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  2. Falun Dafa is totally free and no money is involved with the practice. A short excerpt from Zhuan Falun (the core book of Falun Dafa) talks about this point: "The first rule is that you must not charge a fee. All that we give you is to save you and prepare you for spiritual practice—not to benefit you in worldly ways. If you charge a fee, my spiritual bodies will recall everything that was given to you, and you will cease to be a practitioner of Falun Dafa. You wouldn’t be teaching people Falun Dafa in that case. You should introduce it to people without any thought of gaining from it personally. It should be a voluntary gesture in the service of others. Our students everywhere have taken this approach, and our volunteers in each locale have set a good example with this. Everyone who is interested is welcome to come and learn the practice, and we will always help them free of charge." Source: http://en.falundafa.org/eng/zfl_2018_3.html#10
  3. I don't believe you

    No i didnt That is a perception from an inner bias and cultural prejudice which has to been tempered by adequate reading and knowledge of human history to be of any value You are basically saying that it is ok to be attacked for offering accurate historical realities on such an issue, just because those who dont understand those historical realities have a strong negative emotional response I guess ive spent my whole life learning to think and argue objectively and factually eliminating emotion and subjective arguments from a pov its not about apology. It is about recognising that marital rape did not exist in either a legal or social context in western jurisdictions for the last few centuries No one needs to apologise for the tetement of mae to women in such past times we only have to take responsibility for our own behaviours. if oyu cant accept that then you cant make a logical or accurate case about the issue It is about recognising that we are a product of our present context and there is NO WAY someone from a very difernt context could think as we do, and hold the same values which we do What should i do? Simply sit back and allow the moral absolutists to have the only say?
  4. I don't believe you

    Women have millions of ova, but only ovulate about five hundred during their reproductive life span. The rest are left to die after menopause. Men have zillions of sperm and all but a baker's dozen or less die without being realized. A fertilized ova is a potentiality only, part of the woman's body and subject to her whim. There is no contractual obligation to carry one to term and most pregnancies, whether you like to believe it or not, are unwanted. https://www.avawomen.com/avaworld/ovulated-egg/
  5. Climate Change is a Hoax

    READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE PLEASE 10 myths about climate change There's lots of confusion around climate change, so read on to clear up myth from fact! https://www.wwf.org.uk/updates/10-myths-about-climate-change
  6. Has this thread not turned into, or initially set out to be, something to preach some religious beliefs? It has nothing to do with ancient history, really does it?
  7. I don't believe you

    Here we go, Walker is back.
  8. Spate of big cat sightings continue

    Lol no the cat
  9. Really? Can you show me some sources on other countries discrediting Falun Dafa? Here is a a list of rewards issued to Master Li Hongzhi from different countries around the world in recognition to the extraordinary contribution to people's mental and physical wellbeing: http://en.minghui.org/emh/special_column/recognition.html
  10. I don't believe you

    I respect women, but I respect truth, right and wrong ,and humanity, more. It would be wrong to stay away from sensitive but important issues like abortion and it is wrong to argue that, as a male, i should not offer an opinion Despite what some feminists argue, it is NOT only a woman's issue, nor does it only involve a woman's body. It is a human issue, involving a new human being's future. Both sets of rights have to be weighed carefully and sensibly There is no moral argument a t all for a woman simply saying she should be able to end any childbirth a t any time just because she wants to. It does NOT involve only her body but the completely separate genetically new and unique body of an infant, which just happens to be biologically attached to the woman for a few months . Maybe the issue will be overcome with babies brought to term in a laboratory rather than in a woman's body.
  11. I don't believe you

    You don't frame you dissertations very well and leave yourself open for warranted and unwarranted criticism. You're not going get any medals for justifying past historical behaviors abhorrent today, even within the context of history. You made yourself an apologist for marital rape, whether you realized you were doing that or not, hence their reaction.
  12. Saudis crucify a man

    If anyone believes that the Saudis are serious about fighting terrorism you really do need to check into a clinic to have someone examine your brain as a matter of urgency.
  13. Ghost messes up sheets

    lets follow the evidence, pg is craving attention tonight, obviously hes very obsessed with me and my thoughts yet he doesnt like most of my ideas, they threaten his world of imagination. hes a great example of you can lead a horse to wisdom but you cant make him think, his silly pg meter favored paranormal again this time as it always does, perhaps it was never calibrated to "unbiased" in my case i look at all evidence and come up with my opinions that way, many times its most likely i find a down to earth prosaic explanation, a few times i leave it unexplained but unexplained doesnt mean paranormal. for some reason that deeply butthurts pg. and in this case if this sheets video provided evidence of paranormal to you that's super all it did for me is provided laughts. pg, you shouldnt obsess over me and my opinions shouldnt upset you.
  14. Spate of big cat sightings continue

    Is it your wolf?
  15. So how much money are you getting to peddle this crap?
  16. Climate Change is a Hoax

    I did write an intelligible question. First, the Myhre 1998 paper reject the LBL model for CO2, it is right there in Table 1, and Table 2, and other places in the paper. The LBL model gives the highest radiative forcing of the three Models they were looking at. Myhre 1998 rejects the LBL forcing by CO2 and thus lower the constant used in the equation by adopting the Broadband Model (BBM) forcing that is significantly lower. Second, Reinhardt says he is attempting to overestimate CO2s contribution and that using an isothermal column does actually over estimate CO2s thermal contribution. He also discusses pressure differentiations in the atmosphere, in fact this is a major part of of his and everyone else's discussion he certainly did not ignore this fact which seems to be what you are asserting. Pressure and temperature in an atmospheric column are closely related in the Troposphere. Third point, why are you researching the LBL model when Myhre 1998 does NOT use it when they conclude the Radiative forcing of CO2 is significantly overestimated by the LBL model?
  17. I don't believe you

    No one "sets them self up" i was open, clear, and accurate, from the start it is a complex issue, and i made it clear that i see rape as wrong and evil, BUT that it was not always so, and was not always seen as so. I explained the philosophical difference between absolutist and relativistic moralities. However, most people have no background understanding and simply saw a bloke saying that rape was not always evil. Some read as they often do read, through the cultural spectacles they wear, and interpreted what i wrote in a preconceived and biased way as i just posted to Sherapy, I abhor rape as evil. BUT how can i blame a bloke from several centuries ago for his attitudes, when i know that, if i was born and raised in that time and place, i would not hold my modern current values but the ones he held. We are ALL products of our environment and culture
  18. I don't believe you

    I don’t believe that you just “can’t” judge past human behavior, you do it all the time, Cigarette smokers, people who drink, atheists, people, who don’t read books, parents who don’t hit their kids, meat eaters, or people who are depressed etc. etc. You could change in a second, quit picking poking the bear topics. What is the point of defending rape and then admonishing a cigarette smoker? Maybe you are nice guy deep down, so focus on showing this on here.
  19. Saudis crucify a man

    But they're an essential ally and a bulwark for Western civilized democratic values against the deranged theocracies of the Middle East (the ones that don't do what the West tells them to)!
  20. the rest of the world discredits him too.....so along with china.....we are all evil persecution complex is all......like all criminals....he pleads innocence
  21. Strange creature captured crossing highway

  22. I don't believe you

    Do yourself a favor and stay off the hot button topics like rape or abortion. Before the advent of the modern medical profession, even the Pope didn't meddle in childbirth. That was the province of women and midwives, who knew how to safely end unwanted pregnancies before they showed. The circle has turned and women, once again, exercise that age-old prerogative, as it should be.
  23. I dont know in which country you live in but in my country, the support or non-support of cults is not relevant to the governmental and/or political body.
  24. Strange creature captured crossing highway

    THE THING DOESN'T HAVE A SHADOW! Definitely photoshopped.
  25. Strange creature captured crossing highway

    Probably because all of these kinds of videos are purposely made fuzzy so you can't tell it was photoshopped. Or the creatures caught on tape can magically make the video fuzzy.
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