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  2. The Penutian may present a geographical problem. My thoughts were more along the lines of earlier Pre-Contact, Great Lakes region Siouxan speakers. Or possibly even the later Arapaho associations, though their Plains Algonquian shouldn't be that different from the Blackfoot. .
  3. Captain Risky

    Illyran literature suggestions

    Personally, I believe both are Slavs that have been influenced by different cultures and Christian denominations. They probably moved into the region at different times also. You can add the Bosnians into the mix too. The Slavs as a whole have been a mix of different tribes that lived between the Caspian Sea and central present day Russia. So even though all are Slavs not all are identical much like the earlier Germanic tribes and the Greek tribes that filtered into Europe at different times and differences.
  4. German robotics company Festo has created robotic birds which are actually capable of amazingly realistic flight. https://news.sky.com/video/robot-birds-capable-of-amazingly-life-like-flight-12022953
  5. Which ones? One type sounds easier to handle than the other.
  6. Captain Risky

    UFO's are real !

    Lol. Goofball, it’s the same story we’ve been talking about for 6 months.
  7. Helen of Annoy

    China forcefully sterilizing Uighur Women

    You're hilariously naive. That money you're so proud of wouldn't exist if there was no government, with all the parts of the system your libertarian mind refuses to recognize. Governments are not to be worshiped, certainly, and we've got trumpers as the most recent bad example how devastating worshiping a false political idol is. I know many people wanted Trump precisely because they want the system to crash. That's so utterly stupid we'll need a new word because stupidity just sounds too benign. Malignant stupidity, maybe? Your entire comfy existence is the direct consequence of relative sanity of your governments so far. Your position that allows you to give charity is the consequence of historic luck your country has had. Without the system, you'd wake up in a world without electricity, money or hospitals, in a matter of short months, probably weeks. What did I tell you about libertarian naivety and possible epidemic, right before this Coronavirus has hit the fan? That a society has to have means of forcing, yes, forcing, quarantines and supply for hospitals, means of limiting prices and distributing meaningful supplies to the population. And so on. By idiotic coincidence, we've got the pandemic now and you've got leadership that did every single thing wrong. Honestly - don't tell me in public, tell yourself only - are you really happy seeing the libertarian approach in its full unethical, sociopath glory?
  8. Captain Risky

    Axl Rose blasts Trump administration

    No I’m not. I’m calling out the trumpets for criticising Obama and Clinton when Trump does absolutely no foreign policy, instead his sole purpose for being commander in chief is to remain commander in chief for another 4 years by attacking his own people.
  9. razman

    President Trumps Philosophy Hatriotism

    All hail the second comming , trump the messiah.
  10. I thought Atlantean priestesses had red hair, befreckled pale skin, and green eyes?
  11. Croatian right wing use it not because of distance from slavic but because guy who was 1st to proposed idea was shot by Serbian secret police in time when even Einstein spoke and wrote about how Croats suffer under Serbian centralism. So guy who proposed Iranian theory was assassinated by Serbian secret police. So..its handy to use Iranian theory. Croatian right wing to separate from others Slavic in Balkan need to highlight that were the only one with Slovenes called Mitteleuropa trough history. That they are med. country. Difference between countries in Balkan are so obvious that Pozzi work from time when Iranian theory was born explain it like nobody bussiness. I mean Croatia did have hard core renessaince period. Did Bosnia and Serbia have it? No. Croatia beside being med.country was always part of west world. From Latin script and Rome to ....well you know more than I do.
  12. I don't know if they are lizards but they are scum of first order!
  13. Would actually recognize any of the real Confederate flags? Doug
  14. What I can't figure out is why Louisiana would want to display the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia on its state flag. What kind of history are they commemorating? South Carolina (First in Treason) did the same thing, ignoring 7000 of its citizens who fought for the Union. Commemorate the Confederacy where it actually fought a battle or where a general lived. What would be more appropriate than a statue of Pickett telling Lee, "Sir, I have no division." on a statue on the west side of the Gettysburg battlefield? Lets commemorate real history, not lost-cause mythology. Doug
  15. It does not explain why there are no significant numbers confirmed with covid and then being infected again. They should be there to see in the statistics. When this idea was floated several months ago a study found all those who were thought to be reinfected cases had previously received false positive tests. They never had covid the first time. Its also interesting these results come from Spain just when its government is bringing back big lock downs, a coincidence ? maybe.
  16. Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope you and your family are doing better now.
  17. You as historian who can read Croatian Bosnian and Serbian then should know about book Na klizištu povijesti which is literature in University of Zagreb, University of Zadar and University of Sarajevo. That said alone debunk your theory about nationalism among historians about Bosnia since book speaks about history of Bosnia. Croats and Serbs didnt agree to split Bosnia and I dont know why you bring Milosevic and Tudjman into it. Why not mention Izetbegovic work in which he wanted to create Islamic republic of Bosnia? Leave politics and modern history when you speak about middle ages and especially Illyrians. And in the end history of Balkan is very well documented. Ofc in some periods you have small amount of sources on some more. I will be honest with you. I dont believe you are historian. And I believe you are either Bosniak or Albanian. So I will be quick. Albanians have nothing with Illyrians. Bosniaks also. As for Croatian paws over Bosnia dude...cmon. Dont get there. You will got yourself embaressed. I will just say that you read about Hrvoje. To me with King Tvrtko greatest figure in Bosnia history. Read DAI. Ofc Im not Daist. But dude...Serbs were in Bosnia from "day one". Croats were in Bosnia from "day one". That doesnt mean that Bosnian didnt exist man. What you see of Bosnia today is modern creation same nationalism as you said. Lol Bosnia before was far smaller. Croatia was bigger. Did you ever heard about Ottomans dude? Did you heard about Turkish Croatia in todays Bosnia? Livno in DAI was among oldest Croatian settlements. So please...go elsewhere with this story how history of Balkan is in fog so Bosniaks or Albanians might have been Illyrians. Sorry if you dont think that but being member of historum.com I saw many times where threads like this goes. Serbs and Croats are nationalist. History of Balkan is foggy. Hey Illyrians are Bosniaks and Albanians. In your story Serbs were only in today Serbia. Cmon. Take example of Tesla. Etc. Ok I skip century but you know very well where Im going with all this. Just saying. If you go there. Stop please. If you desire to speak about history of Bosnia in middle ages I would really like to have someone to talk about it.
  18. Yes and no. Of the dogs in my life, most have been great, but I did have one that once he was around 12, he started acting totally different. Peeing all over, chewing on everything. Stuff like that which he hadn't done his whole life. We worked with him and dealt with it. He died about a year later. We wouldn't have kept him for 5-6 years if he would have lived. It was too much and we had a toddler and a baby. We discussed what we would have done but thankfully we didn't have to choose.
  19. hacktorp

    Corona virus conspiracies

    Looks like the coronavirus conspiracy to cause a pandemic panic was the last straw for the US' relationship with the criminal WHO: @Breaking911 BREAKING: The United States Has Officially Withdrawn From The World Health Organization 11:12 AM · Jul 7, 2020
  20. Today
  21. Eldorado

    Coronavirus cases confirmed in the UK

    581 new cases and 155 new deaths https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/
  22. Sad thing is, that's really not an issue with the dog, it's an issue with them. It's a them problem that they weren't willing to solve. I bet they will go out and get another dog.
  23. OverSword

    China forcefully sterilizing Uighur Women

    I know quite a few Muslims that do just fine here.
  24. The Wistman

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    comes at the right time flash of insight in a dark tunnel of strange clues
  25. OverSword

    China forcefully sterilizing Uighur Women

    The one child policy was not nationwide and not in that region also if I remember was abandoned a few years ago.
  26. Best books are about specific Illyrian tribes since term Illyrians is umbrella for different tribes. Dalmatians were different from Histrians for example. And Liburnians were different from both. Thats why peeps divided Illyrians on lets say 4 catgegories. One were more Celtic others didnt have Celtic features etc.
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