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  2. Your from the South. Do you like spicy? Because I use cumin and wild garlic in EVERYTHING and I know garlic grows wild a lot in the South.
  3. Be back in a bit, time for supper
  4. You don't think I was aware of that? So do I. I need evidence.
  5. A big 5 degrees this morning, we warmed up to 34f. Anything over freezing is a big win this wacky winter...
  6. I'd rather have Beers and Music.. Like your good self..IMHO....and I don't think you care too much for it, but hey I have my own Mind and I Do as I Please... I Felt a change in your approach to Our Learned friend Djarma... And I understand his reaction.. Just an observation... Enjoy the Beers and music, sounds like a great idea...may do the same.. Peace out. Mo..xx
  7. Probably had to be there
  8. It's called a reductio ad absurdum. I was trying to prove a point. I believe that mediums exist as well, however I go about determining that by means other than just taking their word for it.
  9. I was off reading stuff. I read about the albino orangutan and I wanted to post it was proof the Vikings reached Borneo... but I saved it for here
  10. I love most of the memes you post, (except the Trump ones because I just get tired of seeing him everywhere) so they aren't ignored. I'm not good at finding that stuff so I just chat mostly.
  11. All I can say is I believe in gifted mediums and I don't believe in horned leprechaun fairies living in your butt. That sounds like a capacity to discriminate.
  12. Trump just got himself a different swamp. Same ole, same ole.
  13. I think he was being serious....grab some popcorn....
  14. You're throwing out all sorts of fancy pants words making it sound intellectual whilst defending the absurd. Imagine if I said: You see? You can make it sound as intellectual as you want, but at the end of the day you're believing every single paranormal account or video, and every little absurd thing these 'teachers' say, while acting like you're making deeply rational judgments when clearly you're not. You're having me spend my time debunking your BS while I would normally be spending it debunking the arguments from skeptics against the paranormal. Dammit man, you're hurting my cause.
  15. Lol....seriously? But in the meantime, man very well reach another galaxy.
  16. I was born in '63, the tail end of the Boomers. Always had more in common with the X'ers.
  17. The 'you know who' ~ Also eternal enemies of the OMG ~
  18. Looks like Hebrew, so it was probably done on purpose. I suspect a prank.
  19. It would be interesting to know the manner of her demise if it can be determined, and if she got much older. If they actually locate her that is. Another of those extreme cold cases.
  20. Following because I need more ideas because I’m sick of everything I fix.
  21. oh you're drunk!!! no fekin wonder.. yep nafff off cya later zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  22. Yes. A lot of information is shared between people without conscious communication, or your friend is just pulling your leg. that happens too.
  23. I had some pepperoni pizza for dinner
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