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  2. This was the broadcast from cbs8 tonight on the case.
  3. People from around the world could easily come up with 'bogey man' stories that are similar, that is not hard to believe at all. Making up stories is one of our human traits. If you accept the bigfoot stories from native Americans, then you must also accept all of the other strange animal stories as real. Have any of these mines and caves produced any physical evidence?
  4. Mr Guitar you're very honest in your post, but I think we can depend on the intellect too much. The intellect is limited in its scope in understanding the world and ourselves. I'm not criticizing you our your views. I, too, was in a war and during it I thought as you did. After my discharge, I became very emotional about my wartime experiences, as I am now. It was a painful release, but I think I'm the better for it.
  5. That's the quaintest Province of all! You actually live closer to there than I do.
  6. Spirituality is in the mind - it is not real and concrete. You can think all you want about a coffee cup but until you can pick it up and drink from it, it is not real. Religion/spirituality is not real real - it is 'self-convincing' that everything will be OK. You hope/pray something but that means absolutely nothing except to maybe make you feel better. Why can't people just accept that life just goes on and accept that sometimes it's not the way they would like it to be?
  7. I can do both. I will keep this quote for Stereo. Handwaving? If I ignored something you brought up.., yes. But I didn't ignore anything and use this new topic raised as a way to wriggle out of answering anything. I just said calm down and responded to points and questions. I was just speaking broadly about your whole post. I didn't want to quote each part of your post and explain why. If you can't see it.., then I feel sorry for you. But accept that's just who you are. Like a passionate Italian guy playing chess or something. I dunno. Do you want me to talk the same way back? That way you can kinda get a feel for the difference. Let me know. Being bullied? I just told you to calm down. I even tried your suggestion of re-reading your posts nicely in my mind.., but just could not see it. No matter how nice I try to make your posts.., you are full of anger. More handwaving. Its not being used correctly though. With anger.., frustration.., stress. Your entire post is riddled with it. If you can't see it.., I don't have the time to educate you on basic etiquette. No. I can see how frustrated and angry you were. I would type it very differently. How about this..., I will treat you the same way you treat me from now on. Is that okay? Or I could re-write your posts in a manner which I think would be considered rational and normal so you can see the difference.
  8. Ah I see. I don't know honestly, I just always assumed it was some random guy from Renaissance Italy, people from the North of Italy right down to Rome can look "Northern" just like many Austrians look fairly "Italian".
  9. Let's hope they catch the s*o*b* now and we can figure it out later.
  10. My sister in law have family in Canada (Prince Edwards island) and she plans to take the family visit them. I was asked if I was interested in comming along, which of course I am. Nothing definite on when it might be though.
  11. Also the dryer is new and this isn’t supposed to be under alien embryo.
  12. Actually, the theory is that Leonardo faked the Turin Shroud for his own amusement and Jesus is actually him.
  13. Artwork is real because it's tangible and you can touch it. The appreciation thereof comes from a different place - emotion, which is not real and cannot be measured nor touched. I went to one of the top art schools in the US and learned to judge art on it's merits but those merits are still based on the emotions or training of the viewer; what's 'good' art to me might not be 'good' art to you. I, personally, am void of spirituality and nearly void of emotion because I think both get in the way of clear thinking. I learned during wartime that emotion and being close to people who might be gone in two minutes is not a healthy thing, so I chose to never become attached. When my parents died, I just accepted it and moved on - grieving is a waste of time and accomplishes nothing. Remember them as they were and go on. I suspect that that will be what happens should my wife pre-decease me. I look at art and say "does that look like a bird?" and if it looks like a bird, it's 'good'; if it is some weird Picasso-ish representation of a bird, then it's, to me, not 'good' art - it must be technically correct - the drawing must be there. I can look at a sunset and think that it's pretty but that's about as far as it goes with me - I'm just not 'moved' by things like some others are. I think that's why I've always talked against religion - it's based on emotion and far from being real - just wishful thinking.
  14. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  15. Goodnight. I think I'll follow your lead. Goodnight everyone.
  16. If she had said all that before the election, she might have gotten more votes. I don't find that quote inflammatory. It seems rather sensible. Still she has a little bit of history that makes me uncomfortable. If you only had this quote she would seem more reasonable. andthen, you are probably correct that nothing will come of this. However, I am not sure of your logic. No charges should ever be made, if there are any to make, while an investigation is underway. We are innocent until proven guilty. Likewise he should not be charged with any crime until the investigation is complete. Investigations do not make their evidence public. We would be outraged if they did. Charges get made public if a warrant is issued. Evidence gets made public in court. Mueller seems to be going along quietly. He is not basing an investigation on innuendo he is looking for facts that may as likely exonerate the president. . It is the press that is losing its mind declaring based on opinion or desire that President Trump is innocent or guilty. It is certainly unpleasant to be investigated, that in itself is not a reason to stop an investigation. I would prefer that the investigation is completed and President Trump is proven innocent more him firing Mueller and the investigation being halted. Half of the population will still believe he is guilty. It is hard to unite a country that way. Merc14 says Mueller is stubborn, bullheaded , and not the sharpest investigator, all maybe true. That does not indicate that he is dishonest unless you have further information.
  17. Time for this gal to get some beauty sleep so I will talk to you all tomorrow evening sometime, after I get home from work.
  18. Yes, that is the area I believe could be something unexplainable. I attached another photo in a previous response that reflects how the window normally appears when taking photos. How could the lighting change so drastically over several minutes in the middle of the night?
  19. What's this all aboot?
  20. Now thats a book I might buy.
  21. I’ve searched for a reason but nothing the only thing is if I have a cat I don’t have a cat.
  22. Gee thanks
  23. Its not certain yet but I just might be visiting Canadia in the not too distant future, so I better brush up on the language.
  24. He /said/ he'd never read that part already! Leonardo went after, umm, younger dudes, esp. the red-haired twink Salai ( ). Salai also painted a nude version of the Mona Lisa, the Monna Vanna. --Jaylemurph
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