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  2. Whether the bombings were racially motivated or not is unimportant to the overall point. Wasn't asking for outrage, just pointing out the pattern and recognizing its odd that the President of the United States didn't offer condolences for the victims of these terror attacks. Three terrorist bombs have gone off and killed people and the POTUS has ignored it.
  3. Their operation fund come from real estate trading, that's big money. 268. Birds, fruit and Poisoned tap water (11/14) There are fruit trees in my yard. Every summer, my father in law (when he was alive) and I enjoy the apples and pears from our own trees. My wife and my daughter rarely touch them. They don't like fruit much. Early this year, I found tap water was poisoned. I turned into bottle water. But for trees, I still had to use tap water. I wondered, would toxic chemical in water accumulate in fruit? In later July the pear start to ripen , I carefully ate some. I felt nothing wrong at first when I had one pear. Then I increased the quantity. I took four or five a day. Two days later, I felt indisposition in liver area. Obviously, there was a low quantity of toxic material inside the fruit. If people ate many, the effect couldn't be neglected. When the summer arrived, there always came a lot of birds to enjoy the fruit with me. Among them there was a bird with beautiful blue feather. I think it was a blue jay. The blue jay might have its nest nearby. It came every year. As usual, early this summer I saw it again. But only for a short period. I never saw the blue bird coming any more since July. The other birds were in grey colour. I think they were wild doves. I couldn't tell them individually because there were so many. But I did know some disappeared forever. Each time I went into yard, I saw some flied away birds having the body as big as the blue bird. Then I saw no more big doves. On 7/22/04, Mercury News reported, "VIRUS, dead bird had West Nile". Next day on 7/23, another half page article said, "LABS, State researchers seek West Nile clues from dead birds". "If you're interested: To report dead birds which may be collected for testing, call the state hotline, (877) 968-2473" The birds which died from poisoned fruit could have been many. Feds conveniently attribute the death to West Nile. They also did a research on the result of their job so they could improve their poison technique. It took some time each day for me to take care of the trees. When I found the fruit was poisoned, I stopped to work on them. On 8/10, my wife picked up a big pear and put it on the table, said "It looks good. It's a pity to leave it alone." For a week or so She said nothing about pears and ate none of them which I picked up. Why she suddenly interested about it when I stopped to work on trees? I thought it was a swift reaction from Feds. The surveillance team wanted to know why I stopped the routine yard work and asked the question through my wife. I left her alone. Next day, seeing the pear remained there untouched, she ate it. Though one fruit wouldn't hurt health much, I felt I have responsibility to warn her. I told her the tap water was poisoned, so the fruit grown up by these water was poisoned too. She said, "Nonsense." But then asked me what kind of sickness I felt. On 8/15, 4 days after I warned about the toxic fruit, my brother and sisters came for them. They have been to my house for fruit before. What they picked up always were the big, ripe one. This time it's different. They picked up every piece they could reach, either it was raw or small. I think they were instructed to do so. But whatever they knew, I did my part. I warned them the fruit was poisoned. Why cleaned the fruit from the tree? Maybe to eliminate the evidence that caused mass unusual death of birds. And the fruits might have ended up at Poison Lab of Feds.
  4. "And an even wiser man gives cliff notes, or at least some kinda explanation.."
  5. If you study the Dead Sea Scrolls, particularly the Essene writings you could probably get a handle of the way Jesus may have thought. Matthew has some of what could have been his teachings but Matthew is a re-write of the original Matthew probably by a Iranian-Zoroastrian convert because the 3 Magi were added to the story as with the "Devil".
  6. And I agree.. So whats the problem between you and I?
  7. "the internet"
  8. Dawn approaching now behold vampires jump in graves when rooster soon crows
  9. I am having trouble why the OP is doing his best to characterise these events as racially motivated when hardly any evidence is available. Should Mr Trump jump on your bandwagon of manufactured outrage based on a couple of extreme left-wing articles (linked to in the OP) written by people who appear to hate everything "white" and / or "conservative" (link: From the OP ) There is no evidence on which to base any kind of accusations against Mr Trump, none at all. Why not wait until more is known about the perpetrator befor jumping to conclusions
  10. seaturtlehorsesnake

    happy day after st. urho's day!

  11. Your first point.. It is not a matter of who translated it, nor even what was actually said, that is not the main issue here! What is the main issue here is this, that what was written, and what was told to us, are in fact, two different things. That is in fact - is my only point.
  12. The atheists in this thread are much less evasive than you are. You don’t actually say anything, nor have you even provided an argument for your case. The atheists here have been clear about what they believe and why they believe it, you have not.
  13. Ohh this is the same gooseberry that ran for the Senate in the last election. This fine is PRECISELY what he wanted because he’s an attention whore.
  14. With a spacecraft in trouble and the White House watching, SpaceX had to deliver
  15. I'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  16. I believe the Abrahamic God to be the horned god. A human (a might is right malignant and sexually narcissistic madman) that had a cult following thousands of years ago. It ended being exalted because of other like minded people.
  17. For E.T. Civilizations, Location Could Be Everything Their economies and their fate may depend on the abundance of gold and uranium, forged in relatively nearby neutron star mergers
  18. Unfortunately the way my lower back is I can't deadlift. So instead I've been doing this. Forward bend.
  19. amazon really wants me to buy jethro tull albums. that's... that's not going to happen, amazon. i need to work harder at confusing you.
  20. Hi Sher.. I cannot access any video posted on these boards.. If you want, wish, to give a cliff notes description of the vid, then please do. I would be more than happy to respond to anyones genuine interests..
  21. Have you not been reading the thread? I posted my opinions on both several pages back.
  22. Only two minutes at a time! They had better be quick. Would love to see this with a lot more time.
  23. Would you mind wearing a push-up bra, because the best wireless wires need antennae and regardless of what cheap electronic dealers tell you, these - the antennae, that is - still need some length, you know, and where can you hide a wire for a wireless device if not in a push-up bra? All right, put it on now, for the community, you know how it goes, one for all and all forget the one, he's fallen for the cause, anyway, don't people say that you get used to anything? Where is he? *stands holding a bra with two tentacles, scratches head with the third* *slaps forehead with the fourth* Where's third_eye? And my tranquilizer?
  24. It really depends on you. You could increase the weight by 5 or 10 pounds or go for micro resistance. Another way to use micro resistance is with large flat washers. Get a bunch of them and add one per side of the bar with every workout.
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