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  2. Well, billionaire progressive ideological speculator and Bond villain come to life George Soros seems a little pessimistic about the future of the EU ... The progressive billionaire speculator George Soros has said he will ‘fight back’ against the “dominant ideology” of nationalism, whilst admitting that favoured globalist project the European Union is “on the verge of a breakdown”. The open borders financier blames Russian hackers for attacks against him in 2016, For once, I think he may well be right, considering that he's openly called for the overthrow of Russia's Tyrant Putin by armed force.
  3. Did I say that? Nope. What I said is that this is the man's own doing. A grown man should take responsibility for his own actions (or inaction). You are the master of your own destiny. Habitually blaming others for your own ineptitude, mistakes and bad behavior will get you nowhere in life.
  4. That's concerning.
  5. Vlad the Mighty

    Big Planes Take off in Heavy Winds

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      Vlad the Mighty

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  6. They're well-known for trolling on both sides. If there's such a "movement," it's no small wonder I'm looking their way.
  7. It does have to do with Russian trolls trying to divide the nation.
  8. Are you claiming he didn't say he'd keep the families together? I'm sure I can muster a clip.
  9. So.... here's a wild idea for you, Alert.... Instead of dancing about, giving us hints that you know the truth and you have seen clues... how's about you cease the handwaving and simply post your evidence? The first post was when you should have done that... why didn't you? Simply post whichever Youtube video shows the best example/s, and also has the best provenance. Similarly, post your best additional non-video evidence for what you perceive as "The Truth". In other words, be brave and *commit*! If your best proves to be unconvincing, you need to wear that and learn from it. And may I ask... what is your expertise in video editing? The reason may become clear shortly.. but back to you for that 'best evidence', first.
  10. Today
  11. I lived in the woods for many years until I became medically unable to, Believe me I loved it and if I ever can will go back. It's absolutely wonderful.
  12. No worries and most welcome ... ~
  13. President Trump didn't do this. The illegal immigrant, Jorge Garcia, did it. You are the one being deceptive.
  14. it's "real" in the sense that there's a group that declared it, but it's not real, in the sense that it's never going to happen. calling it a "long shot" is generous.
  15. I'm going to look into all that! Thank you so much for taking the time to post it all - that was really nice of you!
  16. YEP PS4 IS HIS FIRKIN WIFE. Corey has a wife and husband it seems at times Goodnight see you tomorrow Again take the heat
  17. This has nothing to do with dividing up the nation or Russian trolls, conservative rural California is tired of liberal urban California dictating everything. Ever since California was just a territory there has been talk of breaking it up into smaller states. Whether this will work or not I highly doubt it as it would need approval from congress but it does seem the people behind this New California are following the constitution to try to become a seperate state, much like how West Virginia separated from Virginia. Since you want clear sources there is USA Today. I am curious though in how you connected this entire thing to Russian trolls trying to divide the nation, especially divide the nation since New California wants to stay in the union and be the 51 state.
  18. Cripes, I'm getting so cold and tired I'm over expounding on simple statements about video games. My coworker needs to hurry up and wrap up so I can get home and wrap up in a blanket with a cup of coffee.
  19. Night Kmt. Remember, the average person eats seven or so spiders in their sleep!
  20. ^ This there were also some ancient Greek people from that period who converted to Hinduism. Not exactly a "mystery" either. What a lot of modern people get wrong about Ancient Greek faith/religious practices is that many think that they were 1) uniform across Greece 2)static. I truth they were incredibly varied across the different regions and states and were in constant flux and development. A lot of people in Ancient Greece started to drift towards various forms of Monotheism (Zeus-Monotheism, Dionysus-Monotheism, various of forms of Platonism etc.) and/or Salvation Religions (such as the various mystery cults and Orphism) long before Christianity or Alexander. Some became Buddhists or Hindus during the period Greco-Indian kingdoms and Helenistic/Roman times saw many being attracted to Egyptian or Asian gods and cults (Isis and Mithras being the most prominent). They adopted gods form other cultures (possibly including such Greek mainstays as Aphrodite and Dionysus) etc. etc.If you look at Greco-Roman belief systems as a whole we can see innovations up to its very end with things like deified Emperors (something unthinkable in earlier Greece) Sol Invictus and heavily syncretised deities. The Greeks were always pretty ready to adopt new stuff or change the old, as long as those in power allowed it.
  21. That is a large reason I picked up my hobby. I like the history debating, reading and such. But have little to actually show for it. And I really enjoy video games that examine philosophies or have intricate plots you can examine. But cripes sometimes it's just nice to have a thing to show people. On the other hand, lots of people have moved to digital media to express themselves artistically. Eh.
  22. I can't believe how late it is, so I need to get to bed. Had a great evening with you folks. See you tomorrow!
  23. I don't know. When you're done playing a game, you really don't have anything to show for it but a score stored on a motherboard. But when you're done with your wood projects, you have some beautiful objects to show for it.
  24. We guys who work at the museum tend to get pretty obsessed with the place. We spend a lot of time there. Some of the wives aren't too crazy about that. You've heard of work wives, where a man might spend too much time with some woman at work (even if it's perfectly innocent)? Well, at the museum, the museum itself is the museum wife. How would you like to be jealous of a building?
  25. That's not too bad then. Ah. I didn't know there was a one. Maybe I spend to much time on wood and wood accessories.
  26. I touched upon this in an earlier post, if you want to take a look at it. Shows one alternative perspective. Man superior to woman in church hiarchy, etc, in light of other scriptures.
  27. South Alabam, there's a reason that most folks don't use underlining anymore, except maybe to show hyperlinks... Also, when quoting, can you try to leave the quoted parts within their quote boxes? I know this editor is brain dead and that can get really difficult, but when I tried to follow your last response to me, it got so messy and hard to follow that I have now lost interest. And frankly, if what has been posted here hasn't shown you what it was... there's really no point continuing. You 'win'. Aliens.
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