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  2. Thousands say it was big. 4 say it was small. What are we gonna do about it? Its funny how a pilot is 100% trustworthy and experienced.., as long as they don't say UFO. Kinda shows the bias with UFOlogy. Well.., in other reports pilots who see UFOs are deemed fools. Then all pilots are categorised as not "knowing everything".Well.., this logic now applies both ways. Pilot's testimonies are no better than my own. New rule. I need to see the flight logs. Radar data. And the video footage needs to show planes with NAV lights flashing. Not just one permanent light. Not jumping on a bandwqagon. Not calling anyone names either. Simple investigation techniques. Proof is required.., not hearsay.
  3. You posted a bald faced lie that NO witnesses heard any sounds. That's just a lie. Some witnesses reported hearing the planes. Thanks for posting the statements of witnesses that couldn't identify what they saw. Good job showing I was correct. Got to love it when you post statements howing confused witnesses that couldn't figure out the difference between events 1 and 2. Great job there showing how bad witnesses are. Then there is the witness suggesting it was not a single large craft. Great job showing that witnesses could not agreed on what they saw. If this was a significant UFO event it shows how pathetic UFO events are.
  4. As per sketch a 2 meter long tube is mounted on the left arm of a seesaw and this see saw is balanced due to counterweight.there is a 10 kg mass ball located in the in rest position in the tube.See the link.Now seesaw is balanced at 180 degree angle.when I tilt it this balanced seesaw then the ball fall down from 2 meter height and hit with upper part of tube .but interesting after hitting the seesaw will get back it's initial position without any external ball will again fall from 2 meter this way the ball will fall down twicely but the main interesting point is that the input energy is almost zero as there is no torque due to counterweight.There will be a lock mechanism to prevent the falling of counterweight at the time of tilting.The ball will fall down after getting a certain angle as a pin will work to hold the ball to prevent it from sliding along tube at the time of tilting.If there is no energy as a input as seesaw is balanced and torque is same then output is ,using mgh formulaMgh= 10*10*2=200 joule at the time of tilting.Mgh=10*10*2=200 joule at the time of reversing. So total output is 400 joule but input will be almost free due to equilibrium position of seesaw. I would like to tell everyone that don't consider this point that the mass is 2 meter below to fulcrum as I have added counterweight more so the seesaw will be in equilibrium position and there will be no need of adding energy in it. the input will be very minimal but output????
  5. Planes in the shy cannot always be heard How many times have you seen a plane fly over and not heard it? I know I do near every day. There's many more, and all these witnesses describe a silent moving set of lights, very similar in description, in some cases performing various maneuvers. Whatever these were, planes, helicopters, flares, Chinese lanters, satellites, moons, suns, planets, are ruled out. What we see here is making false statements about witness false reports, complete denial of the facts. When witnesses called the U.S. Air Force, they too deny anything happened despite the obvious reality of it. Why did Fyfe Symington lie about it if it was so spectacular? Significant that some are still wishing it to be a spaceship after all this time and rational explanation If it was a spaceship why didn't it come from or leave via space? Isn't that a significant question?
  6. Remember, wear a big floppy hat and several layers of sunblock. And stay inside as much as possible. I hope the chiro went well. I used to go to one for my knees. If you want, I'll walk on your back.
  7. If only it were that easy to forgive. Because, if someone keeps doing the same thing to you, it's impossible to forgive them unless they repent.
  8. CNES is an entertainment group? Cool, I'd love to hear what the explanations are. Well that's unfortunate. Not sure why people believe something without evidence. I have never done that. Just interested in UFOs hey. Not ETs. But from the reports given.., these objects can move incredibly fast.., almost instantaneous. I have made a thread to discuss aircraft tracking.., and found that its impossible to track them.., even with the technology we have today.
  9. Just about five minutes ago I saw this strange light. floating there. It was red, and for sure it was not a radio tower. I was wathing telivition and I went to my backyard to put in my dogs, and I look up to the sky to see a glowing red light bouncing up and down. It was cold so I get a sweater and look outside. It moved but is was still visible, it quickly went on my computer and googled it and it brought me here. Then I sign up and I look back outside and it was gone. I was shooken and afraid, so here I am typing about it. Any explanations? Edit: This happened NorthEast Texas.
  10. The descriptions given were so worthless that it is concluded that eyewitnesses are of little value.
  11. Happens to us all. Sorry was at Chiro. Also got sunburnt outside for 5 mins!
  12. No we want evidence. Stories are not evidence. Seeing the object with sufficient resolution to make out its structure is evidence. Hearing that it is a plane is evidence. We know what planes are and the way that planes operate. Flight records are not needed. Example. People see an animal run by through tall grass. They aren't sure what it is. Someone with binoculars sees that it is a dog with a collar. It was too far away for people without binoculars to be sure. Closer people that could not see well heard the dog bark. There is no need to go and find the owner of the dog or collect DNA to verify it is a dog. We don't need to get photos. Now suppose that some people decide it was an unknown species. Some people say it was striped. Others though it was spotted. Some claim it had a massive head. Other say it had a small head but large teeth. Some see a short tail while others saw a bushy long tail. Some say it ran fast and other say it loped along. Before I accepted an unknown species with a widespread and vague description I'd want to know more. People are well aware of dogs and those that see and hear it are sure it was a dog. The rest seem a bit confused and can't decide what they saw. Before I accepted an unknown species I'd want more information. ---------------- No one is negating the event. Frankly I doubt you know anymore what you are babbling on about. Major discrepancies tell us that that the witnesses are of no use. They saw but had no idea what they saw. Area201 lied when they posted " " Yeah the formation of planes made so much noise that no witnesses were able to hear them. " Are you really so incompetent that you cannot understand the lie? There is nothing at all suggesting it was anything other than planes.
  13. That's rich I've given you quite a bit of information and links What have you offered? Zilch wasn't it? Another wild claim with no supporting evidence that is more than obviously exaggerated yet you don't seem to play by your own rules do you?
  14. There are also reports from people saying it was not one large object. Janet Gonzales that appeared in the Phoenix New Times, videotape of the v shape shows the lights moving as separate entities, not as a single object; Mitch Stanley, an amateur astronomer, observed high altitude lights flying in formation using a Dobsonian telescope giving 43× magnification. After observing the lights, he told his mother, who was present at the time, that the lights were aircraft Rich Contry (pilot) I was on my way from Flagstaff to Laughin Thursday when I saw the light formation reported on the radio the other night. I'm a pilot and was in the u.s. air force 4 years. Being in the mountains on highway 40, the night was clear and still. As the formation came towards me I stopped my car and got out with my binocs to check out what this was. As it came towards me, I saw 5 aircraft with there running lights (red and green) and the landing lights (white) on. They were also flying fairly slow and in the delta formation. Peter Davenport also confirms that the lights were possibly composed of two or more lights as Mitch states, "Mitch is correct that each of the larger lights was, by at least two good observers, reported to consist of two or three individual lights" Tim Ley also confirms the observations that each of the lights were not just one light but at least two, "We noticed that one of the lights on the far side arm seemed to flicker into two lights." (Ley). Tim added, "The light I was focused on seemed to split into two lights, one above the other, and slightly separated from each other" (Ley). Another report from Prescott also pointed out that there were two lights, "When viewing them through binoculars their shape could not be determined, however, each object seemed to display two reddish-orange steady lights" Plenty of people saw planes if you read outside of UFOlogy circles. And how do you come to the conclusion of one large object? UFOlogy. That's not on objective at all. Your just jumping on the bandwagon with the zealots. To you and other UFOlogy proponents. To the rest of the world sufficient information exists to call the first event planes and the second a military exercise If you refuse to accept rational sound explanations that does not make it unexplained, that's just the stance you choose to take. It's not even compelling knowing people like Fife Symington deliberately fabricated stories to hype the event up.
  15. Just going by your definition "an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress and money ". If 1991 to 2015 doesn't equate to a substantial amount of time then please offer your definition. Also, please include his hundreds of paid appearances at conventions and such. 20 years is a career in the military. Please define your's and feelfree tto keep adjusting to defend your already lost position, it works for me. No, it would mean he remembers what he saw. Drastically changing your testimony every time you give it is, by definition, perjury. No, it just means you have no real recollection of what really happened and your testimony is worthless, period. You started out trying for that but not any longer, sorry. Now you defend the absolute indefensible. Halt swore to a story that is radically different from his original! His word is worthless now, obviously. Does that not mean the truth is now irrelevant to his other concerns, namely making money.
  16. Page 1 For the purpose of this thread.., UFO refers to objects in reports that are still unidentified Can you please provide a source for this conclusion. Thank you. The scientists involved in the study.., and those peer-reviewing the data are still unsure as to what it could be. There are 4 theories.., but nothing concrete as yet. Classic UFO. I did reply.., saying that this is all I could find so far. What is wrong with them?
  17. The irrational skeptics logic: Any witness statement there was no noise with the lights/phenomenon is "false". Any statement that says there was noise and planes is true. The guy who captured the only video of the 1st event (posted here earlier) says he heard no noise. We have hundreds of witnesses to the events and what they provide is not characteristics of planes. What we have here is complete denial to the evidence, both visual and testimony of an event observed by thousands of people over a major U.S city. We see this tactic of sticking head in the sand regularly by so-called skeptics. There were plenty of witnesses who could figure out what they saw. WITNESS REPORTS: # 4 WITNESS REPORTS: # 5 WITNESS REPORTS: # 8 WITNESS REPORTS: # 9 WITNESS REPORTS: # 10 WITNESS REPORTS: # 12 *snip* There's many more, and all these witnesses describe a silent moving set of lights, very similar in description, in some cases performing various maneuvers. Whatever these were, planes, helicopters, flares, Chinese lanters, satellites, moons, suns, planets, are ruled out. What we see here is making false statements about witness false reports, complete denial of the facts. When witnesses called the U.S. Air Force, they too deny anything happened despite the obvious reality of it. Phoenix lights goes down as one of the significant UFO events in history.
  18. That's because for starters, most young adults watch too much msm and are scared out of their minds being told they have no real future. Which is not true. You have to earn a living, for yourself by your own hands. Second, politicians telling these same kids that (wait for it) "if you elect me I will give you everything for free" school, free phone, free this that and the other. Just vote for Me and your life will be a paradise. Can never happen. Politicians know it, young people do not. Everything cost money. Can't say you'll take from someone just becuase you want an easy life, that's called stealing. And to you poeple that cry about the "wealthy" have everything let me ask you when was the last time a poor person gave you a paycheck? Also, if you tax the hell out of corporations what do you think will happen? Could it be, jobs will vanish? Like what happened in the last 8-10 years. Oh but let's turn the screws on them because it takes longer for the left's tax the life out of everyone in order for this country to boom economically. Right? Or will tax cuts bring jobs back and btw, many of the big companies have given out $1,000 bonuses to their employees. Yea, tax cuts suck and capitalism is a fraudulent sham. Capitalism has worked the best so far. The U.S. has done well for over 200 years and Venezuela lost its behind in just under 20 years. So if capitalism is so terrible explain how it has survived for over 200 years. I expect no replies but thats ok.
  19. Probably , probably, probably. Sorry.., I can't be involved in this type of "investigative research". I require facts and hard evidence for both sides of the argument.
  20. Because then Mueller, who is now desperate beyond belief, will indict on trumped up (pun intended) criminal charges via his grand jury. Testify with your attorney by your side and walk away. He hasn't done anything criminal, that is obvious and Mueller knows it. He nailed Flynn on "lying to a federal agent" which is about the weakest charge any prosecutor can bring. Face facts, Mueller is dead in the water and probably facing subpoenas of his own soon and now reaching for straws. Enjoy the fantasy while it lasts but the real ****e is hitting the fan soon and it won't be on the republican side of the aisle.
  21. Appearances on TV does not equate to a "career." This is an attempt to make it seem like he is lying.., in order to acquire fame and fortune. However there is no backing or substance behind the assumption. Just an opinion that X amount of times on TV is equal to a career. However the true definition of a career is nothing like this. How many times would determine it to be a career? What is a job? What is a career? How much money did he earn from this? Where is this defined? If he really did see something (albeit hallucination, but he is 100% certain and wants to inform people) then how else should he have gone about this? Write a book? Would that mean he would have a career in writing books? No. If anything the differences add weight. If he repeated word for word the exact thing.., then I would be more suspicious. Gather in a room with your friends from high school and retell stories. You will quickly notice that everyone has different memories of the event.., however this does not mean the event never happened.
  22. January 17,. 2018 2017 was a year of unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news. Studies have shown that over 90% of the media’s coverage of President Trump is negative. Below are the winners of the 2017 Fake News Awards.
  23. That's a common failing of the fringe. They really do not understand research protocols or methodology, and yet they seem to entertain notions that they know how historians think. This guy named Herodotus wrote a bunch of stuff around 450 BCE, so that must be where Egyptologists derive all of their knowledge. Yeah, and today's physicians derive their knowledge from medieval medical literature. That's how it works, right? Simple minds.
  24. Actually it came from natural philosophy. Mysticism hasn't progressed much from archaic superstitious beliefs.
  25. I'm on a phone. So nah.., can't check anything. But I can make as many wild accusations as I want.., without backing them up.., cause I'm on a phone. The Phoenix Lights was observed by thousands of people, not just in Phoenix. The descriptions given do not match any known object. It is concluded that the Phoenix Lights (1997) is a legitimate UFO.
  26. This logic works both ways. I demand evidence from UFO believers.., and UFO sceptics. But it doesn't seem to work this way. If someone says they saw a UFO.., we want proof. Not evidence. (I.e. ET craft, DNA etc) If someone says it was a plane.., we don't even need evidence. (Flight records, radar returns etc) Kinda a bit biased from my POV Minor or major discrepancies in multiple eye-witness accounts is normal. This does nothing to negate the event. I did read reports where the UFO was silent. This is not a lie from Area201. Yes.., the eye-witness accounts of a large silent craft, slowly floating over the sky wider than a newspaper doesn't sound like planes.., or even a formation of planes.
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