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  2. Excellent work EC. To me you seeing shapes and such your first time out means you are having a great start. It took me a week just to shut my mind up long enough to visualize anything. My advice would be forget about results for the time being just enjoy the silence for a bit. Whatever comes of it comes.
  3. Bombing suspect has been killed in a confrontation with police.
  4. Well, I'd put it as "If people think they can get away with it, they might." Consider the number of looters in the London Riots a couple of years ago who were later caught by police. Plus, there's a difference between looting and murder - if only because police are generally going to put more effort into solving murders than break-and-enters. On top of that the amount of evidence available to police is steadily growing: consider that these days things like CCTV and DNA evidence are both very useful in solving cases, yet both weren't much available even 20 years ago.
  5. I understand your previous position now so thanks for that. Can I please ask whether you think sterilisation or just a mass killing is the way to go?
  6. Suspect shot dead, believed to be Austin bomber. Link
  7. Yep. the Energy in that entire region is amazing.. It never ceases to amaze and inspire.. I've been back twice now.. FYI, if you're going to Thailand I recommend checking out the White Temple in Chang Rai.. The place in astounding.. Sorry to hear that about Blu3. No one deserves that.. Safe Travels.
  8. He's a conjurer and con artist who wants to control all Wisdom Keepers everywhere with his Akicita. He thinks he rules AIM and uses the Sun Dance to control who the Tribes consider their Spiritual Advisers but he uses the term "Spiritual Leaders" to make people think they must follow who he appoints. His appointee in my tribe can't control her nightmares and I'm in every one and I have no doubt he sent a Thoughtform to try to harm you. Your not Uncle. You speak enough Oglala and Niisitape to understand the deeper meanings and been around enough to know how we think. Loggers put their lives in each others hands and it makes us Hunkashila as the Lakota say. @Blaye Otanka I will use Lakota terms in place of Unami ones so maybe you understand better. You speak of Wanka Tanka yet you do not understand "Skan", what we call "Maaniituu" "Creation's Balancing Force, the part of Wakan Tanka that makes everything part of him. Wakan Tanka is the Living Universe. We are all part of it. Everything Good and Bad is part of it. It is not the Abrahamic God who sits apart from creation. It is "Creation". I speak Oglalakhacha. You say you want to become a Wicasa Wakan. That is what we call a "Meteiinuu", a Spiritual Advisor of the highest caliber. I'm not even one of them. Maybe you would become a Pejuta Wicasa or a Yuwipi Wicasa. But you will never get there unless you become close enough to Skan to be able to feel the Balance and know how it truly works.
  9. but shines nonetheless when your time rings bell ding dong clear the dust in specs
  10. Hawkin

    Now I know why there's a sports drink called Gatorade.



  11. One ark built by Bezalel was all gold written in Exodus, and Moses built one in Deuteronomy only all in wood. To add only the measurements of the ark were only written in Exodus. Most believe Deuteronomy was written by Moses, there was no measurements.
  12. The Bosnian "pyramids" don't exist: they're just geological formations.
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  14. XenoFish

    A bed is most comfortable the moment you have to get out of it.

  15. davros I don't think there is enough said about the exorcist character to make him out to be anybody in particular. The character who I think "represents" Paul, or personifies his perspective, is the unnamed scribe who feeds Jesus the softball question about the greatest commandment during the final round of debates before the big hats take Jesus out, Of course it isn't a coincidence, but the relationship isn't fairly represented by an equal sign, either. Mark was not innocent of Paul. That could be because Mark had read the letters, or it could be that Paul and his critics had raised issues that were still current topics of discussion in Christian circles when Mark wrote, and Mark explored those issues creatively. But Mark "=" Paul? Look at your own example, the exorcist incident (9:38-41): No faith, no belief, just an absence of opposition and maybe some trivial overt act of support, and you're counted as "for us" and will be rewarded. You could argue that that's taking Paul to his logical extreme, that if there's no Law, then anybody can do anything. That is a position, advocated by unnamed others, which Paul discusses (e.g. 1 Corinthians 6:12; 10:23). But Paul doesn't agree (6:9-11, 10:24ff). Paul's yoke is light, compared with the James Gang's Christian Judaism, but not as light as Mark's Jesus'. The very framework of Paul's remarks depends on a coherent, collective church-based approach to salvation. Jesus doesn't even suggest recruiting the guy - let him do his thing, by himself, he's OK. (The Gerasene ex-demoniac also gets an unsupervised, frankly apostolic commission to the regional Gentiles - Mark's Jesus simply isn't an organization man. Paul was.) Conclusion to davros: You might well say "related themes" or "similar issues," maybe notated with an infix tilde (Mark 9:38-41 ~ 1 Corinthians 6:9-12), but these are not "just the same," and ought not be marked as if they were equal (=). Bearing on thread: Behold! It seems that in some discussions, religious texts can indeed be used as evidence. - @davros of skaro
  16. Piotr Michalowski (George G. Cameron Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) takes a comparable view of Sitchin's treatment of Sumerian-Akkadian terms.
  17. This paper proposes that eight positive emotions: awe, love (attachment), trust (faith), compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, joy and hope constitute what we mean by spirituality. These emotions have been grossly ignored by psychiatry. The two sciences that I shall employ to demonstrate this definition of spirituality will be ethology and neuroscience. They are both very new. I will argue that spirituality is not about ideas, sacred texts and theology; rather, spirituality is all about emotion and social connection.
  18. As recently as yesterday, MSN is pushing the "hate crime" narrative, and highlighting the "race" connection. This could REALLY blow up in the collective liberal face, as future genuine hate crimes could be met with a chorus of "Meh... you said THAT about Austin"
  19. Sixth Texas parcel bomb blast leaves US investigators baffled
  20. It's still Imaginationism.
  21. Vlad the Mighty

    In the face of mounting manifestations of internal contradictions of its multicultural outlook and philosophy, the ruling class of Europe, including Britain, is displaying growing signs of sheer lunacy and shameful abrogation of responsibility. Brexit was, if anything, a reaction of its supporters against the madness they perceived taking hold of their government and political representatives in their country and across the whole continent.

    1. RoofGardener


      Did you have mustard with the dictionary, or did you eat it raw ? :P 

    2. Eldorado


      These things happen when you elect "good liars", Vlad.  Especially when they all have Get Out Of Jail Free cards.

      No matter the crime.

  22. Is it delivered? Are we supposed to collect it ourselves? You'd think they'd put a note through the door wouldn't you.
  23. What's happening to Britain ?...... Listen to this interview and weep....... feel the dead of the last World War turning in their graves... Stefan Molyneux interviews Tommy Robinson.... who is just about the bravest man in the country right now..... This discussion comes after the detention of Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Selner - who were barred from Britain - while ISIS fighters and Jihadi Brides returning from Syria are accommodated ... 6:10..... Tommy Robinson.... "It shows a worrying start -if this is what they're going to do now -everyone in the country sees what they done to try and silence me - if they're going to detain journalists who they disagree with their views - then this is a scarey path we're heading in as a country..." Stefan Molyneux .... " well it's a very certain path where it ends up - because to me the calculation on the part of the government is quite clear - that they're not going to get much trouble from the white Christians but they might get trouble from the Islamic extremists - and so it's simply a matter of amoral calculation of costs and benefits - and to me this recognition of this basic fact is the old saying... 'it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease'..... who gets the peace?....well the group the people are most frightened of and what it does is it encourages people to escalate aggression, attacks violence and so on - because that has been clearly signaled by the state - this is how you get your way - this is how you get us to bend to your will ...."
  24. I think teens today need counseling on how to handle everyday life. The parents, teachers and school boards need to get together and discuss issues with teens these days such as bullying. Parents need to talk to their kids if they are being Bullies or being Bullied and take action. Schools need to be more firm on those that bully other students. I don't know if schools have counselors today but if they do, then they need to step up. And parents need to participate.
  25. "Artillery simulators, like some kind of ordnance", the Police chief seemed to say on the News just now. Sounds like thunderflashes which are used to simulate explosions in military training.
  26. My philosophical stance on God would be more akin to ''panentheism''.
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