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  2. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Here's what one of the pilots had to say in his deposition in 2008. https://nypost.com/2019/08/21/prince-andrew-flew-on-jeffrey-epsteins-private-jet-with-teen-sex-slave-pilot/
  3. Actually, the claims of being a "proffesional amature" was the most glaringly accurate statement amidst all the nonsense... ~
  4. Yeah but I’m not talking about rich people I’m talking about a government artificially manipulating their currency.
  5. cormac mac airt

    "Was Yahweh an Edomite or Canaanite god"

    Sulu, hands down. cormac
  6. " paranormal abilities " To do what exactly ? Read chicken bones and taro cards ? voodoo ? I do not doubt that the CIA and other government agencies have looked into the paranormal, but only because of WWII and Hitler and the maddening research they had into the same, magic, religious artifacts , etc. I think, that what happened back then probably lead the US to want to at least look into things to see if any of it was true or if anything was worth pursuing. But if people can't physically do what we see in super hero movies then for me everything else is pointless / I can't really see much worth in Remote Viewing which even on a best case seems like telling someone which hay stack to look into for the needle. There are better things to learn and research on, such as body language and how to read people for signs of lying, or " spies " learning slight of hand techniques. But I think the CIA is probably way more busy sowing the seeds of dissent in places like Iran, and China, than hoping to find some mind reader or someone with paranormal abilities that are mediocre. That and people are screwed up as it is, do we really need more screw balls now with " abilities ". I do think people can acquire abilities but not at a level that would be worth military or other uses. To me any kind of paranormal ability is black or white, true or false, but even if true i still put it in a mediocre category that really can only be of worth to an individual on a case by case basis and not something that is going to go mainstream in any sense. The human mind is rather interesting and powerful enough as it is, ya have people who can count cards, some people have extraordinary memory skills, heck i think at some point Ensteins' actual brain was sliced and examined to see why the heck he was so smart.
  7. Are not the gods just something that we wish we could be? How much of ourselves are projected into these gods? How much of our cultures are projected into these gods? A god of war and destruction for a conquering nation? The peace, love, and happiness version of Jesus. How about how individuals see the gods? A god of pain, discipline, suffering and being told that it is god's will that people suffer. We are given gods, create gods, destroy gods. The idea of god is apparently very powerful in the minds of those who believe in them. Even blindingly so. I suppose the idea of a loving deity might ease a troubled mind, so long as it doesn't cause the believer to avoid reality. How about the new gods, money being one of the most power if not the ultimate god?
  8. He's not a archaeologist though. Nor a Biblical scholar. Just a isotope dating specialist. https://www.rug.nl/staff/m.w.dee/cv?lang=en
  9. and then

    Student disqualified for hating Halal meat

    Is it any wonder? Most citizens in the west are so far removed from the reality of how their food is provided that they think burgers and sausage originate in plastic wrap. I remember watching my aunt wringing the neck of a couple of chickens for the evening meal back when I was 8 or 9. I was enlisted to help pluck the feathers after they'd been dipped in a scalding pot and it was just what people DID. I believe that people who love steaks, chops and burgers should get a chance to see where it comes from. From a purely sanitary and health perspective, bleeding an animal is a positive but I see no reason why they can't be stunned first. I also think that sacrificial ceremonies are too much for meat that is going to be consumed. Just my personal opinion.
  10. Ellapennella

    The Spiritual Heritage of the USA

    The ones pertaining to God.
  11. All very interesting, but what I want to know is what do your sources say about who is truly the best star ship pilot in the universe: Han Solo or Hikaru Sulu? Is that in the bible somewhere?
  12. and then

    Beneath troubled waters

    It's all a person can do with this issue. Some simply cannot see the total picture or, if they glimpse it, they are simply unwilling to be realistic about the reality on the ground. The aspect of this conflict that bothers me the most is the seeming willingness to see massive civilian deaths for the sake of creating "justice" that has NEVER been afforded to any other group of refugees on the planet. That disconnect makes me certain that the issue isn't with justice for Palestinians as much as it's about displacing Jews at any cost. That cost is going to be great. So be it.
  13. So as a professional amateur (correct spelling) you don't actually have any understanding of why we pick a certain digsite and why we do or don't dig there... but that still gives you "insider knowledge" about why digs are done? And it's "scared of what they will find". I think that those of us with experience here will disagree with your understanding.
  14. Jeez, let the guy cherry-pick his examples in peace. If he wants to self-select out of the group of people who know what they’re talking about, you should let him. —Jaylemurph
  15. and then

    The mummy overlord is back

    Awesome news, isn't it? Made my day!
  16. and then

    The Mooch is best mates with the Clintons

    I can think of less flattering terms for someone like him but no need to get ugly with it. He's just another example of the political inbred class in DC. He just has less dignity (can you imagine?) than most of the others...
  17. onlookerofmayhem

    Is cryptozoology a legitimate science?

    No it is not legitimate science. How does one study an animal never proven to be real? That's akin to me calling myself a Vampirologist. Or a ghostologist. Don't get me wrong, you can study the theory of unknown animals, but without any actual specimens to observe what scientific inquiry is there to be had into nothing?
  18. Bible history covers only a fraction of all the nations that ever existed. In fact, I think it only covers the fall of one nation (Babylon) and then only touches on its eventual conquest by the Persians. Noah, according to the Bible, survived a flood around 2400 BC and his grandson was born after that. The problem with your statement is that the ancient Egyptians were writing all sorts of documents long before 2400 BC and continued writing through 2400 BC and beyond with no interruption. So... Mizraim has nothing to do with the Egyptians and there is nothing about nations failing because of lack of life-giving floods, corruption among officials, and a disagreement over who succeeded the pharaoh so great that the high priests of the god of the land usurped them (followed a long time later by a descendant of their conqueror selling them to another nation. So it doesn't match any account of the fall of Babylon. I don't see any nation in the Bible that failed because of population shift, trade route collapse, drought, and invasion as four factors. So it is not a match for the Biblical account of the end of Babylon. They conquered too much territory to hold, they disagreed about who should succeed Genghis Khan, and then the Black Plague struck. No match there. There's actually no real alignment. We have nations collapsing because of multiple factors, including invasion by neighbors. The Encyclopedia seems to be somewhat... contrived? You can see that from just the European wars documented on Wikipedia and doesn't cover wars elsewhere. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_war#Timeline The idea that "moral collapse" brings about wars doesn't seem to have much of a basis. Drought and disease don't seem very moral... and if the test was morality, ancient Egypt would still be here and would have taken over most of the world, with its laws (far older than Christianity or Judaism) involving Ma'at and Greece (with its legalized and enforced culture of pederasty (men were encouraged to train boys by taking them as lovers; a civilization-wide practice) wouldn't have lasted more than 50 years and Sparta (with its culture of death (things like encouraging boys to go out and kill slaves and peasants as proof of their manhood)) would have been obliterated during the reign of its first king -- instead of lasting for 800 years.
  19. Just ask a Hound.... —Jaylemurph
  20. cormac mac airt

    "Was Yahweh an Edomite or Canaanite god"

    There is SOME truth and history. Not all of the Bible is factually accurate. You however ignore the fact that Yahweh was a pagan god and not Hebrew to begin with, so again, you're assuming a conclusion based on using the Bible, and a few crackpots, to validate the Bible. Any titles utilizing "El" originate with the god EL. Ignoring this won't make it go away. cormac
  21. preacherman76

    Paul is Dead

    “I have to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time” netflix had a documentary on this a while back. To my surprise it was really good. I’m not saying Paul died, but I know this, the Beatles wanted people to think he had.
  22. Ellapennella

    "Was Yahweh an Edomite or Canaanite god"

    Dr Michael Dee, from the Research Laboratory for Archaeology at the University of Oxford,
  23. Ellapennella

    "Was Yahweh an Edomite or Canaanite god"

    cormac There is truth and history in the bible, is why. Abraham was chosen by God and called out from all of that, I'm not in denial of the many pagan gods and idols and the lifestyle that Abraham knew was wrong. I know that El represents expressions of strength and mightiness , and El is utilized for many titles.
  24. SecretSanta

    I know I'm not alone.....

    Dead time is a made up term. https://paranormalpeopleonline.com/dead-time-is-it-a-dead-myth-or-cold-fact/ I really think you should research hypnopompic/hypnagogic hallucinations and also listen to your therapist.
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