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  3. Only with what I can or know Top of the Pops ... that's me ~
  4. That's just moralistic obfuscation. An out of condition prize fighter loses to a lesser fighter in superb condition. That's what happened to Rome.
  5. You are forgiven. You had a hectic night. And I would like to take this opportunity to say I always appreciate it when you pop up in the serious threads with your technical advice.
  6. I agree ... but its not as bad as before and sad to say ... its somewhat a two way lane nowadays ... ~
  7. Building a bridge from one country to another in no way implies greater intebgration between those two countries.
  8. Because of the too many wars ... civil and otherwise ... ~
  9. No.
  10. No, it fell because it could no longer effectively wage war, even a defensive one.
  11. IMO the best advice is to walk softly and carry a big stick. Don't get involved in wars if at all possible but keep the nation's military strong.
  12. Sowwies ... still half asleep I guess ... where's my ruddy slippers ? ~
  13. Is there really such a thing as a Viking 'alphabet' or for that mater a Viking town, it's not a nationality, the Danish butcher and baker may have stayed at home and never went 'Viking'.
  14. Rome fell because it was involved in one too many wars ... ~
  15. The age of rampant misguided ... ~
  16. acute

    The Bible verse for today is Leviticus 10:9.

    "Do not drink wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons with thee, when ye go into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die."

    1. Lilly


      Yeah, don't stumble into Temple/Church drunk as a skunk...some good advice really. 

    2. acute


      I see it as God's way of telling us to ease up on the spirits, and to drink more Scrumpy Jack cider.


      Edited by acute
  17. The ones I have encountered move about with incredible speed and yet are quite capable of physical interactions such as pushing an individual while gently touching another as it passed almost as a blur. Another time I witnessed were three dogs had all combined as a pack in defending their yard against a shadow being which had positioned itself within the corner of the property. All three dogs were acting quite defensively with the hairs from head to tail all standing on end all the while growling and barking savagely but curiously only coming to within three feet from the thing and no further as if there existed some type of a barrier between itself and the animals! After about a minute of this the shadow then suddenly turned to its left and swiftly ran at incredible speed all the while exhibiting what would best be described as human articulated motion, with all three dogs in hot pursuit, until the creature had run melding through the property border which was barbed wired fencing complete with thick bushed and thorn like shrubbery as is it had been passing through a clear pathway and where just as before the three agitated dogs had all stopped ubruptly once again to within three to four feet and would not approach any closer to where the creature had exited.
  18. John White did that while illustrating my folks too. Jaylemurph gave a explanation. I think it had to do with grouping indigenous people into one pot.
  19. The people in the painting look more African than antipodean aborigines.
  20. One thing I am quite assured and convinced of is that this 'god' in question declared a long long time ago ... the people called and prayed ... and the reply was ... " Leave me alone "
  21. Since when has anyone in 'Fun & Games' worried about sounding silly?!
  22. From what I know this is the way it's supposed to work. For all we know this may be happening right now. If Congress has sent the memo to the DOJ whatever is going to take place might be in the pipeline right now. Ever since it became evident that the Democrats were involved in the Steele dossier and the emails between Strzok and his mistress came out, I've had that feeling that something wasn't quite above board with all this. A year and and half and several investigations and there is still no definitive evidence of the Trump/Russia collusion scenario, just more and more supposition and other crimes (mostly lying to the FBI types of 'crimes'). Something isn't *right* here and even those who despise Trump should be concerned that our Department of Justice may have taken such actions in order to form an "insurance policy" against an elected President. The FBI and the DOJ do not rule our nation...The US Constitution does.
  23. If I'd said "a hood is a folding hood" it would have sounded silly.
  24. "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum." Rome didn't fall because it wasn't prepared for peace. It fell because it no longer was prepared for war.
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