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  2. They did complain to the FAA and they put some stop tp it. Seriously no, you track them down I keep telling you I'm on a phone and with all due respect I've dug up enough links on your demand. The story is all over the net have a look yourself. Google is your friend
  3. Atamarie Sir.. I Love Smoked Yum...Manuka Smoked Fish is Deeeelicious...!!! Ok, Yes we are all selfish to a degree, sometimes this is an ugly trait and sometimes its survival mechanism.... Depending on the Environment and Upbringing.. Still, free will, means this can be changed, if you so Will it... That is the Beauty of being Alive... Peace Mr Argon... ***** Mo..xx
  4. Why not, it has worked for Egyptologists...
  5. We are all selfish to a degree. Some more, some less.
  6. Atamarie To You.. Thankyou for opening this thread.. Ok, YES.... Your right... I am free in Mind.. I am free in Heart.. Making me free in my expression.. My Will.. desires this, and what my thoughts choice, So Shall it Be.. I Am Alive... So I Live..... I cause no harm..But if it comes at me I will be Fierce... Free is a state of mind.. My state of mind is....Free... Peace to you and yours.. ****** Mo..xx
  7. I choose this path thanks haha
  8. Sorry about my absence - finding it hard to motivate myself to go back to this book and continue, but I will. In regard to the last few responses..., yes. Dogs and other domestic pets do have some highly refined, and differently tuned, senses, and keeping time is not difficult. Sheldrake does however claim that even when the owner returns at completely unexpected or erratic times, the pets still get it right... As I will argue later, there are two huge problems here: - he did not document that at all well.. - he completely ignores a whole pile of possibilities in regards to clues that the animals may detect. Be back later to continue..
  9. I really don't see the problem. We have 50 states, and splitting it up and making another would appease both sides politically and economically. But, we'll see
  10. Exactly what Einstein eventually said about quantum mechanics, it was simply to crazy to accept. Its not difficult to understand his view. When we go small enough into the quantum world everything is skewed beyond recognition. Maby the same things are happening on very large scales where 1 universe are the smallest scale. We dont know what the "bang" originated from or what was happening before that moment. we all are probing around searching for clues... Galaxies crashing into eachother are dwarfed by something else now ... We may be living in a reality with colliding universes, literally. Anyway... I dont have a better idea to offer right now about why some galaxies seem to be going towards us, other than the one i gave you. I need to think about it in between all the other stuff i think about=)
  11. What, what do you know? Things you can prove to bona fide provable facts. Please, don’t dodge with “you’re just trying to mock” because I sure as hell am not. Please don’t dodge with “you’ll never accept it” because although I can’t promise I’ll agree, I can promise I’ll be open minded.
  12. Damn lol just make sure kmt sees it lol
  13. <Looks around with slitted eyes> "I think their gone."
  14. The House Intelligence Committee is expected to question White House Communications Director Hope Hicks as part of its probe into Russian meddling into the 2016 election, a source confirmed to NBC News on Monday. Her appearance, first reported by CNN, could occur as early as this week, the source said, as the committee focuses on people who were part of the inner circle of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Source: NBC
  15. Atamarie My Bro.. Awesome Info... Thankyou.. Peace my brutha..!!! Mo..xx
  16. Atamarie Miss LA. Damn Straight... Wisest words spoken EVER..!!! Question everything, ALWAYS .. SEEK YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE..!! ****** Peace to you and yours friend.. MauriOra..xx ***
  17. Yes, I can understand the salivation for more of the same kind of fun Rand Paul's neighbor enjoyed. To Big Media and many here, it was a real fave.
  18. Today
  19. Going back to what the real job of the CIA is supposed to be about (well, we know a big part of their job is staging coups and overthrowing governments in other countries ), this article here asks a worthwhile question: What's that you say? That's a conspiracy theory? Yes, I suppose it might be,mightn't it. Sorry.
  20. Just to elaborate, at this point, Dr. Dre most likely killed all these people by ordering it. So it is a higher probability than a possibility. I would not give him the death penalty. If we can trace the money from him to the gang affiliates, then I still would not give him a death sentence because there is a 1% chance it could be a coincidence. However, I am comfortable, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he should be jailed for the rest of his current life. When he naturally dies, he will come back as a maggot spawning from the dead corpses of the innocent, and he will live that life for two thousand years and eventually work his way through the small consciousnesses of other creatures for a longer period of time, where eventually he will be given another chance on being a better human. However, if he admits his wrongs then his afterlife sentencing will be minimized, maybe he will comeback as a human. TIME IS TICKING "DR." DRE!!!!
  21. Political divisiveness has gone so far it's manifesting in strange ways. I can't tell if this is better or worse than what we have now
  22. Now that I've had some sleep and some coffee, my mental filter has kicked in again. So I won't make the joke I did last time.
  23. Source I won't be hugely surprised if this actually happens. I could easily see every county east of the Cascade Mountain range doing the same thing in my state of Washington. All of the political decisions of my state are dictated from the very liberal and more populous western part of the state to the utter disgust of the overwhelmingly conservative rural eastern part.
  24. Vlad the Mighty

    I've found what I was looking for!! 

  25. toast

    As every year there is a faux-pas word of the year competition in Germany, the jury consists linguists and journalists. Today, the board announced the faux-pas word of the year 2017. It is (fanfare!): "Alternative Facts".

    Congratulations, Kellyanne!


  26. Exploring alien worlds with lasers
  27. They've been demoralised over the years to such an extent they believe we as a country cant do nothing for ourselves and their only to happy to accept that malaise. A perfect example of how we've been demoralised as a country is when we won the London Olympics 2012 after seeing the Chinese effort jesus, ours is going to be crap everyone was saying, especially the opening ceremony and what happened instead of trying to out do the Chinese we done our own thing and we told the epic story of our nation, and we were left open mouthed in astonishment just how brilliant the whole thing was and now we look back with a pride and self belief from the opening ceremony to medals won to what was one of the best Olympics ever. and that's what we need with Brexit, the self belief, the confidence that we are 65million people, we are the United Kingdom and our song is not yet sung.
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