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  2. Word Association from the Last Letter

    exit > toll
  3. XenoFish

    I'm thinking of buying a stock tank to use as a pool. 

  4. Australian Federal Election 2019

    One could argue that not voting was itself casting a ballot upon the candidates standing. None of whom reflected your opinion, none of whom you felt could act on your behalf in parliament, and therefore you elected to elect none of them.
  5. Is this Atlantis ... at the coast of Spain?

    The fact that the cost was mentioned in Lire should be a give away that it wasn't recent. Italy abandoned the Lire in 1999 in favour of the Euro. Its a waste of time trying to get an answer from docyabut2 as to why she keeps posting the same things repeatedly. To be honest I don't think she even knows she is doing it. NEVER ! If we don't have this thread how are we ever going to share in the wisdom of people like Pettytalk, docyabut2 and Captain Risky ?
  6. Mossad foreknowledge 911 attacks

    Of course, it's important. Raving antiSemitic Muslim scum can't realistically hope to destroy Jews unless they are sundered from America first, amiright? I'm willing to accept the premise that Israel knew it was coming and so did the administration. The rest of the nuttery around the attacks is just impossible. The idea that hundreds of passengers were just disappeared or that dozens or even hundreds of people were in on faking the plane crashes is just imbecilic. If Mossad knew from intel that it was coming then Bush almost certainly did as well. It worked to Israel's favor like Japan bombing Pearl Harbor worked in Britain's favor. It also worked in the favor of our tyranny-in-waiting of a messed up federal government. Basstards...
  7. Mossad foreknowledge 911 attacks

    FBI is a political tool of the left now, nothing more. i do not believe anything they say now, if they knew for so ling, why didn't they say anything before, i call bs on that
  8. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Been away for several days. Damn I love this global warming. The temperatures were cool at night and the days dry, sunny and breezy. My garden is looking great. If this is what global warming is all about I want a lot of it. People and civilizations thrive in inter-glacials. And if they don't in this one who gives a ****? All the crap that AOC tells us is headed our way by 2030 is well deserved. In reviewing the posts I see that Doug has Doug-splained everything in the GAST paper. Not published in the pro-AGW periodicals, writers not qualified to address the issue, don't know the math. No long list of reference papers one needs to prove that you speak truth. ...... All the usual stuff. .....Sokay we deniers are still gonna win. No one is going to jump through all the hoops the alarmists want. Their weather models will turn out to be bull**** again. They will kick the doomsday can further down the road, much to our glee. And we will continue to laugh at them and resist the totalitarian entities pushing more taxes and rules on the people. The main thing I came in here to do today is congratulate my denier brothers and sisters down in the land of Oz. The liberal climate alarmist crowd got a good **** kicking in the election. I hope the re-election of Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Liberal National coalition government party shows them that the honest hard working people of Australia have had enough of the climate lies.
  9. There's plenty of evidence for something, but what that something is remains unclear. Inconclusive at best. A friend cast a sweet print on High Knob Va. It kinda creeped me out when I looked at it close. The toes were bent and splayed and whatever made it had a divergent little toe. It was about 18" in length. I've heard things, seen manipulation of the environment, footprints etc. but nothing concrete or verifiable. Even the fun I had isn't verifiable lol The latest is the discovery of Denisovan fossils in a cave in Tibet. It's also interesting to note that scientist mistook the molars of Denisovan, found in Siberia, as those of a cave bear at first. Cave bears tipped the scales at 500lbs for females, 1000lbs for males. So either the Denisovans where larger than our species, or they had oversized heads. Or maybe just oversized teeth? Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  10. JAL 1628, 1986 1953 Moncla kinross disappearance 1976 Tehran, Iran 1952, Wash DC..July 1980 cash Landrum, texas 1980 Bentwaters England 1948 Gorman dogfight 1990 Belgium AF radar tapes 1948 Childs/Whited sighting 1997, march, phoenix lights 2006 O'hare airport gate C sightings 1967 Shag harbor Colrares Brazil air force sightings 1964 soccoro NM 1952 Nash/Fortenberry sighting Russia, Krasnador sighting...forget yyear 1957 Texas RB47 sighting
  11. Psychic attack! Need help!

    They wasted their own money doing the exact same thing. Nothing more than a urinating contest.
  12. Cern and time line jumping

    I believe in the Mandela Effect but not the automatically creating timelines theory you describe. My leading thought is that consciousness is at play in this and not unthinking mechanical processes. Reality is a product of Consciousness.
  13. Which is exactly what the Russians intended.....
  14. Giza tourist bus hit by roadside IED

    It could have been MUCH worse... https://www.nytimes.com/1997/11/18/world/70-die-in-attack-at-egypt-temple.html The temple to Hathshepsut from a few years back
  15. And while science goes from triumph to triumph, most people are still stuck in ancient beliefs. It is as amazing as it is sad. Gravitational waves was the one thing missing to give solid evidence to the Big Bang theory. We got it. No one cares.
  16. Yeah..I threw a clock out a window one time just to see how far time would travel....It went as far as I threw it...
  17. What if a bullfrog had wings he would not bump his ass.....
  18. I don't think that's been seriously in doubt for a few years. The fight is over the reason for it and what to do about it.
  19. Well, now you've shown how ignorant you are and how little you have researched. You're a ....(I shall refrain, but work it out for yourself. This sort of thing is easy to work out. We know, precisely, the signal strength, and the location of the source. So WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST CALCULATE IT? If NOT, WHY DID YOU JUST BLINDLY ADD THIS TO YOUR BULLMANURE? At the very least, why didn't you just look it up??? (see below for big hint). It's very obvious, you are completely disinterested in the truth. You have rejected all information and explanations out of hand, invented handwaved (and ludicrous) scenarios, present not one shred of decent evidence for any of this crud, and also (naturally) run like the wind from committing to the very best evidence you have (that being because you haven't got ANYTHING). 100% tinfoilhat behavior. I am rather surprised at all this - I thought you were a better man than this, Derek. But in the Trump age, of course, it seems it's now ok to lie and cheat, as long as you make a buck. FTR, I would like to now point out that if you chime in on any other threads I am involved with, I will be pointing out your illogic and that you are a conspiracy theorist and tinfoilhatter... Be 'proud'. Oh, and if you think I'd spend my time doing your effing work for you, on calculating how big an aerial and how powerful/good (ie S./N ratio) your receiver needs to be.... may I point out that there's a book out there, written by one of the Apollohoax.net regulars, that shows EXACTLY how it is and was done. Of course any college grade textbook would have the formulas required. Maybe, Derek, you should try READING books before making a turkey out of yourself by writing one based on your lack of research, and you being gullible enough to be scammed by a scammer (or so desperate for money that you don't care). I will give you a googling hint, though.... "apollo link budget ka9q". See what you get, and then get back to us (no, actually, don't.. just vanish in embarrassment Only if you are a complete dufus, haven't thought it through and haven't even considered the simplest problem of all - where was he (or the Parkes staff, etc...) pointing the antenna? You honestly don't realise how directional this type of reception/transmission is? Mate, you're not a scientist - you're not even a pimple on a scientists ****.
  20. Psychic attack! Need help!

    And it was a massive waste of money.
  21. Cern and time line jumping

    Neither do you. I've already put up support for my opinion.
  22. That story is from 1998. So... 20 years ago.
  23. Interesting true stories

    In the 70's my dad got a job working as a right of way agent for the electric company. They were putting in a new coal plant in northern New Mexico and it was his job to go around the reservation, researching who owned land that the electric company needed to buy right away rights to. He spent many years doing that job and he really enjoyed it. There was a trading post where he would hang out with friends he had made, usually so that he could find someone to tell him where a person lived and how to get there. He told me this story and I think it is hilarious. One morning a man showed up to the trading post and asked where a man named Begay lived. He got directions and took off. He was driving a white cadalac with a Texas license plate and steer horns on front (probably a rich, crazy oil man). When he got to the turn off to Begay's hogan he saw a man walking down the road and stopped to ask if that was where Begay lived. The man said "yes" and kept walking. When Begay got to the trading post everyone asked him what the Texan wanted and he said "I don't know. He asked if that was where I lived and I told him yes." Everyone was still laughing when the man came back to the trading post very angry.
  24. Please, oh please let this thread die........
  25. Cern and time line jumping

    You will get to know XenoFish after a while. You wont get any meaningful debate from him in a topic like this as he lives in a very rigid world where everything is automatically rejected which doesnt fit in with it. Hi XenoFish!
  26. What's your weather like today?

    It has been windy, cloudy and cold today. We had to break out the jackets again.
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