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  2. The story has changed from an earlier post.
  3. and then

    Turkey holding 50 US nuclear bombs hostage

    That's a LIE! We only sanction their food and catnip.
  4. Come on now, give "Air" Walker a break !
  5. Mr Walker

    When does thought transition to belief?

    As i said I am way ahead of the pack i can confirm the abilty to dream all night from the moment you fall asleep to the moment you wake up I am not a tall sure about your studies but it has only been recently with modern machinery that we can recognise dream states while peole sleep so it may not be surprising that not much has been done I offered myself to one study in Adelaide but it would have meant going there and staying there over a period of time which i could not do. as i said i was hooked up to machines a couple of times. In the port Lincoln hospital, to measure my sleep patterns and compare them to my periods of dreaming they confirmed wht i have said i have also been attached to recording devices at home, where the results are transmitted by wifi
  6. It sounds like you really don’t know the outcomes. I have read many many times you claim that you have helped thousands of kids and saved hundreds others from suicide. Perhaps you have forgotten.
  7. RoofGardener

    Church Tax-exempt status be revoked

    Well, I was interested to ready @and then's explanation of 501(c)(4) organisations. But for the most part, I'd go along with @Aquila King. There is a big difference between a church and a charitable organisation, though sometimes there is an intersection between them. (for example, when running soup kitchens et al ). In regards tax; nothing that I have read in this discussion persuades me that churches shouldn't be taxed. if a church wants to run a social service (soup kitchens again), then it would have to create them as a seperate legal entity. THAT entity could have tax exemption, but ONLY that entity, not the parent church. (but then... how would a soup kitchen make a taxable profit ANYWAY ? ) If a church is poor, then it would probably fall beneath the tax threshold and not have to pay anything. If they are wealthy, then they should pay tax. Seemples.
  8. Is this your new claim you were an world class basketball player who mathematically calculated his shots?
  9. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    They had to allow time for him to remove any incriminating evidence.....and also a bit more time so he could make his escape. Oh btw Susie - in addition to that previous article you posted with regards to Gates - I just found this MSNBC interview with James Stewart who is that Author guy who was the one who entered Epstein's townhouse back in the day and was the one who thought it was a honeypot scheme Epstein was running - therefore, got out of there as quickly as possible. He speaks of when the door was opened by a beautiful young girl, yet she's in the house of a convicted pedophile... It was a good little interview to watch - plus this fellow James Stewart speaks about how many times Gates really met up with Epstein and where. You can check it out here: https://www.msnbc.com/stephanie-ruhle/watch/nyt-bill-gates-repeatedly-met-with-jeffrey-epstein-71282245775
  10. Mr Walker

    When does thought transition to belief?

    lol It is a pity we cant ask wally. I suspect he used the techniques i described. BUT as I pointed out practice builds "muscle memory" (a poor term ) ie maths can help you plan the shot perfectly but control and discipline of many muscle groups and even breathing is needed to physically make the perfect shot. Practice builds your body's skills in physically making that shot (as a child Lindrum practiced for up to 12 hours a day, every day Unconscious or subconscious thinking is also a poor term You can access your subconscious/ unconscious thoughts once you understand their language and recognise them. Thus you can learn to think consciously just a s quickly as you can subconsciously but with greater directed intent.
  11. RoofGardener

    US betrays Kurdish Allies

    < sigh > Yes @Setton. However, having been initially attacked by ISIS, the Syrian Democratic Forces didn't just throw ISIS back from "Kurdish" territory; they sought to destroy all physical trace of them in Syria. Hence Baghuz. Sheesh.
  12. Look for the pooh. Anything with feet that size has got to have a good appetite.
  13. We don’t have the studies to support that dreaming occurs specifically, the story like narratives in any other stages other than REM. There might be mental activity in slow wave sleep, reports of those in sleep studies at the most have reported a mental image but the story like narratives are attributed to REM. In an 8 hour sleep cycle REM will occur 4 to 5 times.
  14. Rlyeh

    French DGSE Targeting me w/Frequencies

    OP, have you taken any samples of these chemicals? Taken radiation readings? Anything?
  15. RoofGardener

    US betrays Kurdish Allies

    Just a minor point, but the UK pulled its military out of Iraq in 2011. We are NOT in Iraq. And why SHOULD President Trump keep a presence in Syria ? You COULD argue that they have a moral duty to support Iraq, as THEY where instrumental in knocking down the previous regime. But Syria ?? Trump is a realist and - despite massive political pressure to keep up the charade in Syria - took decisive action to pull his troops out. Tell me... what business is it of the United States what happens in Syria ? From the goodness of their hearts they sent in logistics assistance, weapons, and air-cover in the fight against the Caliphate. But that does NOT mean they have any obligation to remain there. Think about it: other than for humanitarian reasons, WHY should the USA get involved in Syria ? Let the Syrians, Turks, Russians and ISIS sort it out among themselves. As for Israel... it can look after itself. Consider that - despite its adherence to the Islamic Theology of Jew-hatred - ISIS never attacked Israel.
  16. Mr Walker

    When does thought transition to belief?

    lol I know a lot more about narcissism and other psychological disorders than you do. I am not one and that has been clinically established I have never claimed perfect outcomes eg we lost one of our children to suicide but saved a dozen others who now live moderately happy and successful lives We saved thousands of children from starvation and death from poor sanitation or water but i suspect some still died or were killed. We have supported 3 students for almost 20 years in 3 different countries. I suspect the y will never be rich or powerful but they now have a chance which the y never had before. We have supported dozens of women with seed funding to start businesses in places like India and Pakistan so the y can become economically independent and thus less prone to abuse from men AGain we dont know all the stories. Probably some did well while others did less well. However we did what we can and that is ALL a person can do A strong healthy ego and slef esteem is NOT narcissism. Indeed it is a desirable psychological position. Narcissism, and low self esteem/ lack of ego are both dysfunctional and damaging, psychological states Personally i have found low self esteem to be more damaging and limiting in others than too much, and tragically, it often ends in suicide.
  17. Impedancer


    Yay!!!  mr severin replied to one of my messages on FB ones :-)  he seems like a nice dude.

  18. Xavier Perez-Pons

    Humans aren’t designed to be happy

    This is something that all the ancient sages without exception agree with: WE ARE NOT IN THIS WORLD TO BE HAPPY. WE ARE HERE TO LEARN. And unfortunately, it is the case that there is no learning without suffering. Seen from our worldly point of view, every wound that life inflicts on us weakens us. But from a higher perspective (which of course is difficult to adopt when the wounds have not yet healed), it makes us stronger. I say "strong" not in the literal sense of the word. I mean that each wound is like a lesson that makes us wiser. In the spiritual dimension from which we proceed and to which we are destined, learning is theoretically so to speak. But to really learn something, you have to go through it, you have to put it into practice. And this can only be done in a dimension in which suffering is not only possible but inevitable: the material world. This is why we descend from the spiritual world to the material over and over again. In the same way, a child has a great time at home, but to learn he must make the sacrifice of getting up early in the morning and going to school. And this until the time of graduation. What you see now as wounds that make you stagger, are actually lessons, hard to learn certainly, but that make you wiser. If you suffer violence, your soul will internalize that violence is negative. If a friend cheats you, you will learn that cheating is negative. If you suffer hardships without others doing anything to alleviate them, you will learn that one have to be generous and compassionate. If people reject or discriminate against you for whatever reason (ugliness, sexual orientation, race, religion ...), you will learn that you have to accept (not tolerate: accept) the other, even if the other is different. Perhaps when you suffer all this, your most immediate feelings are of rancor and anger, and what you feel is the desire for revenge. But these lessons are like unfermented bread dough. Leave it to rise! If you are a good student, in your soul you learned the lesson, and that lesson will ferment, and in successive lives you will know that violence, intolerance, anger, betrayal ... in short, anything that can cause pain to others It is something negative that goes against our true essence, which is love.
  19. freetoroam

    Charting New World Order W/Psychotronics

    The OP seems to be on a mission with his/her/the/them/they/it threads.
  20. Mr Walker

    When does thought transition to belief?

    No ive never said i remember every dream just as i dont remember every waking day. BUT i can remember many dreams going back to when i was about 3 as vividly as i can remember interesting sdays from tha t age ive talked about my dreams since i was 3 or so which also helps fix them in your long term memory I think i have more dream memories form my ealry years than waking ones because the dreams were more exciting and memory is strongest when attached to emotion. . I have been working with my mind to develop mental skills including dream skills since i was 3 years old. Devoting hours every day to them for at least 2 decades. Ive explained once why this was so and i am not going to go into it again as it was a very sad and personal reason. It does not mater what you claim to have read from experts i KNOW what is possible with dreams ( and what a human can do with their mind and consciousness) There are probably few people on the planet more experienced with dreams and their nature and uses than me. Indeed I have known stuff about dreams for half a century that is only coming out now and i still cant find many people online who know more about dreaming than i do I was consciously using dreams to improve my resilience confidence and skills to eliminate fear and to control emotions before i entered high school and can still remember some of the dream techniques i used to do this. I dont disagree with your quote. indeed it reflects how i have lived my life and used my mind .
  21. freetoroam

    French DGSE Targeting me w/Frequencies

    Will quickly say in not so many words:. To the OP Look up radiation and for someone so paranoid, errr, maybe stay away from.the internet!!!
  22. Rlyeh

    Modus Operandi (MO) of Targeting Individuals

    Radiation doesn't effect people without implants? You don't know anything about radiation.
  23. I don't think there is anything ominous about the Gatecam videos. Some people differ on time of impact, but I work on the accepted time of 9:37:46 a.m., and take it that the explosions in these 2 videos occurred at that time. This allows us to work backwards and forwards to identify the time of other details in them, assuming that they were set at 1 fps. I assume this to be correct, but I may be wrong. I don't suggest that the FOX5NEWS video contradicts the timing in the video of Rumsfeld, but confirms it. See explanation above for more detail. RUMSFELD appeared on the lawn at 9:41 a.m.; 7 seconds of footage of Lloyde's cab, etc etc beside cemetery wall; Rumsfeld carries first patient; decoy cab seen across lanes on bridge beyond Rumsfeld; Residence Inn CCTV captures departure of white van from cemetery wall towards bridge; first video shows security guard watching the White Van travel south from cemetery to bridge; FOX5NEWS & Residence Inn footage both show towtruck & trailer departing cemetery wall, travelling south to bridge; bridge video shows decoy cab on bridge, Then towtruck & trailer approaching bridge; Then decoy cab speeding off bridge; First video shows Rumsfeld carrying 2nd patient while watching towtruck and empty trailer driving north from bridge onto NW cloverleaf. Etc.
  24. Mr Walker

    When does thought transition to belief?

    Not an exception I've actually undergone sleep recording at a clinic and had my dreams and sleep periods mapped and compared I dream from the moment i fall asleep to when i wake up I can fall asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow and be dreaming instantly. Indeed i transition deliberately from waking consciousness into sleeping consciousness by using a mental portal which takes me only seconds to pass through So i know exactly where I am and what i am doing Everybody probably does this does this, but most only remember dreams that occur in rem sleep, and that seems to be the most prolific period for dreaming, but you can dream ANYTIME you are asleep
  25. freetoroam

    Creating Our Own Reality

    Yep, I can relate to that. All I need to know is which coffee it is and it does not need to have been touched by some guy called Simon claiming to be a master floating about some astral plane in a 6th dimentional state of unconciousness experiencing a higher awareness bliss within a bit of less dense matter.
  26. Rlyeh

    Charting New World Order W/Psychotronics

    You probably get this a lot, do you have any evidence? It sounds like schizophrenia.
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