that...indeed seems interchangeable. And when did Israel ever invade a country?
  10. Railguns, laser cannons...... What's this world coming to? In a wartime situation what are the poor surgeons going to be doing if they have nothing left to work on?
  11. Then let me build a friggin mound on it. A great big basset.....with a ham...a big ham!
  12. Aquila King

    I don't disagree with Trump supporters politically. I disagree with them morally.

  13. I was thinking of Megalodon, but this makes more sense.
  14. Exactly where did he say that guns were the ultimate solution? Please quote his exact words.
  15. Redefining Success

    Chain-smoker double mech mod. 

    Interesting to say the least, can't help but think I'm gonna look like a douche using it. Eye candy if nothing else.

  16. What exactly did you experience?
  17. Oh well, if you judge a citizens Right to bear arms to be the typical demonstration of a country's freedom in this progressive world of ours, then why aren't other progressive societies following that lead? Constitutions which historically guaranteed a right to bear arms are those of Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua and the United States of America.[4] Nearly all of the Latin American examples were modelled on that of the United States.[3] At present, out of the world’s nearly 200 constitutions, three still include a right to bear arms: Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States; of these three, only the last does not include explicit restrictive conditions. link All those countries listed are third world and have the highest murder rate in the world. I also added and bolded the part "in this progressive world of ours" because your statement of the USA being the beacon of freedom historically was true. These constant uncontrolled school massacres due to an outdated Right are not "freedoms" that will be followed by other progressive societies.
  18. The laws are not the only thing which failed these children or needs changing. But this part is certainly a major aspect of it: Americans will not give up their arms.... not only does the law needs changing, but parents need to take control of what is going on with their childrens lives. Adam Lanza also had a mental illness, he had a mother who was oblivious to what he was doing in his bedroom....another parent quite happy to get on with their lives while their child was on their computer...they even communicated by email although they were in the same house. And here is the story with the family Cruz was staying with: the family had no idea what he was doing in his room or what he was putting on social media...but they knew he had problems and yet still allowed him to own guns and bring them into their house...jeeze!!!!! I can not believe i have just read that. The fact they made him lock them up is irrelevant, anyone with troubles should NOT be allowed to legally own a gun and even though the law allows them to, the adult housing the child should not just shrug their shoulders and basically say...well its legal! ALL the adults need to take responsibilty, they are YOUR children and YOUR responsibility .....before any governing body. If the law changes, does not mean the likes of Lanza or Cruz will not get into the gun cupboard, so what then? Any household with someone with a mental illness should not be allowed to have guns in there at all? ... maybe more parent would start taking notice of what was happening in their childrens lives if this was up for debate.
  19. Proud of you, you took the step, it's done and now the ball is in her court. I hope your wait isn't too long.
  20. Yesterday
  21. An unwise tactic. Many boards forbid this kind of "go over and join the fray" post because it causes "board wars" which are not good for either site. I would recommend that he not try this kind of thing.
  22. Non separate god views do encourage the we are all apart of god scenario, possibly one-ness. Could it not also encourage a mightiest force of god mentality? I believe it could and would and actually does. I think the humility to accept we are all specks of stardust drifting through oblivion on a prayers chance of survival-if that understanding really crept through our collective psyche-the world might be united and more compassionate. Something that puts us all on the same level with a common goal. No god needed, just a deeper understanding and acceptance of reality.
  23. Ha ha ha ..!!! Oooh No, Not I Good Sir.. I like Peace......... Most times.. Lolz .... Mo..xx
  24. But I do not believe that there's an efficient, controlling entity that's actually governing global industry and politics. That's not credible. The "deep state" posited on many boards requires this "world government" to be incredibly stupid, to lack the ability to plan, lacking in resources, and unable to acquire power or materials in any meaningful way. You're probably not old enough to remember the way the media worked in America during WWII and the aftermath and the tight control of the McCarthy era and I don't know that you'd have been aware of the same process in Britain at the same time or the way it was handled by the Axis war machines or even the modern control exercised in China. We've seen a 'deep state' control, and this blundering, chaotic, disorganized,global circus of clowns doesn't even come close. We've also seen media that influences the future (Star Trek, for example) but little of what's out there is visionary. There are a few movies that appear to be culture-shaping here in America ("Black Panther", which I am dearly looking forward to seeing, the last "Star Wars", and "Wonder Woman") but the rest are hardly groundbreaking and don't inspire much intercultural dialogue. Unless you are positing us as clockwork creations, unable to move out of a pre-programmed destiny (and therefore the damned ones were damned billions of years before they were born) the ability of the media to control us is limited and weak, particularly when it's in such a ridiculously chaotic state and particularly when it has such uninteresting stories to tell as a rule. While someone who was in the Navy might have created that map, even the page you linked shows it listed as "debunked." The military does not have that as any sort of future prediction (otherwise they'd be moving bases out of those areas long ahead of time.) To remain in power, any elite has to have control of military units and therefore ordinance storage facilities and the like. They're not going to put the most secure bunker in the world (or all their NORAD facilities) right in the middle of a place that they think is going to drop into the ocean. Ditto missile and space launch facilities, major shipbuilding facilities, etc, etc. It should look more like the end of this video Actually, it appears to be written in 1960. Which wouldn't happen. It'd shift sideways but not downwards. The scenarios in these movies are not possible. Scriptwriters seldom bother to learn much about science (or even have scientists proofread their scripts), Just because someone can imagine it does not mean that they're good at prognosticating... we're not going to see Godzilla stomping Tokyo into a pancake or Mothra flapping around in the skies. We aren't going to see people and animals getting Superman's powers via exposure to X-Kryptonite (ala Supergirl's companions and Superman's companions) and no serum will alter your genetics in a Jekyll-and-Hyde fashion to turn you (or me) into the Incredible Hulk instantly.
  25. It's best to end this before a mod has to come in and do it. Wouldn't you agree? That would be the logical actions, correct?
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