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  2. Captain Risky

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    The desperation is in Trump’s base support among republican voters.
  3. What have they done with the real EOT?
  4. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Best evidence for ET

    Complete and utter bull. There are many many cases where physical evidences of a UFO landing have been gathered by serious people trying to put pieces together in order to solve a bigger puzzle. Who are you kidding?
  5. RabidMongoose

    Franco exhumation expected to cause upset

    This is an internal matter for Spain. While I`m sure there are many bitter Communists lets not also forget Nationalists supported him. This is Spanish history, it is what it is and it shouldn't be hidden or revised away. Its not my place to comment on the Spanish Civil War, but their people fought over who would lead. A lot fought for Franco, a lot fought against him. This domestic matter is for the Spanish to figure out themselves, its none of our business.
  6. "Powered by solar energy from the sun, these 'lurker' probes could stream vast quantities of data about our technology and culture back to its creators on some distant alien world" Oh sure, Aliens with the tech to get here from billions of LYs away are just so enthralled with the amazing humans from planet earth that they want to know everything about our amazing technology and send that info back home LOL The egocentrism of man. how sad.
  7. itsnotoutthere

    Eating meat ‘could be banned like smoking’

    They've also promised a 4 day working week, and to abolish private schools. Thing is, you can promise almost anything when you know you'll never be voted into government.
  8. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Dumbledore the Awesome

    Slander. Libel. Calumny. Defamation. Vituperation. Degradation. Vilification. Smears and trolling and backstabbing. 

    And that's when Parliament isn't sitting! 

  9. I have suggested the same myself. It will be as close as possible to allow real-time information collection without giving the game away. Maybe even in deep Earth Orbit totally cloaked. But if totally cloaked isn't technologically possible then yes, in the asteroid belt.
  10. More than what turned up to the area 51 bash. @acute I had it in my head when I read the title. Looks like the fake monsters are more popular than the fake aliens.
  11. Eldorado


    Sean Connery was asked to leave an animal sanctuary today after staff heard him say he wanted to shave the animals.

    1. Eldorado


      And now... Mastermind.


  12. A new paper has put forward the idea that an alien civilization may have been watching us for millennia. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/330693/are-alien-probes-hidden-on-nearby-asteroids
  13. How did he even get on the plane? So we can smoke on planes now?
  14. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    Fine, Tat, only you are not a leftist. Not as I see it anyway
  15. Ah..... That's where all the Area 51 stormers went, then.
  16. itsnotoutthere

    John Humphrys retires, accuses BBC of bias.

    Indeed. And he's not the only one, Robin Aitkin and Peter Sissons both said exactly the same.
  17. Tatetopa

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    I must admit that is very likely true. The truest thing you have said is that Trump is a player and he loves the game. He is a master at his own game, I doubt anyone comes close to him when he sets up the game board. Have you ever wondered if he is playing you too? He needs his supporters for votes and adulation, but he can't help himself, he is going to scam them if he can. "I don't care as long as he does what he promised. He is building that wall to keep the illegals out that are destroying our country." So a section of wall gets built. A ceremony and speeches are made, great theater. "We have had the best climbers in the world test this design and they guarantee it is unclimbable." Within a week, two teenage Mexican girls climb it in 45 seconds. A few days later there are pictures taken of a dozen people sitting on top of the wall. Walls ,tariffs, taxers, it all just seems like empty promises and reality TV.
  18. They have that effect on me too.
  19. Captain Risky

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    Giuliani Says He Can’t Guarantee That Trump Didn’t Threaten Ukraine Aid https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2019-09-23/giuliani-can-t-say-100-that-trump-didn-t-threaten-ukraine-aid
  20. Farmer77

    Wearable chair lets you sit where you want

    Pixar out there predicting the future
  21. spartan max2

    John Humphrys retires, accuses BBC of bias.

    I think the real story here is that he needed to wait tell retirement to say the obvious. Probably to protect his career.
  22. Great find. Was scrolling through the slide show of amazing finds from history and between 4 and 5 is an advert for property in Enfield. Effing REALY!!! Such wonders and they stick a picture of modern houses in there!
  23. stereologist

    Best evidence for ET

    Thanks for that clarification. I thought she had erroneous zones.
  24. stereologist

    Best evidence for ET

    We expect you to say this since you are an Always Alien member. Even the case of the Phoenix Lights which was so clearly planes has you pretending it was something else. You've even fallen for the disgraced member of the AlwaysAliens crowd that came up with that idea to save face. Here is how the Always Aliens crowd plays the game. They rely on appeals to authority They deny that the two people with binoculars ad telescopes were able to get a better view They deny that the video shows it is not a rigid craft They deny that human fallibility leads to the wide range of reports They tell fake stories to try and shore up their failed claims When it comes to events like Battle over LA, UFOs over Washington DC, Phoenix lights, UFO wave of Belgium they are in the AlwaysAliens camp. They don't care that no one reported anything in the air They don't care that they have to resort to a photograph not of the event They don't care that they have no idea what people reported They don't care that the only photograph was a hoax which fooled them The AlwaysAliens crowd does not care. Plain and simple.
  25. itsnotoutthere

    John Humphrys retires, accuses BBC of bias.

    And you've proved you don't. For you enlightenment :- Definition of democracy 1a: government by the people especially : rule of the majority
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