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  2. Tommy Robinson released

    Now there's a motto for politicians everywhere.
  3. Tommy Robinson released

    That's even more bizarre than you just getting it wrong, as it has nothing whatsoever to do with the post it was written in. So what you're saying is...I seem your country does,
  4. No one chooses what they believe

    They are factually correct. Stop being personal and insulting and try to find any factual evidence tha any of thise statements are untrue I think you have made a huge blunder here in demonstrating your own total ignorance of the nature of evolution from specific genetic drift via our alleles, to mutations, to survival of the fittest You do know that some have webbed hands and fingers? you do know that wrinkly skin probably evolved on fingers to give a better grip on submerged objects Individuals do evolve ie various mutations cause alterations in many parts of the human body IF those alterations enhance survival of an individual and thus its genes and IF the mutation is genetic then a whole population can evolve the same mutation beginning with one person quote Evolution In biology, evolution is the change in the inherited traits of a population from generation to generation. These traits are the expression of genes that are copied and passed on to offspring during reproduction. Mutations in these genes can produce new or altered traits, resulting in heritable differences (genetic variation) between organisms. New traits can also come from transfer of genes between populations, as in migration, or between species, in horizontal gene transfer. Evolution occurs when these heritable differences become more common or rare in a population, either non-randomly through natural selection or randomly through genetic drift. Natural selection is a process that causes heritable traits that are helpful for survival and reproduction to become more common, and harmful traits to become more rare. This occurs because organisms with advantageous traits pass on more copies of these heritable traits to the next generation. Over many generations, adaptations occur through a combination of successive, small, random changes in traits, and natural selection of those variants best-suited for their environment. In contrast, genetic drift produces random changes in the frequency of traits in a population. Genetic drift arises from the role chance plays in whether a given individual will survive and reproduce. One definition of a species is a group of organisms that can reproduce with one another and produce fertile offspring. However, when a species is separated into populations that are prevented from interbreeding, mutations, genetic drift, and the selection of novel traits cause the accumulation of differences over generations and the emergence of new species. The similarities between organisms suggest that all known species are descended from a common ancestor (or ancestral gene pool) through this process of gradual divergence. https://www.sciencedaily.com/terms/evolution.htm http://aquatic-human-ancestor.org/anatomy/fingers-toes-feet.html
  5. Tommy Robinson released

    It's hard to believe isn't it, i'm the last person to to be taken in by this kind of thing but the evidence is overwhelming, do you think putting him in a cell next to the prison mosque was a coincidence? an understanding of how Islam works helps, listening to statements from Muslim apostates is a good start, they tell you how from childhood their taught to hate the kafer the infidel "We smile in their face although our hearts curse them." A deception "allowed until the Day of Resurrection."
  6. Tommy Robinson released

    Interestingly enough, Theresa MayTM WAS the home secretary prior to Javid. So who knows ?
  7. seemingly wild claims that.....for example.. 'the world is run by pedophiles' (or worse Satanic pedophiles).... crops up here and there and from the outside it seems more than a stretch and a crazy conspiracy to top all conspiracies... but we see now how it could contain some truth if key top politicians, judges and others with positions of power and influence have been snared into a sex / blackmail trap... and from then on have to do as they are told.......... by..????
  8. How close is Iran towards making Nuclear bomb

    Seeing as it's apparently an insult to point out your lies, I guess I'll leave it here for now. Anyone who wants to can see the truth. Wouldn't want to upset the snowflake.
  9. Tommy Robinson released

    His name is Dave. The correct translation is 'it seems your country does'.
  10. Lets see them aliens

    No aliens there. Go on and end up arrested or shot for nothing. Probably why its not a topic here. Most of us have other stuff to do.
  11. No one chooses what they believe

    Its not an error. I deliberately assume people are intelligent and well read. Sure they might not be, but i have to assume the y are, otherwise its not worth debating with them . In this case my knowledge and understanding of the use, purpose, and function of "purpose' extends beyond that of those who see it religious or anti religious terms and those who see it as belonging to any particular discipline of knowledge. i was raised secular humanist and in a very long and good education never really encountered adults who were ignorant or stupid enough to equate purpose in nature with gods (kids have a legitimate excuse for ignorance and it is adults duty to overcome their ignorance) It might well BE something a creationist would say it is also a true statement for an evolutionist and we should not allow one group 9or two opposing groups) of people to dominate or take control of how we use language and "we" DO use purpose inits wider sense all the time At least those of us not fixated on creationism /anti creationism , do so Tha t sort of language was used by professors and tutors in several of my disciplines to explain the nature of natural systems including eco systems. No one can simply say we cant use it because creationists use it That would empower them, while attempting to dis empower them , by allowing an exclusivity of use which does not exist It is like "gay" Tha t has a much wider meaning than homosexual and was, and is, used in that wider sense. if it was corrupted to the point where it could only be used to label a homosexual person, rather than having a good time or being flamboyant, that would be a linguistic tragedy (ie part of the English language would have been killed off. ) To refuse to use "purpose", in the sense of natural or functional purpose is not, and cannot be, a SUPERIOR use. Indeed it is an inferior, and limiting, use of the word, and diminishes your breadth and use of language. It would be like refusing to use "gay" in any way other than describing a homosexual person Would you seriously argue that the following things have, or serve, no purpose solar winds fingers heat and other forms of energy soil trees and other plants gravity entropy?
  12. Mexico border wall: Trump defends emergency

    Snopes did a 'fact-check' on this story, and came up with the conclusion of "unproven". Ilhan Omar is very cagey about the situation, and there ARE some odd anomalies in her relationships. However, it is not proven. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/ilhan-omar-marry-brother/
  13. Tommy Robinson released

    So is the Prime Minster, Theresa May*, the mastermind behind this plot, or was it entirely concocted by the Home Secretary, Savij Jihad, himself, completely independently without any reference to his supposed superior? * one week remaining! Hurry while stocks last!
  14. Mexico border wall: Trump defends emergency

    It takes time to pass a bill. President Trump tried to expedite things using Executive Orders. The left-wing got 'tame' judges to block those EO's judicially. Their decisions are being overturned by the Supreme Court, but the damage - the delay - has been done.
  15. susieice

    Could someone please tell me why the Russians care about my 40 yr age enhanced photograph? Am I going to be accused of collusion if I use the app? I'm missing something here.

  16. Tommy Robinson released

    That's not ENTIRELY accurate, Dumbledore. But... in essence... yes. Lets see what happens, shall we ?
  17. Is anything being said about the death of Robert Maxwell, father of Ghislaine...? from memory... he died in suspicious circumstances on his boat / in the sea.. and if I remember right his body was recovered and he was buried on the Mount of Olives - a very prestigious place to get a burial plot in Israel.. just checked that out and.. source
  18. Mexico border wall: Trump defends emergency

    Is it true that this woman married her brother to get into the country or to somehow gain citizenship? Personally, I think there's probably quite a few on both sides to be honest. Wow, I just finished watching that video of Jim Jordan speaking with Homan and what I'd really like is for someone to please explain to me how you can keep encouraging illegal aliens not only to your country, but to be protected in your sanctuary cities when Homan began rattling off prime examples of rapes/murders COMMITTED BY ILLEGAL ALIENS to a baby girl at the age of 9 months to an elderly lady who was raped/murdered at 93 years old!! I realise you cannot tar the whole lot with the same feathers, but how do you justify this by encouraging it and allow it to go on? Are you not fearful for your own country? Do you not see what would happen if you become overrun with these illegal aliens? Do you seriously think you're own family will always be safe in a country where it has allowed a massive influx of immigrants in, with cultures that will not necessarily integrate into your own society? I'm not talking about racism here. I'm talking about Cultural differences. Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like living amongst people who may NEVER respect your laws and way of life?. Cultural differences are massive in today's world. Look how it's affected some countries in the world and not for the good. What sort of cultural identity will the US end up having in the future? Are you going to say it's up to the Democrats to change it? Or the Republicans to change it? How, if they refuse to work together? Sorry, but that video was quite an eye opener. It's very sad when you read where there are a number of people who actually encourage open borders and protecting illegal immigrants for the US.
  19. Tommy Robinson released

    good grief, you're becoming as besotted of "Tommy" as bee is of Trump. Now he's the victim of a conspiracy at the highest levels of government to have him "accidentally" murdered because the Home Secretary is one o' they Mooslims?
  20. Tommy Robinson released

    You're now claiming you can speak Arabic? if not what translator are you using? i'm going to have this as my new signature So what you're saying is...I seem your country does,
  21. Pelosi Picks on newly elected women of color

    Typical left-wing "virtue signalling"
  22. Scratches Above My Armpit

    In my opinion, I'd say you don't have anything to worry about as it looks to be where you might've scratched yourself in your sleep or something to that effect. We often subconsciously AND/OR unconsciously scratch ourselves and don't realise we've done it until we see marks afterwards and think, "How'd that get there?". Even then, we still wouldn't recall scratching ourselves as we wouldn't have been focused on the action in the first place. Sometimes, I wake with scratches on my face and think wow, I must've scratched myself in my sleep. My first thought isn't of something ominous attacking me during the night. Is there a reason you feel it wasn't you that's done this?
  23. How close is Iran towards making Nuclear bomb

    Explain to us how many times recently, in particular since January 2017, the secular government of the United States has behaved rationally in any field really, but particularly foreign policy, and your arguments might be listened to by a few more people.
  24. Jeffrey Epstein arrested and accused of sex

    You'll pardon me if I wait on evidence? We've already seen Russian collusion dismissed, and hotel emoluments dismissed, and campaign finance Stormy payoff found to be nothing.... So I will wait to see actual evidence, rather then jumping to the "obvious" conclusion. The "obvious" accusations have time after time proven to be false, or at least unevidenced.
  25. talking and laughing with someone at a party does not automatically indicate 'closer ties'.... in fact looking at that footage Epstein looks a bit shifty - perhaps he was at 'work' and going to try to start lining Trump up for a spot of blackmail..... but was unable to snare him...and the best he could achieve in that direction was to get him on his plane once...
  26. Today
  27. Woman claims to be the devil

    Yes I was thinking she could've been strung out on meth too (as someone mentioned earlier). I wonder if the guy really did shoot 39 rounds (which I gather are bullets?) because that's a heck of a lot. I'm surprised he missed her. The black eyes could be explained with black contacts, either ones to fill up the entire look of the eye, including the white parts, or simple black contacts to cover the iris/pupil area. Blue hair....well that could be anyone, but it shows she's not afraid to stand out in a crowd with that choice of hair colour Bit of a scary situation to be in though, especially on their first night in their new house. The damage done is quite a lot too, especially along that staircase area pic. Plus the Meth could explain the superhuman strength she came at the guy with. Lot's of crazies in this world!
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